July Gloom….aka Come back Wedding searchers!

Tanking Stats

For over a week now, my numbers have been bottoming out.  I mean, really tanking here people.

So I started to do a little research to find out what I could do to improve my views.

And then I asked myself why.

So I answered, because I like the attention….JEEZ.

So went back to my research.

Apparently I got the most views when people when searching the internet for Wedding, Wedding Cakes and Wedding Cupcakes.

But they aren’t doing that anymore.  Why you ask?  Because it’s July now and most people get married before the end of summer to escape the heat and still have some vacation in some glorious place that may be still too hot but at least comes with a beach.

Now I’m being found by people searching for topics such as Superman, Norman Rockwell, Ever After, Ever After Dress and Dill Pickles.

Yes.  Dill Pickles.

So I decided to not let you Superman, Dill Pickle, Ever After searchers down.  No siree, here at Gori Rajkumari, we like to keep all our searchers coming back for more, to bring you into the Gori Rajkumari fold.

So for your information…..

Indian Superman

Here in India, Superman is still Superman and everyone loves him.

In Honor of June Brides at The Saturday Evening Post

Here in India, most have never heard of Norman Rockwell and have no idea what the Saturday Evening Post is.

Ever After Dress

Here in India, Ever After is a good Drew Barrymore movie with a pretty Ever After Dress at the end and to be honest the shoes look like they were made in India.

Pataks Sweet Lime PICKLE

Here in India, a Pickle is not just a Cucumber anymore.  Now it’s Mango, Chili, Lime, and Mixed.  It’s also not dill.  Dill pickles are excessively hard to find here and if you are feeling excessively sorry for Gori Rajkumari because of that fact, stop…stop feeling sorry and just send her some Dill Pickles express mail please.

PS:  You could let the Fall Brides know that searching for wedding cakes now wouldn’t be amiss for me.  I mean, ordering ahead of time is a good thing, right?   Thanks. 🙂


5 thoughts on “July Gloom….aka Come back Wedding searchers!

  1. Hey, I have been your faithful reader for probably last couple of quarters:)..anyways I am really surprised to see Punit Issar as Indian Superman, most of his life he had played the role of ethereal punjabi bad-ass…

    • Indrasis, thank you and I am so glad to finally hear from you after reading faithfully for a ‘couple of quarters’ ( side-note: When I read ‘couple of quarters’ it took me back to being a kid and begging my dad for just a ‘couple of quarters’ to play a video game at the arcade hehehe)!!

      It always makes me feel so happy when people take just a moment to let me know they are out there and reading.

      AND….it’s cool cause I learn new things! Bear wasn’t at home when I wrote this, so when I did a search for India + Superman and that picture popped up, I thought it was hilarious. But didn’t know who it was or what it was about. I just really liked the picture. Thanks so much for letting us know who the actor is and that he used to be a real bad ass Punjabi!!

      Hope you keep coming back, Indrasis!

  2. Don’t worry. I never get responses to my blog. And, my motivation is being part of a good dialog.
    Somehow my blogs don’t end up on any searches, but that is neither hear nor there.
    In any case, things will pick up.
    And… … I’m faithfully reading.
    Not for the wedding updates and certainly not pics (can’t see them).
    But, because I am always interested in people, culture and an honest view of life.
    And South Asian/ American relationships specifically.

    • YAY and thank you Jan! Knowing that I’m at least ‘catering’ to someone out there helps a lot! 😉 hehehe (Get it? Catering? Weddings? Ok, so it’s a little lame….it’s raining here and I’m sleepy).

      Seriously, I don’t really care too much about the views or if people are responding….I know there are people out there who read but do not write. This blog is really being written for two reason’s, my own sanity and for people who are in similar situations to not feel so lonely. That’s it.

      I just found it hilarious that my Inter-cultural Relationship Blog get’s more hits for Dill Pickles and Wedding Cupcakes. 😉 It’s the small things that make our day isn’t it?

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