Hello world!


My very first BLOG on my very first Blog spot.  Hmmm.  Don’t really know how I feel about that.  What I do know, is that I can write out exactly why I decided to start this page.

I decided to start this Blog because of the inspiration that I’ve received from reading so many other Bloggers …. uhm….well….Blogs.

There have been many times when I’ve had something to say, something that I’ve written after hours or even days of research and then realized that the only place I had to say it was in my Myspace Blog.  Nice enough outlet, but limited since my page is private.

Hence, after much research (and too much fun picking out themes), I now have my very own Blog site.

I’m looking forward to posting to my hearts content and hoping to hear from anyone out there willing to comment on my rambles.

Till we meet again!



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