Masquerading Baggage

Emotional Baggage by fairygodflea

Today, boys and girls, I want to talk about Baggage.

Not just any baggage mind you.  No.

Not the type of baggage that holds clothes and toiletries and a box full of your great Aunt Marge’s doilies.  No.

Today, I want to talk about Emotional Baggage.  A special brand of hard shell, 360 degree spinning, expandable baggage that people lug with them pretty much everywhere they go.

Apparently there is a flaw in this baggage.  The zipper and clasps are easily opened or broken and the contents spew out to cover anything close by and sometimes are projected onto passerby’s or innocent bystanders.  Sometimes those contents are transported all the way over a sea and continent to clutter up the lives of loved one’s far-far away.

And sometimes this baggage doesn’t come in pretty, designer colors.  No.

Mostly totally invisible, so that you never know exactly where it is or how much it contains.  Tripping and falling is a common occurrence around these items.  Major faux-pas have occurred because of them.  Whole relationships have been destroyed over them.

And yet still, with the imminent danger and threat of these items, no one is willing to do anything to either lessen the load of each piece or to rid themselves of it at all.

Associated with emotional baggage are the places where they are dumped.  These are usually a friend or family member with whom a person trusts and loves.  It is with them that one will dump their emotional baggage off with for safe keeping, until such time as that person dumps the emotional baggage back in their lap.

I am such a person.  I currently have the great pleasure to acknowledge that I am the keeper of not less than five pieces of emotional baggage.  All of which I have stacked up next to my bed on a trolley so that when I wake in the morning, they can easily follow me about my day.

I however, do not intend on giving this emotional baggage back.

I have decided not to be that kind of person.

Instead, I’ve decided to unpack each piece.  Evaluate the contents.  Throw away the useless.  Mend the useful.  Polish everything.  And then present them back to the original owners, squeaky clean, positively charged and ready for a new day.

I’m not yet sure what to do with are the emotional baggage husks that are left behind like residue in a bathtub.  They clutter my mind and are very heavy to move.  You would think it would be the content that made them heavy, but no.  It’s almost like the implications of what they are, why they were handed to you, are the real reasons for their heaviness and girth.

They weigh heavily.

For now, I think I’ll put them down.

Later, when I’ve thought on it more, I’ll let you know the conclusion.

Side note: Perhaps the answer would be to never leave your emotional baggage with someone you love.


10 thoughts on “Masquerading Baggage

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  2. I used to collect the emotional baggage of others, like the undercarriage of a greyhound bus, it got so heavy I couldn’t drive.

    These days I sort everything out and figure out what is junk and I throw it out, I won’t allow other’s baggage to weigh me down so much that I can never get to where I need to go.

    *this was especially true with the failed relationships of others, I allowed their mistakes to control me to the point of complete shut down.

    • Hey Jrams512,

      “….like the undercarriage of a greyhound bus…”. Now, would that be the undercarriage of a bus here in India or in some UK/US place? Because if India it brings to thought all sorts of heavy, dirty, nasty images and EWWW! LOL

      I loved the visual stimulation you gave though and what an awesome comment! Thanks!

      I actually, at one point in my life previous to now, was REALLY good at dispersal of the Emotional Baggage of other’s. Heck, sometimes I would just toss that stuff directly into baggage claim without a second thought or look. But since being in India, I’m still learning the balance. And they do the whole guilt trip thing here differently and (I must add) REALLY well. Seriously, my own mother could take lessons. It’s like an art form here or something.

      My biggest issue now is the internal family baggage and not so much the friendship one. A few friends tried dumping theirs off but I just didn’t have the room for it what with the family baggage I had already accumulated, so theirs just got immediately stamped with ‘Return To Sender’. 🙂

      I think, one of the greatest things about India is that she is teaching me patience in ALL things….not just “When’s the power/water/internet going to come back on?” or “When are they going to fix the road/elevator/steps/sidewalk?”. Here I’m also learning internal patience, patience with my own hectic thoughts. And THAT is probably the greatest gift, outside of my husband, that India could ever give to me.

      Oh, and Samosa Chaat. That’s a pretty good gift too. 🙂

  3. The only good thing is that *sometimes* close friends and family members can help you lighten your load and throw things away — as long as you don’t try to get them out of the trashbin at a later date because you miss their weight.
    Good luck!

    • Nope, this comment is a figment of your imagination. Either that or I was without internet and no way of approving comments since last Saturday. Take your pick. 😀

  4. Can you please explain this in simple English? I am from India but unfortunately I am not able to follow most of your blog writings. I understood from your previous blog that your father is diagnosed with cancer. My prayers are with you. I wish you more and more happiness in your mattied life.

    • 🙂 I’ll work on keeping some of the blogs in a more simple form….or maybe following up with a simpler version later. Thank you so much for the comment and the idea! It always helps to get someone else’s viewpoint. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes, they are most welcome and appreciated.

  5. It would seem that those who are given emotional baggage by others, deal with it well, and give good advice only seem to somehow receive more and more over time. People confide in you and “unload” because you have a good heart and try to help them. It takes a strong person not to get swept up in all the drama sometimes.

    Experiences change you and you are sometimes left with the “emotional baggage husks” (as you say) or maybe even scars, but you know the saying “what doesn’t break you only makes you stronger.” We learn lots of things from all of our experiences and the fact that you are dealing with things in a positive way is really commendable. I know you’ve been going through a lot lately, so kudos to you for remaining so positive.

    You can always lighten your load by sharing the burden so it’s always good to have an outlet or sounding board somewhere. That’s what blogs are for – lol : )

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