How much is that Dupatta in the window?

Wished for Wedding Card

Wished for Wedding Card

As you all know, Bear bought my wedding Sari in India.

And a beautiful, luscious, positively gorgeous Sari it is.  My Bear has excellent taste in clothes THANK GOD.

We could have gotten the Sari here, I could have picked one for myself.  However the prohibitive cost of Sari’s here in the US was a great deterrent.  Essentially, if I had bought the same Sari that Bear chose for me here, it would have cost close to $2000 dollars.  You should have seen my face when I first learned that.  Shock is not the word.

So, I called Bear (when he was back home in Pune) and told him “Happy Shopping!” and off he went to fend for himself in the wide wide world of shopping for an Indian Wedding Sari.

Once here thought, we realized we were missing a few things.  So, last Sunday Bear and I made a trip to “Little India” with our friends Sujata, Pramit and their young daughter Ridhu to search for the things I needed.  But we ran into some problems.  My green glass bangles for one.  Here they are too expensive and not the right color green.  My toe ring, here they aren’t wedding-ish enough (as per my friend Sujata…and yes she used that word).  The bridal mehndi was also not right and would not stay tinted on the skin for long.  And the Dupatta.  The Indian equivalent to a veil.  Here, it cost nearly $200.  In India, a much more beautifully worked Dupatta would cost the equivalent to $20 US Dollars.


Thankfully, we have a friend who is visiting India for a week this month.  She has been tasked with getting the things we were missing.  Including the Dupatta.  Which she will have to “try on” when purchasing.  Apparently there are many different lengths and weights (heaviness of the actual dupatta after the stitching and bead work).  And my friend is Muslim.  I know she will have tons of fun.  J

Also, the invitations that we liked were a problem. What we originally thought could be purchased and printed here in a short period of time, turned out to be VERY not true.  The invitations that we chose had to be made and printed and shipped from INDIA.  This meant 6 weeks minimum for delivery.  We don’t even have 4 weeks!!!!

So, I went to Target, where they have the sweetest little Invitation do-it-yourself kits.  I purchased a plain one in chocolate brown that opens like a flower.  When I print the cards this weekend, I will add the clipped art that we found online and add that to the printing project.  So, we will have cards similar to what we want, quickly and I can say I made them myself.

Then there is the caterer.  Thankfully he and Bear have picked out the food list and I don’t have to do anything but test it.  Taste testing food is SUCH a chore.  😛

Have I mentioned I still haven’t found the Mandip and Musician yet?

And finally the wedding cake.  We are taking care of this tomorrow.  Bear does not care for too rich or sweet cake.  He’s also not a big fan of icing.  So what to do?

Well, I once made him an angel food cake and put fresh cut strawberries and mangos on the side lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar.  He loved it.  So with that in mind, I have found a bakery that can make us a mango flavored angel food cake with a strawberry and mango fruit layer (they will cut the angel food cake in half) and then fresh fruit and light butter icing on the top.  The only problem is that they can’t make this particular choice into a full wedding cake.  SOOOOO I had another great idea.  We will have that as our cake….on the top tier.  The other two tiers will be of cupcakes of varying fruit flavors with the same butter icing on top!!!!!  No need for someone to stand there and cut pieces of the cake for the guests!  Kids (and there will be many at my wedding) will love running around eating cupcakes!  YAY!

And right now….that’s the extent of what I have done.  There is still so much to do!  That’s why I’ve been a little lax in my blogging recently, but I promise to update that soon.  Perhaps more this afternoon after cooking lunch for Bear.  One can hope.

Till then, everyone take care and have a GREAT day!


13 thoughts on “How much is that Dupatta in the window?

  1. Indian wedding sari is very popular in entire world. In modern Indian fashion world the dress collection are the combination of tradition and modern styles.

  2. Wow, am sure your having a blast with the wedding preparations and absolutely loved the idea of the cup cakes…… don’t worry too much of not being able to pen your posts, you can take loads of pics and pen them later as Gori Girl Mentioned it too 🙂

    Like in India we have a “Haldi” ceremony, in which a day before the wedding the bride and groom are smeared with a paste of Turmeric and sandalwood so that Turmeric enhance the skin color and adds a glow to the face and sandalwood makes them smell great a natural body odour, so maybe you can discuss this with your Indian friends there and have the same ceremony for yourself too 🙂

    Also a few days before the wedding the bridge and groom dont see each other at all so when they actually meet on the wedding day the attraction factor is much more after being adorned with the beautiful jewelery and outfits, but i really doubt if that could be a possibility in your situation.

    Tk Cr & Dnt Stress Too Much or else it would show on your face on the D Day and remember to enjoy and cherish each and every moment 🙂 its the memories that would last you a lifetime……Cheers

    • Awww thank you so much for the great advice!

      Luckily my Indian friends here are doing all they can to make sure that we have a traditional Hindu wedding, even in Southern California! So, we already have plans of having a Haldi/Mehndi ceremony the night before. It will be a mixer with all of our close friends and family attending and a ton of good food prepared by my best friend Sujata. I’m a very lucky girl!

      Unfortunately, the not meeting for a couple of days won’t be possible for us because we are doing everything together and on our own. My family is coming in from the east coast and our friends here are still in the beginning phases of learning to drive with their new licenses. But that’s ok, Bear and I don’t need the added incentive of separation! We are already desperate for seeing each other after a long day of work! 🙂

      Thank you so much for the well wishes! And THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME!!!!! Stress will age me and make me look TIRED on the big day! ACK!!! 🙂 Ok, so no more stress or tension! hehe

      • Yes I absolutely understand, it would be difficult to follow the not meeting ritual and its great tht you guys look forward to meeting each otheh every single day, may that feeling last forever !!

        I m sure your good friend must be great with whatever and its really commendable all the efforts you have put in being in Cal.

        Have a blast babe !!!

  3. Don’t worry about blogging that much while you’re bogged down in wedding details! Just have fun with it all, and take good mental memories (and pictures, of course) so you can have a show & tell afterwards. 😀

    • That’s the goal….I’m striving for it! I’m going to try and have pictures up this weekend of a few things. Also, will have a photographer there for our Haldi/Mehndi ceremony so look for pictures of that too!

  4. Hmmm… sounds like you’re having a blast!! LOL!!

    Few things…

    One: It’s really, REALLY a shame that you couldn’t have hired Chief to cater your wedding… the price would have been non-existent and it would have given me the excuse to fly to SoCal and be apart of your beautiful day!!

    Two: For those of us (oh, ok.. ME!) who have absolutely NO idea what your talking about regarding things like DUPATTA and glass beads being not the right color and toe rings being not “wedding”-ish.. could you maybe.. possibly… PLEEEAAASSSEEE give a little explanation?

    Big Hugs and Kisses to both you and Bear!!!

    • heheheheh

      One: Tell Chief to fly you all out here and he can enjoy a wedding that he DIDN’T have to cater!!!!!!! hehehe Although if he wanted to bring some tasty treats for me I wouldn’t stop him.

      Two: DUH. I like making you all Google stuff like I had to when I was learning it! 😛 hehehe No, seriously, thank you for pointing that out to me, I truly try to remember to explain things but it’s so easy to forget, especially here come of lately.

      HUGS and SMOOCHES to you all there too!

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