In and Around Pune…a pictorial.

Sinagad Ladies

Sinagad Ladies

It recently came to my attention that I am an amateur photographer with a blog spot about my Intercultural Relationship with a wonderful guy from India and I don’t have one single photo ‘montage’ of my visit to India.

Wow, I’m perceptive. 🙂 And because I am in need of something to do that is relaxing and not too serious, I thought why not take a few minutes to share some of the photo’s I took while visiting India?

So, without further ado…






Pune Bridge at Sunrise

Pune Bridge at Sunrise

Plethora of Bikes

Plethora of Bikes

Gathering Water

Gathering Water

View from Sinagad Road

View from Sinagad Road

Lonavala Caves

Lonavala Caves

I just realized that I have far too many pictures to upload all of them here.  So, I am including the link to my flikr set for Pune India here.


Pune India Photo set on Flikr


Please check them out when you can…and hey, if you want to leave a comment too that’s GREAT!  😉



4 thoughts on “In and Around Pune…a pictorial.

  1. The pictures of the Lonavala Caves remind me greatly of our pics of the Ellora & Ajanta Caves – which I suppose makes sense, given their geographical proximity.

    Question: how much of a return does one get for putting time into studying photography? Neither Aditya nor I are that great of photographers, but we’d love to be better, especially since we always are finding something interesting to shoot.

    • Oh, there is such a huge return. Not just monetarily (although I have been paid several times) but in the difference of the quality of the shots you take. I remember the first time I learned to slow down water…there was this fountain that I love to look at but it wasn’t anything really special you know? But once I learned to slow down the water, fix my exposure so that the sky was a deep blue instead of a washed out whitish yellow, oh my GOSH! I was thrilled! Now everything I see is like I’m seeing it through my lens. I’m very happy that I learned, it makes taking pictures of places I go to have so much more meaning than just a tourist shot.

  2. Hey auroracoda,

    Found your blog from gori’s site. I am a silent reader of her site (should say Hi to her sometime soon) and thought i might drop a hello to you. As the name suggests, i was born and brought up in Goa,India. But the thing that made me comment was the pictures of Pune you put up. I lived in Pune for 6 years and the pics brought back some good memories 🙂 Oh, btw, its Sinhagad and not sinagad. “Sinha” means Lion and “gad” means fort. There’s an interesting story behind the fort, you can look up on wiki. Take care!

    • Hi Goandude!

      Thank you so much for checking my site (and being my very first comment!!). The funny thing was, that I asked all my friends how to spell it and they all gave me conflicting answers! LOL So I went with the one that seemed to get the most votes! But now yours brings it up even again! 🙂 I loved my time in Pune and am looking forward to my next visit there. I’ve always wanted to visit Goa so maybe next time I’ll get the chance! Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you keep checkin’ in!


      PS: I know Gori would love to hear from you! 🙂

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