Coming soon….



That’s right!  I’ve been spending the time away getting a surprise blog ready for you and let me just say right now….it’s been like pulling TEETH!  LOL

But you won’t have long to wait as I am hoping to post it by the early part of next week!


3 thoughts on “Coming soon….

  1. So, The Cow Collage is ready, eh?

    No, seriously, your posts are always fun, vibrant, variously flavoured but always possessing that sweet cheerfulness, innocence and hope that makes me read them again.
    You have had an incredible journey and am very happy and proud that you have fallen in love with Indian culture and have decided to live (at least give a decent try!) to live in my Country and my State (can’t say my City, though, I am a Mumbaikar, you Punekar!)
    I hope though that you may not have a need to leave this Country and wish that all things fall into place well so that you may stay here a little more.

    So, in the end, I want to say, this Knight is waiting anxiously for his Ladyship’s next kind words!

    Now, blog, already!

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