A future and open letter to Terry Jones…

Finding Peace in Solitude

September 11th, 2012

Dear Mr. Jones,

It’s been two years since your Nazi-esque book burning and still the world is reeling from the consequences.  Who could have known at the time that 50 people could do so much damage to the world?  Of course, there were articles written and politicians giving statements about how bad it could get, but even they got it wrong.

The “recruitment bonanza for Al Qaeda” was of course, just the start.  The loss of ties with previously friendly Country’s was inevitable after that.  The number of Muslim’s who became radicalized American hating jihadists tripled over night and by the end of the month the number of young men and women joining the terrorists cause was staggering.

People, American People, began to die all over the world.  We couldn’t move our troops out soon enough and paid that price with the death of 5,000 soldiers in a coordinated attack at the Afghan/Pakistan border.  Tourists died by the drove just for looking like American’s whether they were German, Australian or actual American’s.  People living in the area’s surrounded by the now newly ruled Al’ Qaeda lands suffered as much as those living within it.  Death camps abounded, people were rounded up and tortured until they confessed the sins of being American (even in some cases when they were not).

The stoning.  The beheading.  In mass production.  It was as if God was punishing American people for hesitating to enter the Second World War.  We were being exterminated from the east as surely as Hitler wished to exterminate those different from himself.  I wish you could have been here to see it, but of course you were safe in your guard protected home in Florida.  I hid in obscurity in a small town in southern India, all passages of escape cut off for me.  Even though India did her best to protect us all, no Government can be everywhere at once and the Mujahedeen in the India were assiduous in their strength and support from Al’ Qaeda.

And they did it in retaliation of the book burning that you held on September 11th, 2010.

What should have been a day of remembrance, prayer and work to bring about peace so that nothing like that ever happened again, was a day of infamy in the religious wars that the earth now suffers under.

What took you 30 minutes to do, was enough to undo the peace that the world was heading towards.  The 75 Quran that you burned that day became a cry from the extremists of “75 Jalāyā!!” or “75 Burned”.  How we cringed from it as we listened to it in the dead of night.  Wondering if they would find our hiding places.  How real Ann Frank’s diary became to us then.

And now today, we hear that America was attacked.  One in Florida.  Your very own church.  The news tells us that 10 of your followers died in the explosion but you are safe.  Safe in your parishioner paid for house with parishioner donated guards.

But and yet that was the smallest price America had to pay.

The reports we are hearing is that 2000 are dead in Washington DC when they bombed St. Patrick’s Church.  In New York, 500 died and 300 injured when they bombed St. Paul’s church near Ground Zero.  And the deaths do not stop there since the bombings were also in Chicago and San Francisco.

We’ve heard that they plan on continuing the attacks until 75 American churches are burned and destroyed.


With how many untold deaths to follow.

All because you wanted your moment of fame.

They snuck newspapers to us today.  In it there is an interview with a Pastor from Christliche Gemeinde Köln which was the church in Cologne Germany that you ran for some time.  He said “He (Jones) didn’t project the biblical values and Christianity, but always made himself the center of everything.”  You were fined $3800 dollars by the Cologne courts for using the title “Dr” and then were removed from leadership of Christliche Gemeinde Köln and you came back to the states to resume your “work” at DWOC.  The paper also says that you never graduated or even attended a theological University.

I’m wondering if you’ve even read the book that you say so incited you that you need to organize an “International Quran Burning Day”.  For that matter, I wonder if you’ve even read our Bible.  You do know that the Quran is based on our Bible don’t you?  That it holds the same laws?  That they follow the Quran to the letter, never deviating in over 1500 years since the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad?  There are many of their laws which deviate from the Christian Bible, but there are just as many laws in the Christian Bible that we no longer follow.  We deviate consistently from the words of the Bible….we pick and choose the good parts version as we like and then point fingers at those who do not and call their laws “inhumane”.  But there is only a small sect that follows those arcane and inhumane laws to the letter, should all of Islam be condemned for this?  I’m wondering if you realize that some of those inhumane laws were in the Bible?

But all of that is neither here nor there.  Because you are safe in your protected home in Florida while the rest of the world pays for your sins.  You do not repent.  You do not apologize.  You sit quietly.  Some say you are contemplating or praying.  Others say you hide your face.  I do not know which the truth is.

Mr. Jones, I do not address you as Reverend or Pastor for two reasons.  The first is that you have only an honorary degree in Theology and did not actually attend any classes or schooling to obtain a hard-earned and well deserved degree.  The second is that I was raised that using Reverend or Pastor is a term of respect and for you I haven’t any.

But here is what I will do for you, I will pray every day of my life that you are never enslaved and imprisoned as the rest of the world (and I) have been since your day of book burning.  Yes, I will pray for you Mr. Jones.  Because it’s said that even the darkest and most degenerative soul can be brought back to light.  I pray that there is still some redemption left for you.

And should I ever make it out of here alive; I will find you and show you the scars you helped to inflict.  I will tell you of the year or more that people like me suffered.  I will show you the photographs of the dead and dying.  And I will tell you how even with all of that, I forgive you and pray for your soul.

Good day to you Mr. Jones.


26 thoughts on “A future and open letter to Terry Jones…

  1. Dear some dude

    Could you please back your claims with reference. I suggest you need to read islamic history and condition of ethnic groups well protected living freely in currently most voatile countries like Pakistan. Women are well respected and protected there unlikely in other cultures where they beaten, raped and left alone with bunch of illegitimate kids from several males and without any sense of parental responsibility. You can also compare divorse rate in those countries compare to america. This indicates weak family, moral and social values and worst on top of all this youth have no sense of future direction rather immersing themselves into drugs and prostitutions. A society devoid of moral values can survive for how long.

    • Hi Ghalib,

      As always, I appreciate your comments!

      As to this comment though, I must disagree whole heartedly. A culture does not define it’s people. The people do. And one of the biggest problems with the world right now is the generalizations of one sect of people about another sect without really and truly learning as much about them as one possibly can. America is no more the the depraved culture than Pakistan is all terrorists. This is another misconception that the East has of the West. Just as the West’s misconception can sometimes be that if you are Muslim then you are terrorist.

      I used generalized and categorized right along with everyone else. I did this based on what I saw in the Movies, on TV or in the News. But I didn’t interact with these people I was judging. I didn’t learn about where they came from, their history or their religion. I just believed whatever I wanted to believe because it made things easier to have a “us and them” mentality. It’s so hard when you finally come to the truth that we are all alike with both the bad characterizations and the good ones. And then I met someone from India and another from Pakistan and another from Dubai and became their friend and began to learn and understand. Not everything is black and white and not everything can be categorized neatly.

      For example: both the Bible and the Quran call for stoning of people found guilty of various misdeeds. Christianity has evolved over time with the movement West. People changed as they interacted with people from other cultures and religions. Christianity began to take on the “good parts version” mentality so often seen in religions that held brutal aspects. Christian people decided on a secular government and to leave religion in the hands of the family. Only God should judge, not man. Hence, the stoning of people stopped for Christianity. The Muslim people did not move West so readily and quickly, nor did they interact with people of other cultures or religions as quickly. In some cases and some places, stoning and Sharia law are very prevalent and that is what confuses the Western world. We see those things as inhumane and cannot understand why a religion so close to Christianity still follows those old ways.

      I think I really need to write a blog on this to help clarify the position as I understand it from both points of view. But first, I need to finish reading the Quran.


      • @ Gori:

        The primitive parts of the Bible were discontinued in practice, not because, as you assert, westerners met other cultures and religions. It was due to a sequence of secular cultural movements like the scientific revolution (when empiricism was emphasized) and the Enlightenment (when Deism was prevalent; and divine rights of kings were abolished), which also was a preamble to the first feminist movement.

        Non western cultures never had any thing remotely close to the enlightenment. Hence, they remain, even to modern times, primitive in culture. Note that all the urbanization of Islamic nations come from western influence. Native Islamic culture never invented secular constitutional democracy, capitalism, the scientific method, women’s suffrage, modern science, and the concept of “rights.”

        And you should really post my other comment. I totally owned your ass. LoL

    • Your response is pathetic. In non Islamic world women have freedom (unconditional) they can do they want unlike Islamic where women are property of father, husband, son, brother etc. That is why women are locked up inside the house where freedom go out is restricted/denied and their ability make any decisions is non existent. In Saudi Arabia women cannot leave their house unaccompanied by male blood relative or husband. In Saudi Arabia women cannot have passport on their own.

  2. Dear Adithya

    I agreed with other people in this discussion that either you did not read Holy books properly or if you did it could be partially my view is though you are master voiced listening propaganda.
    However question here requires immediate attention is not to judge merits or demerits of holybook and their impact on followers that is whole new issue. We would like to raise question here what kind of benefits this act will reap and then what will be its immediate effects on societies worldwide. This will effect equally both muslims and nonmuslims together so it should be denounced. Moreover two wrongs does not make one right.
    Why we have double standard in individuals behavior when a muslim burn a flag he is called a terrorist, fundamentalist, conservative and jihadi however same kind but worse than this some american doing senseless,self projecting act consider a hero. Does this dual stamdard demand critical thinking and not enough to make people angry and force them to go exterme way when it happens over and over again.

      • Adithya, I am sorry it took so long to accept your comments. It took me a while to decide what to do. Initially, I thought you had many good points but I had a REALLY hard time getting past most of your content.

        But after reflection today, I felt that editing it and leaving in the core message you were trying to convey (while removing the bad stuff) would give you a voice. I hope you can understand. I really am looking forward to writing more to you about this topic. I may even surprise you with my own opinions instead of what you may be assuming about me. I just haven’t gotten around to writing them because I feel they are something that I should only write about when I am further informed.

        Also, once I’ve been able to fully view the link for the video you gave, then I will decide if it should be accepted. 🙂

  3. ** Edited for Content. I removed quite a bit in order to get to the heart of Adithya’s statement.**

    Bringing up the Bible to look for moral equivalents is no response to the fact that the Quran is the single most dangerous book the world has seen so far, especially to a person who is neither Christian nor Muslim. Oh, before you make your next wrong guess, I am not a Hindu either.

    Try again. If you have any intention of opposing people who have a propensity to cause violence, you should be blogging about the people who killed Theo Van Gogh; the people who rioted and killed people over Danish cartoons; the ones who wanted to suppress free speech and internet access over “Draw Muhammad Day”; the Sharia system which is in place in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, etc; the people who wanted Salman Rushdie dead and who burned his book; or the misogynists who think husbands can beat their wives, which, if you can stop distorting the Quran with liberal interpretations for a moment, has been the norm in Muslims nations since the medieval times. (Quran 4:34) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWGA8i6scYY). The possibilities are endless. But you don’t talk about them, at least not in proper proportion.

    The Florida pastor, who, even though is a right-wing nut, has neither threatened to kill anyone nor denied the First Amendment rights for people who would want to burn the Bible (http://friendlyatheist.com/2010/07/24/interview-with-pastor-terry-jones-the-man-behind-%E2%80%9Cinternational-burn-a-koran-day%E2%80%9D/).

      • When I wrote that long post, I made it a point not to caricature your positions any more than you did those of mine (that was the only point, even when I called you a liberal drone). Miss Rajkumari?

        Sensitive, are we? You removed all the best lines. Hahaha. It’s alright.

        But what about the last video? Didn’t like that too?

      • Adithya, I encourage you to go back and reread your first two posts to me. I remember something about being a retarded fat ass, mentally diseased liberal and a tool. I’m fairly certain there was more but you get my point. I will admit you put me off with your first two comments to the point that I retaliated in a way I am trying really hard to reign in (my comments to you were actually pale reflections of the caustic biotch that I can sometimes be). I find that when I write that way directly AT someone they miss my whole point. What doya say? 😉

        PS: I told you, I will post the video (or not) once I’ve had a chance to view it. It’s weekend, and Ganesh Chaturthi. 🙂 So I’ll respond to your latest comment and review the video on Monday.

  4. Many of the verses in the Quran directly offend nonMuslims. Do they respect an atheist in Muslim countries? Do they have respect for women who don’t wear the veil?

    • Hi Some Dude,

      Have you read the entire Bible? I have several times over. This is why I am not a traditional Christian. The Bible offended me in many places and (in my opinion) vilifies and objectifies women. But back when I was a kid, I didn’t know about those words….all I knew was that there seemed to be only two women in the Bible who were good and all the rest were really bad and the Bible was telling me that I was bad too. Not too much fun growing up thinking you are unclean because of some words in a book.

      And before you ask, I am a Spiritual person, not a Religious one. 🙂

      It would depend on to whom you were speaking. If you were speaking to a traditional and orthodox Muslim, then yes, they would require their Muslim women to wear the veil. Would they look down on me because I do not? Once again, depends on the person. I’ve met orthodox Muslims (male and female) and neither treated me any differently for being an uncovered non-believer (in Islam that is). I’ve friends who are Muslim and some wear the veil, some wear the full burqa and some do not wear any of the traditional head scarves (except when driving scooty’s).

      I grew up in a very Christian oriented area of America and my family was looked down on by some for not attending church every Sunday, while other’s didn’t even bother over that and cared more that we were living a good/moral life.

      My Aunt and Uncle used to be Orthodox Jews and now are just traditional Jews. They loved and accepted everyone they knew. There was an Orthodox Jew in our neighborhood who would curse us Christian kids for defiling his lawn if we went on it to get our ball.

      Like I’ve said before many times, it’s not the religion….it’s the people behind it. Not all are the same, you have to make allowances that in every religion there are going to be fundamentalists and extremists.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  5. LOL

    And you are writing as if the Florida church has been attacked? Retarded tool, the burning has been called off. Pull your head out of your fat ass and think straight.

  6. The Quran is a book which sanctions the death penalty via Sharia for adultery, apostasy, and homosexuality. It has been used to justify misogyny all over the world. The Iranian state is a prime example of large scale application of Sharia. So is Saudi Arabia. Countries with a long history with Islam have laws which punish women for rape. The Quran has been the cause of so much deaths and suppression of human rights. But idiots like you steadfastly support this book — a desert scribbling of an Arabic pedophile.

    The Muslim filth burn American flags each day. And that is offensive to Americans in this country. Leftwing clowns like you will never blog about that. How many blogs have you written criticizing the American flag burnings.

    You are a category-five jerk. The more you write, the more I am convinced that liberalism is a mental disorder and you are better off rotting in India.

    • Ahhh Adithya,

      I see that you are a Conservative. You wouldn’t happen to be a Fox News watching, Glenn Beck loving, Republican/Libertarian by any chance would you? No? That’s funny, because you sure sound like the type. 🙂

      I just love it when people like you come out of the woodwork to have their little say about how “evil” the Quran is and how “good” the rest of the world’s religions are. It’s so much fun because it really shows the blatant ignorance that runs rampant amongst people like you who refuse to learn anything outside of your own prejudicial comfort zone.

      Have you even taken a moment to read the Bible in full son? I’m seriously doubting it but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here. So…have you? Specifically Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, etc.? If you had, I’m sure you’ve seen the anger, jealously, murder, rape, bigotry, incest, and copious amounts of burnt offerings being done BY GOD’S PEOPLE at GOD’S behest or by GOD himself. Now isn’t that just the funniest little thing? The Bible is just choke full of some of the most disgusting, vile and inhumane things AND they are told to scare non-believers into converting to Christianity.

      And you think the Quran holds the corner stone on bad things in a religious book? As my niece would say “PuuuuhLEASE” (with a lot of eye ball rolling and head shaking).

      I wrote this because I don’t like anything that incites violence. I know that his actions would incite it, so I write against it. I wrote about other things earlier that you didn’t take the time to read. Flag burning occurs even in the United States and in case you missed it, was done at a Tea Party rally last year. Granted they burned the Confederate Flag but why aren’t you screaming over it??? And how about the Tea Party Rally’s when the AMERICAN flag was hung upside down? Don’t know about you but that sounds like Flag desecration. Where were you? OH WAIT….you were AT those Tea Party Rally’s weren’t you? Didn’t see anything wrong with it because you had a statement to make and it’s your Constitutional right with freedom of expression and freedom of speech, right?

      Adithya, I have only one thing left to say. People of your caliber often indulge in ‘projecting’. It’s a Psychology term. It is a psychological defense mechanism where a person unconsciously denies their own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, to other people. Thus, it involves imagining or projecting that others have those feelings. Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.

      You know that you are the actual aggressive jerk in this scenario but your weak psyche just won’t allow you to admit to it. So you redeem yourself by arguing that Liberalism is a mental disorder and since I am a Liberal by your standards, I must be mental. See? Projection. You are the mentally unfit person in this case and yet you project it onto me. This could be a sign of Narcissism. You might want to talk to someone about that. 🙂

      Have a great day!!

  7. I cant think of any better way to put and show beauty of one human soul to another who just willing to shatter very fundamentals of humanity.i believe all humans regardless of ethnicity should condemn his act as it would bring destruction to many many innocent souls for several generations to come. We should condemn this act together as a single race we are all bound in the thread of human brotherhood then we are divided into ethnic groups. These kind of acts are against humanity should be treated with iron hands. We should learn from 9/11 incidence in a logical way and also try to understand root cause then try to resolve issues amicably not instead create environment conducive bringing more such kind 9/11 happening every now and then. I hope Allah bless his heart with light and guide him to better understanding and love for humanity.

    • Ghalib, thank you for that heartfelt and insightful comment! I agree, we are all one in the grand scheme of things. Brothers and Sisters who should look after one another, teach each other and forgive when one stumbles. I pray that he does not do this thing tomorrow. Please come back and comment again!

  8. This gave me chills, I am sure we are all praying that this doesn’t happen tomorrow, though I fear there are many (in America) that are praying it does.

    America is in a dark place right now.

    • I’ve heard that there is so much strife amongst people over the creation of Park 51. There is so much misinformation out there right now that I can only sigh and wonder when people will realize what is that they are doing and the affects it has on the rest of us or future generations. I’m also praying that this man is all bluff and does nothing….but the mere fact that he got this message out there speaks volumes to people who do not want to hear those of us dissenting against it.

  9. Wonderful letter. I don’t understand how he can’t see that there is no difference between himself and Bin Laden. Both religious extremists, interested in violent means and hurting all others, and giving a terrible name to the religions they claim to follow.

    • The sadness of it is….extremists never see themselves as such. They see themselves as people of God, doing God’s work, following God’s word. And there is just enough violence in the world’s religions that allow people like that to take it and twist it and make it fit to whatever or however they want to us it. Then they point to the Bible/Quran/Torah/Mahabharata and say “But LOOK! God WANTED us to do these things! He CONDONES it!”. Religion and spirituality are beautiful things but they become horrid tools in the hands of people like Terry Jones and Osama bin Laden.

      • I wouldn’t describe Jones as an extremist, I would describe him as a sociopath, only concerned with his own notoriety and not with the potential billions he will affect.

  10. Dear Gori,
    thanks for your action ! Hopefully, this
    ‘christian’ man will start to see what
    he’s going to incite by this act of pure self-righteousness. I pray that history will not
    be repeated.

    • Dear Gerta,
      Thanks so much for posting! Hopefully this poor misguided man will wake up and see the hypocrisy in what he is doing. A friend of a friend of mine wrote this the other day on her site. I hope he doesn’t mind me borrowing it, I can’t link to it as it’s a private page. What he said though just perfectly sums up everything that I feel about this whole situation:

      I love how he claims he is listening to and doing what god tells him to do. Hypocrite in oh, so many ways:

      #1) the Christian god and the Muslim god and the Jewish god are all the same entity/god/allah, for god/allah-sakes.

      #2) It’s OK for him to be an extremist in god’s name, especially when he is protesting other people doing extremist actions under their claims of god/allah talking to them.

      #3) Claiming that it is “god’s will” and/or “we are all sinners” and/or “god is telling me to do this” is all a bunch of denial to avoid any feelings of guilt associated with his BS actions.

      I hope you continue to come back and post comments Gerta! And I pray with you that history is not to be repeated in this particular case.


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