Shout Out! Blogs that Refer me totally rule! :)

So yes, obviously the power hasn’t gone out…..YET.

I’m currently working on another blog about our 1 Year Anniversary, but till that’s done I thought I would show you some recent referer stats from just a few of my friends blogs.

I love and enjoy each and every one of the blogs I list on my page and my only wish would be to have time daily to read all of them.

Each one of them is unique in their writing style, view on life, experiences and beliefs.  Each one of them is worthy of a view by you today!  Way to go people!  You ALL rule!

So head on over to one of the blogs I list on my page….you might surprise yourself by spending the entire day perusing their topics!


9 thoughts on “Shout Out! Blogs that Refer me totally rule! :)

  1. Hi … ended up here from sharell’s blog 🙂 …
    Anyways … I wanted to check which plugin are you using for your stats? … I wanted to use the same for my blog …

  2. eek! I just noticed during the shuffle of blogs yours went missing! You were still listed until “Indian Loves” when I attempted to change the title from “blogs I read” one day and um, it didn’t work! I fixed you now! I’ve got to beat Sharell in # of referrals! 😉

    • LOLOL “got to beat Sharell…”

      That was the funniest thing I’ve heard today! We should have a Blog contest one month to see who can refer who the most! 😉 hehe

      No worries, I also just cleaned out and re-organized my links and lost a few that I had to hunt back down again to add back. siiiiigh.

    • Hehehe!!!! Don’t you always??? PS: Yours is one that I make it to almost daily! Yo China! Ewwwwwwwwwww. lol!!!

  3. Yeah it’s the same distance-wise, I suppose. But the drive in the US probably does not include added attractions like death-defying tactics of Indian highway drivers, dead flora (tree trunks), alive-but-unwilling-to-move fauna and intra city driving which makes apollo missions look tame. What a rush!

  4. Well guess what, I wandered down here from Sharell’s blogroll too. You seriously need to treat her out to lunch one of these days! Lol.

    • I do seriously need to take her out. In the US, a drive to Mumbai would be no different than a drive from the OC to San Diego. HERE however….another story entirely! LOL I’ll get to meet her someday that’s for sure!

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