Bhabhi does it again…

A quick update to my earlier post….

Bhabhi understood my stress and tension about the name change and has been thinking over the weekend about what could be done.

And she came up with the best answer and one I should have seen for myself.  She said that my first letter to them impressed them greatly.  They were happy to see how well I expressed my own opinions while being respectful of theirs.  They liked my values.  They liked me better after reading that first email.  So Bhabhi’s solution was for me to write another one to them explaining everything that I explained to you all in this blog.

And I did.  And I sent it about an hour and a half ago.

Forty minutes ago, Bear got an email from his father (addressed to both of us and using the name “Aurora”) wishing us great joy and warmest blessings on our marriage.  Baba (Marathi for father) went on to say how they wished they could attend our marriage but as they could not be here physically, they were here for us in spirit.  They sent their love and all the family’s approval and signed off.


Can you say Incandescantly Happy boys and girls????????  I knew you could!  🙂

7 thoughts on “Bhabhi does it again…

  1. Congratulations
    You are now just one step from probably the Happiest Moments of your life.
    I guess i can finally say – Happy Days…lol
    and that i knew it lol….
    I sound like i have – i told you so complex.dont i?
    Jeez woman you dit it… i mean you(reflection of your father) and Bear along with Bhabhi…. you did it….you converted all of person at a time…thats wicked.
    All hail Bhabhi..Jai Ho!

    • I am still in a haze myself…that all of this is happening and before the wedding! I thought it would take a year or so before they finally agreed to even meet me let alone accept me! I am so happy and lucky to have such a large and loving family! 🙂

    • This is my first time in having a real, honest to goodness sister….so I’m totally excited that I am getting such a excellent one right off the bat! 🙂

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