A Quick Update…

18updateI know I’ve been a little remiss to update the old blog lately and I’m sincerely sorry to you all for that.

So, I had a few extra moments today that I could take in all my moving madness to update you on a few things going on.

I’ve been running my butt off trying to take care of all things at once….just like when I was running my butt off to get all the marriage stuff taken care off quickly.  And once again, I started to get a little stressed out until this wonderful idea struck my head…




You see, the biggest thing looming over me was selling my things.  I had needed the money in order to buy my ticket back home to India….but also because I have so much of my life here that there just seems to be so much to do!

But then, something amazing happened!  Without coming out and telling people we needed money instead of gifts for the wedding, they somehow figured it out and we got enough in money gifts to purchase both of our tickets back home to India!!!  So, now I know I am going back home.  That’s not a worry anymore.  So no more need to worry about selling things.  Right?  RIGHT?

Nope, now I am worried about the cost of shipping some of my items back to India.  Mainly my books.  It costs too much to ship them.  USPS no longer sends cargo via shipping routes.  Now it’s all airmailed which is costly.  For 66 pounds I would have to pay around $350 smackaroos!!!  Now, I’m a big reader and have a large collection of books which I cannot leave behind…so this is a serious problem for me.  As I know my books weigh almost 100 pounds.  Bleck.  One more obstacle to overcome.  So back to the researching.

Another thing is my car.  I have to sell it before we leave at the begining of October.  Yep…you got it…I’ve got less than a month to sell my car.  Granted, my car is fairly new, in very good condition and runs great….but it’s a gas hog and nobody can seem to afford the thing right now.  So wish me the best on that.  I NEED to sell it at a good price in order to pay off my loan on it!

Everything else I’m either selling to friends or donating.  

Or trying desperately to fit it into the 6 bags we are allowed to take with us back to India.

Other than that….it’s been a total roller coaster ride and my head is still spinning here folks.  So I know it’s been long over due, and I know this is not a good blog posting as it’s rather scant with information….but I promise I will have more soon.  Just let me get my Visa and packing and moving out of my old apartment in order…accha?  🙂

Take care till then!


6 thoughts on “A Quick Update…

    • Hi Raju! 🙂

      I shipped them all via GoNavis. They were dispersed in four different boxes that were HUGE and made up one pallet. Everything was shipped via an ocean freighter instead of air because it was MUCCCCCCH cheaper! It got here pretty quickly, ie: 7 weeks, but man what a pain in the tail when it comes to customs release! LOL.

  1. Thought about your book situation…

    Know someone who would hold them for you and say.. mail you one every week? This way you’d eventually get all your books… it wouldn’t be SUCH a stretch on the budget AND you’ll get a surprise in the mail!

    I’d be hard pressed to give up my books also so I’m trying to solve this one for you first!! LOL!!

  2. Just back from a whole month in Pune and I have a few suggestions about what to pack.

    I dont know the sentimental value of each copy of whatever books you have but rebuying them in India will be a whole lot cheaper than shipping them for 350 bucks. Put them in storage until you can ferry them a few at a time. I am sure you will be making trips back and forth.

    Good luck with the car though. Car buying and selling is such a chore. Can you trust someone to take care of making a deal on it after you leave?

    A couple of suggestions of what to take… if I may… if you think you are going to cook American style food atleast some of the time or would like to bake, do take some bulk dried herbs, dry yeast, good quality dried mushrooms, culinary treats. Stuff to cook western food with is not always the freshest or terribly expensive. So my choice would be to stuff your bags with culinary ingredients. A little familiar food is a huge mood booster for those down days. Even a few packages of really unhealthy mac and cheese on hand make the unfamiliar more bareable on days when you have just had enough.

    OTC drugs and drug store items are something I would not forget to stock up on. Simple stuff like Tampons, Tooth Floss on sticks, Halls cough drops, Tylenol, bengay (easier to use something that you are familair with until you figure out the brand names for meds), your favorite hair products and deoderant etc. For all the glitz of malls in Pune, the stuff you really need is in the storefront shops and depending on where you live, can be a chore to get to. Better to have familair stuff on hand until you get a feel for where to buy what!

    Get a great haircut and color (if you do) and have it photographed from all angles. This will be a good guide for whoever cuts your hair on the other side. I found that many hair people in Pune, can copy great but lack the finesse to do something new and different. Ofcourse you could always luck out and get yourself a great hair person.

    Oh and do stock up on socks, bras, gym clothes and underpinnings in general. Much nicer and less expensive here.

    The Pune move sounds exciting. The nitty gritty of actually living there is tougher but pretty rewarding in the long run. Setting up a new house…. always a delight!

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