My Memory from 9/11/2001

I Remember

A friend of mine recently sent me a challenge to write and post my memories from 9/11, the experiences I had and the feelings that came with it all.  I had originally posted this last year and learned that many people didn’t like being reminded that we did not ALL stand together and look after one another.  They questioned me on why I wrote a piece depicting the negativity of American’s who were clearly in shock.  I responded back by saying that I didn’t chose what I wrote, I only wrote what was my experience was on that day.  Is it my fault that I was met with so much negativity and so little solidarity?  We are all human.  We all will make mistakes.

This then, is my memory from 9/11.

On the morning of 9/11, I was at work at an Allstate call center.  We took calls for Insurance Agents in their off hours.  At the time I did not have a personal cell phone.

And the floor managers wouldn’t let us call long distance to the east to check on family nor would they let us leave work even though we had family that might be there.

I remember frantically trying to find out if my Aunt was working in DC that morning.  I called my best friend at the time and asked him to call my family and check on their safety.  He couldn’t call me back because I called from the guard-house phone during a break.  I had to sneak back out again to call him 30 minutes later only to find out that all the phone lines were busy for east coast calling and that he would keep trying.

I spent the next four hours taking calls from people who’s car’s were parked near the Twin Towers or homes were in the blast range.  They were trying to call their insurance agents who were located IN the Twin Towers.  They were angry that their agents weren’t calling them back.  I had to finally tell one particular caller who would not stop yelling  “Look Lady, he may NEVER call you back, we aren’t confirmed if he made it out alive yet! So stop worrying about your deductible of $100 alright?”

We took approximately 10,000 calls that morning and many of those from people just like her.

People wonder why other Country’s or people of other nationalities think so little of us or hate us so much. But remembering the behavior of the people that day, it doesn’t surprise me where that comes from. I was so disgusted that day. Out of the 150 calls I took that day, only 5 were from people concerned about the welfare of their agent.  Two was a relative. My colleagues said the same thing. All anyone could think of was their car insurance or home insurance.

All I could think about were the people stuck in burning buildings, the people who died on three airplanes, the people responding to try to save other lives….my Aunt and whether she was in DC for work.

All my manager’s could think about was that we were taking so many calls and making so much money on each one…no need to let a handful of people (out of over 100) go home to check on their east coast family.

When my shift was over at 2pm, they had the audacity to ask me to work overtime as some people were not showing up on shift.  I refused and walked out.  What normally only took me 30 minutes to get home, that day took me 45.  I had to pull over twice to get my emotions under control and to stop shaking and crying.

When I finally made it home, I sat in front of the TV, phone in my lap, alternately crying and trying to call my family back home.  I finally reached them around 4pm to learn that my Aunt was fine but that my cousin, a firefighter attached to a New York City firehouse, was missing.

We later learned he would always be missing.

On this day, I want EVERYONE to remember the people (and animals) who died, the one’s left behind and the reason why all of this happened. I want people to open their eyes and look around them. I want people to ask “Are you ok?” irrespective to any belief, ideology, political affiliation, nationality, creed, color of skin or preference of mate.  If you want to say that I am being Liberal for wanting this things, then I agree with you.  I agree that I would rather have peace than fighting.  I agree that I would rather we all got along then to be constantly at each other’s throats.  I would rather all of those things happen and many more…..

What about you?

God be with us all.


7 thoughts on “My Memory from 9/11/2001

  1. **Edited for Content**

    Of the all the Semitic Religions that came out of the Middle East, Islam has the capability to be the cruelest as Islam is STILL Stoning to Death Women accused of Adultery as well as other arcane practices, while the other Semitic Religions have given up these practices.

    Hindus have stared into the Eyes of the Fundamentalist Extremists for the last 2000 years (Catholicism and Islam), and we have seen how evil they can be. Read-up on the Portuguese Inquisition in Goa, where the Portuguese Catholics inflicted unspeakable horrors upon the Hindus of Goa, for 400 long years. It makes Hitler look like an amateur school-boy.

    Hindus have witnessesed such Genocides of Hindu Populations by the Islamic Arabic invaders, over the last 1500 years, that would simply dwarf the Jewish Holocaust committed by Hitler.

    So, my opinion is that people need to STOP saying things like “There is bad in every religion, including in Islam”, or “Terrorists has no religion”, etc.

    Such an approach only further delays the much-needed Emancipation of the Souls that I believe are enslaved by Islam.

  2. Sorry to hear about your brave cousin. I remember after 9/11 in Mumbai, traffic was stopped for 2 minutes to pay ‘shraddanjali’ to the died ones. All the lights were turned red for 2 minutes.

  3. I remember being woken up by the news in my dorm room, all the girls crowding in the bathroom talking about how crazy this is, its gotta be an attack. I remember walking into an International Relations class at 2pm (my only class no cancelled that day) and my professor asked us what happened, he had a toddler at home and spent the morning watching PBS, he didn’t get the news until he was in the car. I remember the locals news report that Flight 93 had been taken down by a missile, as I was in school in central PA, about 100 miles from the crash but that was quickly scrubbed from American History because we needed heroes that day.. I remember people talking in the halls about how we should just nuke the Middle East and Afghanistan.

    Then I remember the next 4 years, the anti-war protests I attended, the tears I cried for killed soldiers and civilians, friends going to serve in Iraq, worried calls from their girlfriends, being called the enemy…

    I hate those 19 men for what they did to us. I lived my life for the first 20 years in a time of peace, we had political disagreements but no one was being sent to die. I agree with Aamba most of the divide in this nation can come down to that day. Its more evident now than ever.

  4. It has seemed to me that the whole “united we stand” thing was the beginning of the terrible divisions we have in America now.

    In order to “stand united” we had to have someone to be against, some outsider and that “other” has gotten closer and closer and closer so that now the only people we are standing united with are a small group of our immediate families.

    It was never true unity, it was some kind of strange hateful unity and I was wary of it the moment I saw it.

  5. I’ve spent the past nine years seeking answers regarding how and why 9/11 happened. I’ll never stop trying to find answers for my questions, but to be honest, the urgency lessens with every anniversary. Now, all I can do is remember the day and what life was like before…what life is like now.

    I remember the big news nine years ago focused on Gary Condit. Connie Chung landed an exclusive “no holds barred” interview with the beleaguered lawmaker. We crowded around our TV sets on an Indian Summer evening all those years ago, like some Fireside Chat for the New Millenium. Connie asked the questions and we watched and listened intently for his responses. Condit categorically denied having ANY knowledge of Chandra Levy’s where abouts. He knew NOTHING about the missing intern. Did we believe him?

    And really, did it matter??? This was good stuff–salaciously delicious. It had been years since the Clinton/Lewinksy debacle; we wanted more. WE NEEDED MORE and we couldn’t wait until the next juicy
    COndit interview.

    But that never happened. Our focus shifted.

    The next morning, 19 religious zealots in four hijacked Boeing 757’s made sure of that.


    • I reviewed this Adithya and thank you very much for the link! It’s informative without being ugly while giving information that many would not know and would consider disparaging to the Islamic faith if 100% true.

      I’ll comment more on this and your other comment once I’ve had time to read the Qur’an for myself. I know longer feel comfortable discussing the topic until and unless I’ve read it and can at least understand it for myself rather than what I only learn from others!

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