‘Internal Terror’

During the Shiv Sena-SRK controversy, the security forces were dispersed to protect theatres and the establishment’s full attention was on law and order. The terrorists used this opportunity to trigger the blast.”

—Intelligence Agencies

To all Shiv Sena supporters:  It is one thing to ASK people not to see a movie based on one’s own feeling, beliefs, or morals.  It’s quite another to threaten people to the extent that police have to be called away from worthwhile duties to protect us (the erstwhile every day, law abiding public) while we go about our daily lives.  Unfortunately, terrorists take advantage of the ‘internal terror’ unleashed by forces like Shiv Sena. While I’m sure that the Sena realises this, I’m doubtful over whether or not they care. Violating law and order and fanning communal passions invite external forces to disrupt our entire system. Nobody denies their right to hold peaceful agitation within the framework of the Constitution, but to do so in a manner that violates everyone’s right to LIVE is another thing entirely.

Whether you like it or not, Shiv Sena ALSO contributed to the death and destruction at German Bakery.  While our police forces were busy protecting us from the very real threat of attacks from Shiv Sena, others took full advantage and attacked.

If you do not believe that there was any real threat by the Shiv Sena, then I urge you to do the research yourself.

I find this an excellent place to start.

Shiv Sainiks protest against My Name… in Pune, Nagpur


Wednesday, February 10, 2010 23:01 IST

Four days later we see them completely ignoring their part or responsibility for ANY of this tragedy with the following article.

Chavan’s ignorant politics responsible for Pune blast: Uddhav Thackeray


Sunday, February 14, 2010 17:33 IST

On behalf of Puneites, the Dhars, all those dead and suffering and us left to pick up the pieces, I call for Shiv Sena’s apology and respectfully request that they start being a part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


6 thoughts on “‘Internal Terror’

  1. Rajkumari,

    Read this heart-rending story :


    India has been under attack from the Islamic barbarians of Arabia, since the 6th century.

    The Invading Moslems have committed genocide of the Hindus of India for 1500 years, on a scale that defies comprehension, and dwarfs the genocide of the Jews during the Nazi Holocaust.

    The Hindu nation has produced several valiant hereoes, who have strived ceaselessly to stem the tide of the Arabic disease that is Islam.

    One such hero was Shivaji Maharaj, who took up arms against the mighty Mughal empire, and founded his own Maratha kindom, in the face of unbelievable odds. If it were not for heroes like Shivaji Maharaj, all Indians would be circumsized today, the Bear included ( The Islamic way).

    In today’s world, the Hindus have to remain eternally vigilant, and perhaps somewhat militant too, if they hope to stave off the evil that is Islam.
    So, cut the Shiv Sena some slack, will ya, even if they rub you the wrong way with their diktats against PDA.

    For, the Shiv Sena and vigilant Hinduism is what protects Indian women from being forced to wear the Islamic veil at all times.

    • Hi Raghu and thanks so much for your comment. It’s always appreciated to get a balanced, educated and logical response to a post rather than a screaming one!

      My issues with the Shiv Sena go further than just their issues with PDA. Lest we forget that innocent young boys and girls were beaten for Shiv Sena’s beliefs of feminine modesty. And then we have the threats of forced marriage for any young couple seen out together on Valentine’s day. As far as I’m concerned, ANY one (whether it be Hindu, Islamic, Judaism, or Christian) who tells me what I should do with my life and my body is no different than a culture that forces their women to wear the veil. Just because we do not have that, does not mean that it could not come to that unless EVERYONE remains vigilant, not just Hindu’s. For centuries, women have been far more persecuted, extorted, victimized and murdered than any other living human group. Because to most all religions, except for a very few, women have been at the root of some evil for men. Adam had Eve, Samson had Delilah, and so on. Ahhhhh women, you evil temptress.

      And Hinduism is just as faulty as any other. What say you of the dictates of some schools that girls are not allowed to wear jeans and must always wear kurta because the eve teasing was getting out of hand? How is it that a woman can just as easily be assaulted or ‘eve teased’ while wearing a kurta or sari as she can wearing a pair of jeans? Why must not the men who do such things be punished instead of the women?

      I’ll tell you why…because in this society sexual expression is repressed. In a land that created the Kama Sutra, the present day people are so afraid of sexual expression that they do not teach their children the issues about sex that they should know. Instead, they turn a blind eye and forbid it and think that is the end of the story. While rape and HIV continue to rise…..their children go on being repressed and undereducated about their own sexuality and the responsibilities that come with it. Being ignorant, they are afraid. So ‘eve teasing’ that most country’s children leave on the school yard before the age 10 continue on to men who are in their 20’s and 30’s and far more physically dangerous.

      Shiv Sena is responsible for many good things, but they are just as responsible for many evil ones. My point is, Shiv Sina causes more internal strife for their ‘supposed’ good causes than India needs. We are already surrounded by country’s who could become hostile with us at any given moment. We have the mujahideen coming to murder at will. The Shiv Sena, instead of causing riots, mayhem and dissent…. would be better to use their strength for good causes instead. Focusing their energy strictly on humanitarian causes rather than on what women can and cannot do.

      How is it that they may protect us from the veil but not from their own men? How is their violence and threats any different? You said to give them some slack because their militancy helps protect me from the evils of others. How did their militant stance on a stupid movie because of a stupid comment by an actor of a stupid GAME help protect the people killed at the German Bakery? Many are at fault for that, but Shiv Sena has it’s fair share. For me, dealing with the Shiv Sena on my own rights as a woman is like wearing a veil that no one else can see.

  2. The Islamists in Karnataka state are currently protesting violently, because a Moslem woman published an article, critical of the Islamic veil ( “The Purdah”), that is normally forced upon Moslem women in India.

    FYI, the writer Ms. Taslima Nasreen is a Bangladeshi Moslem woman, who wrote a book ten years ago, describing the horrors and terrors that are inflicted upon the minority Hindu population in Islamic Bangladesh.

    Like Salman Rushdie before her, Taslima immediately faced a fatwa that called for her to be murdered, because she had written a book exposing the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh. Ever since then, brave Taslima has been hopping from one country to another, seekin refuge in exile from bangladesh.

    The cowardly Congress Government of India, in order to keep the Indian Muslims happy, has shamelessly denied Taslima’s request for Indian citizenship.

    Now, are you starting to see the bigger picture, of who the bad guys in India really are ?

    Believe me, the Shiv Sena are, for the most part, the good guys.

    • Hi Raghu,

      Thanks so much for your comment, it’s really appreciated. And yes, I saw in the papers recently about what happening in Karnataka.

      Perhaps you haven’t read everything that I have had to say about Shiv Sena and let me reiterate it again. I agree that there are some good things that they have done….but those do not (and must not) out weigh the evil that they ARE doing. You cannot ignore one’s present poor behavior simply because SOME things they’ve done in the past were good. When a person is a child, they may be quit good…does that mean that when that same person is a teenager that their drug use, theft and/or general bad behavior should be ignored or not questioned? Does that also mean that the teenager is wholly bad? Does that mean that one should stop believing in that teenager or stop supporting them? Does that mean that the teenager has no redemption left in them?

      My answer to all of those questions is a resounding no and I would hope that most people’s answer would be the same. Shiv Sena has the potential to be a great leading force. But to do so it needs to stop focusing on small issues, which appear narrow minded and destined to support a parallel society within India. As a transplanted western woman from America…I want to feel accepted in my new home, a part of it. They have done much to make me feel uncomfortable and unaccepted as I do not speak Marathi, am not a “Maharashtrian” and love holding hands with my husband even when in public!

  3. When you will have spent some more time in India, you too will learn who the Good guys are and who the Bad guys are.

    The Shiv Sena may be unruly, but they are not murderers.

    All the murderous terrorist attacks in India (and in fact, all over the world) are carried out by Islamic terrorists. Why ? Because their “holy” book commands them to kill the “Unbelievers” (i.e. one who does not accept Islam). The Moslems in India are in fact Hindus, whose ancestors were forcibly converted to Islam by invading Arab barbarians, over the course of a few bloody centuries of Islamic rule over India.. Now, these brainwashed converted Indians have forgotten their own Hindu heritage and ancestry, and are always trying to hurt their own Hindu countrymen. Sad, but true.

    Similarly, the Portuguese Catholics landed in Goa, and forcibly converted the Hindu Brahmins of Goa into Catholics. The Portuguese Catholics inflicted the very cruel Goa Inquisition on the local populace of Goa for 400 years. Look up the Goa Inquisition on the internet. The Pope has not yet apologized to India for the Goa Inquisition. Today, Indian Goans strut around sporting Portuguese last-names, and fancying themselves to be Portuguese, when in fact, they are the desendants of Goan Hindu brahmins, who were forcibly converted.

    Islam and Catholic Christianity are two very large, fraudulent Pyramid Schemes.

    • See, the intrinsic problem here is that all religions (at some point in their history) have some sort of hideous acts of violence that they have inflicted on someone else, or that someone has inflicted upon them.

      That is why I don’t look at any one religion as bad or good. It’s the PERSON and not the religion/caste/culture/country.

      As I’ve said before, Shiv Sena has done some good deeds and I’m sure are still doing them to some respect. However, your statement about them not being murderers is an incorrect one. In 1970 the CPI MLA of Dadar, Krishna Desai, was assassinated. CPI charged the Shiv Sena for the murder, and held Thackeray as responsible for the act. So you see, EVERYONE has a past.

      What I care about is the NOW and how someone’s actions can directly affect the here and now….and our future. Once again I say, isn’t it time to be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem????

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