The German Bakery

The German Bakery, Pune India

There is so much I want to say about the German Bakery and yet still I can’t seem to find the words.  How is it that I place that I knew for such a short period of time, can get under my skin and become a part of me so quickly?  Little did I know that when I blogged about it on January 14th, that less than a month later I would be writing about it again for such a horrid reason.

But the Bakery probably got under my skin the same way that India has.

With all her quirks and hardships, with all her irrationalities and craziness, I love India for all her beauty and hope and possibilities.

The German Bakery in Pune was a piece of me as much as I felt that it was a representation of me.

It was quaint and off center but also perfect in its quirkiness.  Under that bamboo and PVC piping “ceiling” you could be who you were, surrounded by other people being who they were.  You could have your Indian Chai and eat a westernized egg omelet and round it out with a perfectly delicious apple strudel.

You could sit back and listen to German, English, Marathi, Hindi, or any other number of languages being spoken.  You could watch an old and wise looking Rabbi sitting in a corner with his glasses half down his nose, his white curly beard barely moving as he whisper read over his literature.  You could wonder in amazement at the maroon clothed Osho’s and revel in their completely open and happy smiles.  You could share a nod of encouragement and “oneness” with the backpacker sitting on a bench eating a veg sandwich and drinking herbal tea.  You could chat with your Indian friends and pick what to do for the rest of the day….eventually.

Listen to the employees calling out orders.  Listen to the sounds around you.  Smell the freshly baked wheat bread.  Count your rupee’s and pray you have enough for one last piece of apple strudel.  Feel the fresh breeze as it wafts from the ceiling and from between the cracks in the “wall” surrounding the outside sitting area.

When you leave, you wonder when you’ll get a chance to walk back into the oasis known as German Bakery.  You wonder if you’ll EVER actually get up at 6am to make it over to stand in line for their famous breakfast rolls.  You smile and say “Someday”.

But now Someday may be gone.  For nine people it’s gone forever.  For their families the days after are filled with pain and memory and struggles to recover.  For a city, Innocence is lost.  For those left behind, it’s feelings of confusion and anger and guilt over moving on.

Dear German Bakery, they may have destroyed your body, but for the rest of us we can still hear your heart beating.  Pune waits for your return and till then, we will stand in your place and say “You did not destroy us, we are not afraid.”


6 thoughts on “The German Bakery

  1. **edited for content


    You will be glad to know that the Pune Police have arrested two persons in connection with the German Bakery Bomb Blasts.

    Surprise, surprise, the two arrested gentlemen turned out to be Muslims.
    Like all good Muslims, they only wnated to kill as many innocent humans as possible.

    As you will soon come to learn during your sojourn in India :

    Islam is All Bad, All the Time.

    Shiv Sena : Might be annoying at times, but in general, the SHiv Sena has got the right idea in their heads : Islam –> ALl Bad, All the Time.

    You know that the Koran-burning Pastor in FLA is NOT totally wrong.

    Burning the Koran is akin to liberating a Million Humans, who have become enslaved by the Arabic Plague of Islam.

    • Hello Govind,

      Yes, I saw and heard about the arrests, but here is the actual story. The police believe there are links between Mirza Himayat Baig and Lalbaba Bilal and the German Bakery blast, nothing is solid yet. The evidence would seem to support this with the cache of RDX, Cell phones, Foreign currency and pen drives.

      As to them being Muslim and Muslim being all bad….I’m going to strongly disagree with you. But that’s cool, that’s the greatness of democracy and freedom….we’re allowed to disagree right? 🙂

      I think, if you research the worlds major religions you will find that each and every one of them has a moment in history where they were viewed as the villains people supposed them to be. For example, Christians. They weren’t always the ‘turn the other’ cheek sweety’s they seem today. Have you read the Bible? It’s full of violence, bigotry, incest, and murder….most of the time to teach non-believers a lesson, as in “Believe! Or we will do this to you!!!”.

      It’s never the religion that causes vile and evil things to happen. It’s the man behind it. Mr. Terry Jones is causing dissent and hurting people of many faiths with his ‘movement’, so to me he is vile but he does NOT represent all of Christianity or America. What my letter tries to convey is what if people DID view all of American’s as a group of Terry Jones? Just as you seem to be basing all of Islam on the media grabbing extremists. Do you see my point?

      Shiv Sean….what can I say about them? Just when I think they are making a move to redeem themselves with some truly worthy cause….they come out with something totally inane again. If they were right…why aren’t there a plethora of Marathi Movie goers like they promised there would be after threatening physical violence on theater owners to lower Marathi movie ticket prices? Still looks just as dead as always too me. You just can’t MAKE people do what you want them to do because YOU think it is right.

      And burning the Quran is the equivalent to a Nazi book burning and nothing else.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. All islamic bomb blasts in India are done by the Dawood Ibrahim network

    Dawood Ibrahim is the head of the islamic mafia and also controls 90% of Bollywood
    Several Bollywood stars are among his mistresses

    So why is the Dawood Ibrahim network not crushed?
    read on

    The MHA report alleges that there was a definite nexus between underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s associates and former Maharashtra chief minister Sharad Pawar.

    The same Sharad Pawar of NCP whose photo is on this website

    Title: Abu Azmi is Dawood’s man: Mendonca
    Author: Hepzi Muthiah
    Publication: The Asian Age
    Date: November 9, 1997

    Police commissioner Ronald Mendonca has said in an affidavit submitted to Mumbai high court that the Samajwadi Party’s state president Abu Asim Azmi is “in close association with Dawood Ibrahim, as per police records

    The same Abu Azmi who was thrashed by Shiv Sena a few weeks ago

    Abu Azmi controls many fundamentalist mullahs who deliver enbloc 10% muslim vote to UPA-Congress, NCP

    and that is why these blasts continue to happen

    Whereas in states ruled by parties not dependent on this enbloc vote, the minions of Dawood have been exterminated by the police in fake encounters – a-la shot while trying to escape and these states have very few bomb blasts

    • And yet still I say that no one….NO ONE….should have the right to threaten the common man or dictate the way he lives his life within the laws of the land.

      As I’ve said before, while I know that Shiv Sena has done good, this does NOT give them the right to do the the illegal things that they do.

      This does NOT give them the right to make me feel unsafe in my own city by exercising my rights to attend a movie. Period.

      • Lady, a Shiv Sena regime would exterminate most the Dawood Ibrahim network, thereby reducing the risk of bomb blasts and making it safer for everyone

      • Then what I propose, is that they go attack Dawood Ibrahim and leave the trivial things like movies and who speaks what language when alone. What do you say?

        You see, I NEVER said that they didn’t do SOME things right or that they aren’t needed, what I have continuously stated is that their present actions are defeating the whole purpose of making us safer.

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