Let Them Eat cup CAKE!!!!

bridezilla2It’s official.  I’m becoming Bridezilla.

About 4 months ago I showed Bear that TV show.  Bridezilla.  I think it comes on Lifetime or something similar.  We laughed our asses off.  I told him quite seriously that I would NEVER, I repeat, NEVER be like that.  How totaaaaaally wrong I was.

I know  this weekend, my poor Bear was walking around in a haze of wonderment saying to himself  “Where did my sweety go?” while I stood before him in my fire breathing green skinned glory saying “We MUST have a guest book!!!!!”.

Poor Bear.

Ok, enough about Poor Bear and on to the Aurora Pity Party Show!!!  😛

Seriously, things here are starting to get under my skin.  I never knew doing things on my own would be so darn hard or stressful.  I even woke up with a migraine this morning and I haven’t had one of those in a long time.

So, let’s start the festivities shall we?

I haven’t found a cake yet.  Or rather, I FOUND the Bride and Groom cake and had almost decided on this scrumptious chocolate with fresh strawberries for the wedding cake …and then changed my mind.  Why you ask?  Because it’s $200 freaking dollars and I’m on a tight budget.  Also, I don’t have a wedding coordinator nor a real caterer (my favorite restaurant is providing the food and some service but not much else to help with my costs).  This means I don’t have someone officially to cut the cake.  And I don’t want anyone else to do it either because I mean WHAT PAIN IN THE BUTT.  People don’t go to a wedding to do work.  They go to have fun.  I already have to ask my family to help with setup and clean up; I don’t want to add to the list.  Plus, did I mention that darn cake was $200???  So, then we went to Michael’s Craft to see about a wedding cake holder/platter thingee for INCASE we get the cake because we can’t afford the cake and the snazzy cake holder from the cake maker.

And this is where the “Poor Bear” comes in.

We went in to look for the snazzy cake thingee and I headed straight for the flowers because I remembered that I still need to have a bouquet and why not have one of pretty fake flowers that I can keep forever?  But I couldn’t find any flowers I liked…after making two bouquets and dismissing them.  Bear just stood there with a puzzled look on his face saying “Put that was pretty…what you just did.”

Next was the wedding aisle.  Remember?  The snazzy cake thingee?  Yeah, well, I forgot all about that or at least put it on a side burner when I saw the cake toppers and remembered we needed that too.  Oh and the cake cutter.  Do we need stemware to drink out of?  Nah…no alcohol being served.  But wait, what about a guess book, look at these.  Oh and table favors?  Nah…favor enough to come to the wedding.  But look there!  They have fake rose petals for the flower girls to toss down and pretty little sparkly butterfly and dove shaped large confetti to be tossed instead of rice!  And oh yeah!  We need to get an album so we can make one with our pictures in there…and we need one for his family to have too.  Should we get one for my family or should we give them a picture that’s framed?  Should we check on the frame costs?  Nah, we can check that after the wedding and give it to them before we leave.  Have we found the snazzy cake thingee yet Bear?  Bear?  BEAR!  Oh, there you are, where were you?  Oh you found the thingee?  How much?  Show me.  MY GOD!  So expensive?  For something we are only going to use once and can’t keep because we’re moving to India?  This is ridiculous!  That will make our stupid cake worth about $300!!  No way man!  Now what are we going to do?????????

And Poor Bear just stood there staring at me wondering what the heck had happened to me.  Then he pulled me aside and tried desperately to make me focus.  He said…

“Sweety, I don’t know what all you need, you haven’t told me…so why don’t we just focus on the cake and resolve that and then we can make a list and resolve those one at a time?”

NO NO NO NO NO!!!  That is stupid boy logic!  Does NOT compute in female brain!  We have a code red!  Battlestations!  Female mind is about to explode!!!!

Ok, so obviously my brain didn’t explode and obviously I did see the logic in what he was saying…but not at first.  At first, I was so frazzled and hopeless that I just wanted to wallow somewhere dark and safe where there were no wedding plans happening.

But then Bear hugged me and smiled and plucked my chin up and said “Sweety, take a deep breath, we’ve made it this far…we’ll finish it.  Don’t worry.”

Have I mentioned lately how very much I love this man?

So, we left and decided to stop at Ralph’s to see if THEY do wedding cakes.  And while we were there, I told the girl about my concern over not having a cake cutter person and having 60 some people to feed cake to.  She suggested cupcakes.  She said, why not do a Bride and Groom Cake and then do cupcakes to match that?  We can even do it in your wedding colors and everything would only cost about $80 including the cupcake platter thingee.

Did I mention that I love that bakery lady at Ralph’s?

So, let them eat cupcake is my new slogan.

However, Bear’s is now “I’m marrying a new age Bridezilla.”


Wisdom of the Day:  Hire a wedding planner no matter what your budget.  Even if it’s just a friend, pay her to help you otherwise you are going to go completely insane.

Below see the Idea for the Wedding Cupcake.


PS: After reading this blog, Bear asked me to add this one thing “Bear is wondering where his hairs are going”.  Personally I don’t see any bald spots.  Ok ok, so maybe a few but he’s young, it’ll grow back.  LOL  🙂

12 thoughts on “Let Them Eat cup CAKE!!!!

  1. That cupcake “ideal” picture is beautiful – what a great idea! And you should totally enlist the help of your friends and family so that YOU’RE not having to do too much work on your wedding day. 🙂

  2. Cupcakes are very trendy right now and everybody loves them. They’re fun, cute, and tasty. Btw, I think having to pay for a cake cutter ($2.50 a slice just to CUT at one of the venues we’ve viewed!) is the most absurd thing ever. I vote cupcakes!

    • $2.50 a SLICE??? Are they nuts??? See, this is exactly what I mean! Bring on the cupcakes and save some dough! 🙂 Plus, with cupcakes, if one of you wants chocolate cake and the other red velvet (or vanilla, etc) then you can have both by having half of them in one flavor and the other half in another flavor! Another pre-wedding wedding argument bites the dust!

  3. I love the cupcakes idea! I think everything is going to fall right into place…remember you only get to do this once, so enjoy the planning and have fun with it! By the way, I’ll be in your shoes in just a few months, (got engaged 3 days ago!) so please relay this info back to me when the time comes and I start freaking out… 🙂

    • Hi Jenn!!! Thanks for the words of support! Lord knows I NEED them! 🙂 I promise to do the same for you! Congratulations on your engagement and future marriage! Do you have a blog where we can come and watch the madness? ehhehehehe

  4. The cup cakes idea is brilliant…….go for it !!!

    As your better half said, take a deep breath and relax, maybe pen down the things to do and tick them off one by one, should calm you down and make things easier.

    cheers !!

    • YAY! Another vote for the cupcakes! Ok, that’s a done deal then! 😉

      And I’m breathing…breathing innnnn and out….should there be a bag involved? I’m using a bag….I’m hyperventilating now….passing out now…..

      heheheheh Laughter, the best medicine. 🙂

  5. You knnnnoooowwwww…

    Stupid Chef-Boy just “thought” to mention that if there was a culinary school near you, you may have been able to get them to do the wedding cake at a really low fraction of what it costs at a bakery…

    Eck.. just something to file away now…

    Just think.. very soon you’ll be laughing all about this

    • Leese my dear….please walk up to that man of yours and bop him a good one over the head for me!!!!!!! hahahahhahaha

      I’m trying to remember that this is the best day of my life and so far that’s working. But man…it’s a battle!

  6. Man, what a lot of work. This is why when we got married in the States, we just had a civil ceremony at the courthouse, went out to dinner at a restaurant we liked, then headed home. Next day we went on our honeymoon – camping with friends who had flown in for the wedding.

    I like the idea of cupcakes and matching cake for bride & groom, tho!

    • This didn’t come through in my first comment, but as long as you’re enjoying it – and you & Bear will enjoy the wedding day – then I think whatever you is great! Just not for lazy me.

      • LOL It came through….

        I was just sitting here thinking…daydreaming and drooling really….courthouse wedding…..awwww (like Homer Simpson with a doughnut).

        And then I woke up and remember we still need to get the license! HAHAHHAHAAH Thanks for the reminder! 😛

        Seriously, thank you so much for the well wishes. We are enjoying…we laughed hard about it today, but yesterday? Oh man, drama rama. 🙂

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