Art that speaks

I’ve recently found a few sites offering some of the most beautiful, vivid and imaginative new art work I’ve seen since being in India.

I’m sharing the links and a few pieces of work with you here in the hopes that you become as inspired by these artists as I am and enjoy what they have to offer.

First up:  prasadesign at either or Prasadesign is a modest young illustrator and a graphic designer.  Visit his sites and allow his work to speak for itself.  The range he has and the ability to work with different artistic medium as well as different genres of art amazed me.  And I love his vision in expressing new ideas and concepts.

Incredible India _ Peacock by Prasadesign

Incredible India_Kathakali_by_prasadesign

The next is an organization dedicated to the discourse on beauty that has enriched human lives from time immemorial. At SCI Knowledge Interlinks Pvt. Ltd., we recognize this value of art.  Our social mission is to promote the ongoing development of the visual arts, primarily paintings through a unique artistic programme we call the SCI Art Forum.

A Painting at SCI Art Forum

A Painting at SCI Art Forum


3 thoughts on “Art that speaks

  1. Definitely liked his work. I think my favorite was the one with snake on the mans head. I didn’t see where he has the work for sale….which is too bad because I think he could really do well selling it.

    Thanks for Sharing

    • I agree…..maybe if we suggested it to him? I know I would love to have some of the Incredible India pieces!

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