Gastroenteritis AKA: How much fun can a girl have?

Norman Rockwell The Doctor and the Doll

Norman Rockwell The Doctor and the Doll

Ok, I know I promised to catch you all up on what’s been happening over here.

I meant to. Really I did. And I still do.

Here’s the quick and short run down because honestly I can’t stay up for too much longer.

I was finally layed off from work and last Tuesday was my final day. Since then, I was cleaning the contractor apartment in which Bear is living while here. It was occupied by approximately 7 contractors in the past year who are all either living with Mommy or living with Wifey and the concept of cleaning kind of doesn’t compute. It’s been a full-time job and I’m still not done.

Then we took the 4th of July (he had off Friday) and just had far too much fun that was good for us. We ran around shopping, going to ASPCA so I could get my dog fix, playing tennis (or watching Federer play it), watching fireworks and eating at a new restaurant.

The last started my problems and I now have a severe case of Gastroenteritis. So severe was the pain last night that I wound up in the Emergency Room getting pumped full of a derivative of morphine.

It’s been extra special fun, especially considering I am still suffering from the residue effects of the upper respiratory infection that I had a couple of weeks ago.

So, I promise to be back with numerous story’s…and trust me there are many.

The least of which is the announcement of our wedding to his parents and their answer.

So tune in next time…same bat time, same bat channel.


3 thoughts on “Gastroenteritis AKA: How much fun can a girl have?

  1. dog?
    You have a DOG???


    So sorry you haven’t been well… it’s like the universe is sticking pins in your voodoo doll! Bear comes home and thus starts the Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events.

    Yea.. I just read that and think I am FAR past regular sleep depervation!!! LOL

    Seriously… I so hope you get better soon!

    Miss You!

    • hahaha NO I don’t have a dog! I used to volunteer at the SPCA and with the GSR, so I still go to the rescue’s so I can see, pet and give love and attention to the poochies. It cures my poochie fix temporarily! 🙂

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