Shout Out to neoIndian’s Blog!

Yesterday I thought I would do the best I could to not only catch everyone up on my move but I also tried to catch up on my reading list of blogs.

I subscribe to quite a few blogs and blogroll a hefty amount more.  Avid reader that I am…I’m also fairly picky about what I read.  There has to be something that catches my interest, either the topic or how the writer thinks/writes/expresses him/herself.

One of my favorite blogs to read (even though for a while he was very naughty and didn’t write and I was beginning to have serious withdrawal symptoms) is neoIndian – Confessions of a newly returned Indian.  There are moments in each person’s life when one needs to be not only intellectually stimulated, but just plain laugh one’s ass off.  When that moment occurs for me, I click on my link to neoIndian’s blog and read to my hearts content.

Note:  Even if in the not too distant past I was forced to reread most of his posts because he wasn’t posting anything new and I believe it’s because he had his internet privileges removed by Mrs. Neo or that or the wireless stopped working and he couldn’t access the net from the couch….which is where he was regulated the last time I had an opportunity to read one of his posts.

Bear also enjoys reading Neo’s blog, which is saying quite a lot seeing as how Bear does not enjoy reading for time pass sake.  Usually, he will see me reading something and ask if there is anything new or interesting.  However, Neo’s blog is one that he will read on his own AND even ask me if there is a new blog available to read.

Note:  At this point I need to say that while Bear does read Neo’s blog ( and Gorigirl’s), he will not navigate to it on his own.  If there is a new blog out, and he is in the mood to read it at that time, he will ask me to bring it up for him.  It’s a crap shoot as to whether or not he will then ask me to read it out loud to him.  In those cases I tell him he’s being lazy so that he can in turn say “No sweety, it’s just that I love the sound of your voice so much.”  Argh.

I haven’t had the internet for long, so finally having the opportunity to catch up with some of my favorite blogs was a treat indeed.

Imagine my delight and surprise to find that Neo had not only posted but there were more than ONE blog posts to read!!!!  Oh JOY!!!  Oh Happiness!  Oh YAY!!!

While he had many….this one was my favorite of the bunch.  I had to share it with the rest of you….it gave me the giggles for the rest of the day.  Not to mention that I had to “do Namaste” today and I started giggling while doing it and it’s all Neo’s fault because I started thinking about his blog and that got me to giggling and do you have ANY idea how uncomfortable it is to be “doing Namaste” and trying NOT to giggle?  There are all kinds of ramifications.  TRUST me on this.

So, without further ado, I ask you to visit neoIndian’s blog site to read The Complete Idiot’s Guide to doing Namaste.



5 thoughts on “Shout Out to neoIndian’s Blog!

  1. Try out the Papa John’s pizza place on Ghole Road (just off Fergusson College Road). Nice Pizza, nice atmosphere. Good times !

    • Awwwww Papa John’s Pizza….my absolute faaaaaaaaavorite pizza in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! 🙂 Thanks for this one!

  2. Hi!

    Thanks!! You made my day!

    I’ve bookmarked this post of yours under “In case of writer’s block, do not break glass, read this post!”


    • Wooooahhh COOL Neo! Your listing me just made me like HUGELY popular! I got more hits today than I’ve gotten since I started this blog and Gori gave me a shout out. Thank YOU! LOL

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