Learning and Revising…etiquette on Blogging.

Some time ago, I wrote a blog on my dreams and expectations.  It was entitled “Dreams, Hopes and Wishes. Changing your attitude on changing expectations”.

As with all my blogs, I try to find a picture that best represents what I am writing about.  I will either use one of my own or one that I’ve found on the internet.  If it’s someone else’s, I always try to link back to their page if possible to give them credit for their piece.  Blogging is something entirely new to me and I’m not sure of all the do’s and don’ts that are associated with it…but I know what I would want if someone was using my own piece of work (being a photographer).  I wouldn’t want them to use my piece in a negative way and to link back to my page if I was posting it publically or ask permission from me if I was posting it in a private artist site.

I always try to do that, however I’m still learning the in and out’s and I still make mistakes.  I believe that when one makes mistakes, it’s important to point it out in positive manner.  This way, we all learn and grow and become better than we were before.  Thankfully, I’ve always had such wonderful and positive blog role models out there, and they are always happy to help me in this matter.

One such mistake that I would like to correct now is in regards to this wonderful and beautiful piece done by Alison Chakir.  Remember that blog I mentioned earlier?  I found her piece on line when searching for examples of dreaming.  I was mesmerized by it.  The piece spoke to me on many different levels and invoked many different feelings and memories.  For my purposes, the piece was perfect.

However, it should ALWAYS be pointed out that each person views a piece of artwork differently as we are all inherently different.  To me, the piece spoke of things dreamed of, of nostalgia, of hopes and wishes and to always keep an open mind to the changing nature of life.  To other’s it may say something entirely different.  Ultimately, the piece is whatever the viewer wishes it to be for them.

The artist was kind enough to write to me and thank me for the use of her piece.  She respectfully asked that I remind everyone that the piece is open to interpretation.  Her own feeling when doing the delightful and inspirational piece was that it is a dream about escape from all material things.

I encourage you to visit Alison Chakir’s site and view her other pieces.  She is a delightful and talented artist and I look forward to viewing (and perhaps one day owning) her further endeavors.




One thought on “Learning and Revising…etiquette on Blogging.

  1. Generally, I don’t use an image on my site unless it’s licensed under Creative Commons (either attribution only or attribution + share alike) or I’ve contacted the owner/creator of the work to seek their permission. Better safe than sorry, you know?

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