A Wedding for Seven Lifetimes

Our Wedding Rings

Our Wedding Rings

August 9th, 2009.

A date I’ll never forget and I’m truly horrible with dates.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of a winter wedding with a big white princess dress and attendants in royal purple flowing chiffon dresses.  The guys would all look like Fred Astaire, Ray Milan and Gary Cooper.  I would dye my auburn hair to be even deeper and redder and I would have it styled just like Grace Kelly or Ginger Rogers.  And we would float across the dance floor after we were married.

My wedding was so much better than the dreamed up childhood one!

Instead I was a summer bride dressed all in red with gold and pearl stitching.  I was covered in jewelry from head to foot (literally).  My hands and feet were stained deep red instead of my hair and my Prince Charming was splendid in creamy white cotton with gold and red stitching to match my perfect wedding sari.  My attendants were dressed in gorgeous teals and pinks and earthy browns.  And we floated across the floor to welcome people and talk to them.

There were so many things that happened and so many wonderful memories that they are still all jumbled up in my brain and hard to fasten on any particular one.

I’m still amazed that I’m a WIFE!  A wife to a perfect Husband!  To my Bear!

There were so many times that I thought this day would never come, so many days that I sat and fretted about what would happen, if people would accept us, if everything would go smoothly.

And all that fretting was all for naught.  I’ve never felt more loved and accepted and happy!

All those things we read and hear about, all those little cares and worries we let take over our lives and stress out to the breaking point…once you get past them; they are like misty things that no longer touch our heart and minds.  I sit here today, wondering what all the fuss was about.  I did it!  I made it happen!  I had the perfect man to help me.  The perfect families to guide, love and support me.  The perfect friends to cheer me on and give me advice.  And yet I still sat and fretted and worried myself into migraines and upset stomachs!

And every Bride does to some extent.

I feel the worst for my family who, after flying in, had to run around to help me finish last minute things and when I say “last minute”, I mean it.  My brother and his lovely girlfriend were in charge of arranging the hall seating and table arrangements for us before the decorator got there.  Simple yes?  No, no, no, no.  The hall was filthy when they got there.  They had to scramble to find cleaning products and clean…the…entire….hall!  All by themselves!  But they did it and it turned out gorgeous.  More than I could have dreamed of, but then again, my brother is the most talented in the family.  Everyone else had it relatively easy except for our friends who had to pick up the cake and couldn’t find the store!  There was also a small fire over by the caterer’s section but they put it out fairly quickly and with only a few people noticing.  Most everyone else thought we were having BBQ!  😉  Indoors???  I ask you!

I’m still running around, busy with after marriage stuff.  Getting the license and contacting the Indian Embassy for help with my Visa selection…but things are starting to wind down, calm down a bit.

Once that happens, I will write a proper blog and fill you in on every step and every joy and every hard thing we had to face.

Till then, take care of yourself and keep checking back!!!

Preparing for the Seven Steps

Preparing for the Seven Steps

13 thoughts on “A Wedding for Seven Lifetimes

  1. I hopped into your blog today, and read each and every post in your archives. It makes me so happy to know that all the pain and the efforts you guys took, bore fruit. It gives me so much hope, even though my life is so different from yours. Congratulations on your wedding, and wish you lots and lots of happiness, all life long! 😀

  2. Congratulations! I have never seen your blog before but I absolutely love it.

    “And all that fretting was all for naught. I’ve never felt more loved and accepted and happy!”

    beautiful. I felt the same way!

    • Thanks so much Leah! I’ve been following your blog for some time as I loved the vegan diet tips!!! Plus, I liked watching your progression. I think you made more than just a simply fabulous bride….I think you made a gorgeous one! 🙂

      • You are so sweet. I feel like all I do is post about the wedding but I can’t help it. It was truly a beautiful time and one that I will never forget, which I am sure you can relate!

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