Cow Collage aka Not the Surprise Blog but still fun!

I don’t really know what started my fascination/obsession with Cows.  I’m not overwhelmingly fond of them.  They aren’t my favorite animal.  I like them, don’t get me wrong.  I think they are cute and cuddly with those big brown eyes and goofy looks when eating.  But otherwise, I just don’t know how it started.

Except that I am bull-headed and ever since the first time that I saw an Indian Cow, felt it looked like a Cow, cried out Cow and then heard someone say Buffalo….well…’s just become a THING now.  It’s totally and completely childish and I KNOW this but it just freaking makes me giggle to no end when I demand that it is a Cow and make the other person absolutely nuts trying to convince me it’s not.  😀

As most of you know by now…when I see anything resembling a Cow I cry out “Cow” as loudly as I can and either point (if I’m on the back of the bike) or run towards it smiling and reaching for my ever-present pocket camera.  Usually I am also either blithely ignoring a rebuttal of “That is NOT a cow it is a BUFFALO!”.  If I’m unable to ignore such a silly rebuttal I just shake my head sadly at the poor person attempting to correct what is so obviously the truth and say “COW” again…and again…and again, as needed.

I am like the wash, rinse and repeat girl of Cow to Buffalo.  A perfect example of this would be a conversation Bear and I had this weekend while driving to a local shop.  There had been a whole herd of goats walking down the middle of the road that we had just gone through (one of these days instead of yelling Goat I’m going to say something like SHEEP and see what Bear’s reaction is…most likely he’ll ignore me or just plow right on with his ‘correction’ of “Goat!”).  Anyway, right after that was an even HUGER (if at all possible) herd of COWS.  We both wear helmet’s and with all the construction in that area most of our conversations are a combination of yelled statements and “WHAT????”

Recent conversation from Bear’s bike….

Me:  Look Bear!  A whole BUNCH of Cows!

Bear (shaking helmeted head):  BUFF AH LOW!

Me:  Nope!  Those were COWS!


Me:  COW


Me:  COW


A few seconds pause…..a few more…..

Me:  COOOWWWwwwww!  hehehehhehehheh (insert evil little girl laugh here).

My poor husband.

I also annoy my good friend and fellow Gori blogger Sharell (White Indian Housewife) with such meanderings.  Sharell enjoy’s it greatly and takes a very enthusiastic approach at trying to use logic, trickery and intellect into tripping me up and getting me to say Buffalo with regards to what is OBVIOUSLY a Cow.  Good Luck Sharell.  😀  Muahahha.

After reading Jayesh’s comment about a Cow Collage, it reminded me of something that I sent to Sharell some time ago and made me giggle all over again.  I thought perhaps the rest of you might enjoy it while waiting for me spew out the new *Surprise* Blog.  At the end of this I will give you a hint that might help explain the wait.  Or not.  hehe

Without further ado… is my way of explaining to Sharell why all Cows here in India are Cows to me and not BUFF AH LOW.

And here are some photo’s that I’ve recently taken of Cows.  Both here in India and back home in the states.

American Cows

Hungry American Cows

And now for the Indian Cow’s turn….

Indian Cows on the wrong side of the Road

'nother Indian Cow on the wrong side of the road 😉

PS:  I will NOT be the Author of the Surprise Blog!  😉  Hence, I am at the mercy of someone else in getting that posted!  But I promise it’s well worth the wait!


36 thoughts on “Cow Collage aka Not the Surprise Blog but still fun!

  1. Breaking News!

    Gori Rajkumari caught red-handend by Indian Buffalow supporter and vigilant blogger Sharell, The White Indian Housewife, while manipulating an image, of a ‘ Wild Indian buffalow’ and trying to falsely label it as an ‘American Cow,’ on her blog.

    Her Ladyship was not available for further comments, but has been learned from our contacts to deny the allegations.

    Meanwhile, congratulations and much praise are to be accorded to Sharell, for so bravely revealing the dastardly act of fraud by Her Ladyship, Gori Rajkumari.

    It is hoped that Her Ladyship accepts defeat and begins using the proper nomenclature for the Indian Buffalows and not club them with the Indian Cow, said the spokesperson of Indian Buffalow Association.

    (Hee! Hee! Hee!)

  2. @ Gori Rajkumari – What animal rights are you talking about ? Visit the PETA ( people for ethical treatment of animals ) website and you would come to know how animals are brutally tortured in western countries . The only difference is that in developing countries like India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Sri Lanka etc animal slaughter takes place in public while in western countries ( UK , USA , Canada , Australia ) it takes place behind closed doors concealed from the general public . Do I need to remind you the horrific conditions of battery hens in USA ? Even the so called dairy farms in USA , Europe , Australia , New Zealand mean endless sufferings for the poor dairy cows . In India cows are milked by hand whereas in USA they are milked by milking machines . Scientific research has proved that machine milking is more painful than manual milking .Also in USA many dairy cows end up in slaughter houses once their milk dries up – height of selfishness ! At least we Indians ( devout Hindus ) don’t slaughter our cows and let them roam around freely .

    • Absolutely correct!!!! There are problems with animal abuse the world over….it’s a human condition not a cultural or religious one. I think what I was trying to point out is that not all meat eaters are abuser’s of animals any more than all animal lovers treat animals ethically. It’s a matter of perspective and an intensely person decision for someone as to whether they are vegan or not.

      As far as the treatment of animals for consumption in the US is concerned, that was a very large problem for quite sometime, however America is also making strides to make things more humane for the animal that is bred and raised for consumption. It’s kept behind closed doors for no other reason that the USDA requires it for hygiene and cleanliness.

  3. @ Jubeee , Gori Rajkumari – Even if you are not convinced with my above arguments I strongly recommend that you shun beef because of health and environmental reasons . Beef is a major cause of bowel cancer in the Western world . Beef contains heterocyclic amines which are carcinogenic in nature . Also beef farms are a major source of methane emissions in western countries . It takes 16 kg of animal feed to produce one kg of beef – an enormous wastage of plant matter ! One hectare of arable land can produce 10000 kgs of potatoes but only 83 kg of beef ! So please stop eating beef and let people of third world countries get their share of food grains .

    • For myself personally, I can no longer eat red meat due to health concerns. I quit eating any kind of meat three years ago but those same health concerns force me to still eat chicken and fish (doctor recommended actually….and by a Doctor here in India).

      This argument is a much better one if you were trying to convince a person from the West to no longer eat red meat. As long as you understand that they have the right to their own beliefs and actions and if those are different from your own, it does not mean that they are wrong…..just wrong for you personally. 🙂

  4. @ Gori Rajkumari – Majority of the Hindus ( including me ) are against any form of animal sacrifice . How can one please God by killing animals ( also one of God’s creations )??? People who sacrifice animals do not realise one thing – the blood , flesh of animals does not reach God . Only the piety ( sincerity , truthfulness ) of one’s actions reaches God ) !

  5. @ Jubeee , Rajkumari – There are different schools of thought in Hinduism such as Vaishanavism ( worshippers of lord Vishnu ) , Shaivism ( worshippers of lord Shiva ) , Brahmakumaris ( worshippers of Brahma the creator ) etc. I was born in a Hindu , Brahmin family where eating eggs , meat , fish etc. is discouraged . My grand mother even refrains from eating onion and garlic ! We have a vegetarian kitchen in our house .

    Now coming to the reason why one should refrain from eating beef – The cow has proved to be a very useful animal in traditional Indian lifestyle, this respect has led to abstaining from killing cows for food. It is ungrateful to kill an animal ( cow ) whose milk and labour provides nourishment , livelihood to the entire mankind .

    The slaughter of cows is an extremely provocative issue for Hindus. The vast majority of beef consumed in India is by Muslims and Christians. It makes my blood boil when I hear that members of the minority community in India eat beef . It is wrong to eat an animal that is so useful .

  6. @ Jubeee, Gori Rajkumari – Please don’t get offended by my comment . It was not my intention to hurt or offend any one of you .

    • No offense taken on my side….but it’s important to remember that there are always two sides to the coin and neither one is more important or more ‘right’. 🙂

    • Hi Shaunak!

      Thanks so much for coming, reading the blog and leaving a comment.

      This one I had to respond to myself because it’s something that I get quite a lot as a Christian raised American living in India by Hindu standards.

      First, you must understand that each religion and culture has differences. One is that in the West, the Cow is not seen as a holy vassal. However, because Christianity is ‘related’ to Judaism, Americans are familiar with not eating Pork and in some Christian families that is adopted. It’s because the Pig is seen as an unclean animal. Same with Lobsters, being that they are the ‘cockroach’ of the sea. In my family, we ate both.

      Secondly, it always rankles me a little bit when I hear a Hindu sounding or see a Hindu acting, high and mighty with a Westerner who eats Beef. I always wonder how on earth these type of people can act so when they hobble their Holy Cow so that it cannot run, that they allow it to wander streets in danger of being hit by cars or motorcycles, they allow the Cow to feed off garbage, that they tie it to posts and trees which very often leave little shade and no room for moving about or lying down. If I were God, I would be pretty darn PO’ed over these issues.

      Yes, in the West they may eat Beef, but their Cows (both Milk Cows and Beef Cows) roam freely on large tracts of land with plenty of green, clean and healthy grass to eat. They feed animals hay and grains. They provide cover by growing forested areas and having barns to bring animals into, we provide them medical care. I’m wondering, how often is any of this done for the Holy Cow in India? Yes, the West may choose to eat them….but they also seem to show the animal more respect.

      And….let’s not forget that Hindu’s are not altruistic. They still have sacrifices to the God’s where the slaughter of innocent animals is done wholesale.

      I hope to see you comment again, Shaunak. Take care!

      • “I hope to see you comment again, Shaunak. Take care!”

        You will eat these words one day, I guarantee it! 😛

        Jubeee, this is guy is actually another incarnation “G” from MDG’s blog in case you didn’t know.

        Let’s see how long it takes him to start talking about how much he loves Russians, and how much he doesn’t like me!! 😉

        As for that darn cow/buffalo picture… it’s still got the same error in it. I told you that black one on the top left is a damn buffalo!! ahahaha. Too funny.

      • THAT is why I leave on the magical “Owner must moderate” button for all new comments!! 😉 So I can weed out the ones that are derogatory, nasty or just plain don’t add a fig to the blog itself. I’m such a naughty sensoress. I just made up a new word….Sensor-ess. I LOVE IT! 😉

        PS: That is too a cow. It’s a black cow with really long horns just like the Texas Long Horn. Please play again! hehehe
        PSS: Bear was impressed that I got you to curse. 😀 hahahahehehehhe

      • Hmmmmm……I DO seem to remember SOMETHING about that…….

        But Sharell….your picture is OBVIOUSLY not MY picture because in MY picture the horns are to the riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Perhaps your picture title has been photomanipulated in some horrendous and devious fashion??????

        Just saying….

        🙂 Muahahhahahahahahhahhahaha

        PS: [censored bleep] hahahahahahahahahaha

    • K

      No fair using facts with pictures. However, since you aren’t saying that the ones I think of as Cows are actually Buffalo….I will grudgingly agree with you that most likely the term “Buffalo” for our American version is most likely a misnomer. 😉

      The rest are still Cows. hahahahaha

      Thanks for the comment K and look forward to hearing from you again!

      • > No fair using facts with
        > pictures.
        Sorry, I didn’t understand this.

        > The rest are still Cows.
        > hahahahaha
        I am not sure :-). The one above the American Bison in the second image looks more like the buffalo in India, even though its “hornspan” (!) is similar to the cow on the right.

        And the ones in the penultimate image, the ones that are being herded by the woman with the stick and being avoided by the two guys on the right, they are buffaloes 🙂

        More pictures for you

  7. Oh, come on, Jubee!

    The last one grinning in your face is an Indian Water Buffalow!

    What’s with the female population of the United States of America these days?
    Can’t they identify a simple buffalow?

    Its BLACK!
    Cows are WHITE!

    A simple difference of opposite, contrasting colours!
    One is black the other’s white!

    NOT as confusing as same coloured American cows and buffalows!

    Very simple to identify!


    (:-D 😀 :-D)

  8. You forgot to add “wild look in the eyes” for staying in the water and under the Sun, for too long!

    Ah, what can I say, your Ladyship!
    It won’t be fair to criticise you for I suffer from a similar affliction concerning the American bovine population! 😉
    They all look like buffalows and bisons to me!
    Not one looks like a cow!

    Like I told you, it seems to me like we are two kindred siblings, and not just in relation to our views about cattle but our likes in literature, our sense of humour, our writing approach (but yours is far superior grammatically and richer in word quality and though I start with a similar intention, I struggle due to lack of vocabulary! – try to read my comments from Sharell’s blog, alongwith her blog, of course 😉 ) similar attitude and approach to life, that it makes me wonder!
    Only because I haven’t found many (or almost none at all) with similarity in more than one or two things.

    And boy, do I love chocolates but also spicy food!

    I have to read all your blogs, though!
    Covered about 90%!

    P. S.:- Say hello to Bear dada! Waiting for his blog!

    • 1st one = Cow, 2nd one = Cow, 3rd, 4th and 5th ones are all Cows, 6th one = Definitely a Cow….just with longer horns and been in the sun longer hence the darker fur/skin. 😀

      PS: Bear is laughing and saying “Jayesh must be shaking the head in frustration” and I said “Yep” and then he said “Nice to know I’m not the only one”. hehehe

  9. “It is not about who is right or wrong here….”

    Well, you started it Lady….

    Here it comes!



    Just an Indian wobbling his head vigorously in agreement!

    I grew up in a Hindu neighbourhood, went to a Catholic Convent School, (have even attended a few Church Services) which had predominantly Muslim students, because of the locality.
    One of my close friends is a Jain, another friend is a Jew, with whose mother I share a birthday and which we try to celebrate together, every year!

    So, I understand about where you grew up in and how much you are willing to be tolerant of!
    We have had our differences but nothing that couldn’t be sorted out by a healthy discussion and a game of cricket!
    Pity, I have lost contact with them, over these past few years!
    A few are studying outside India and few have moved to greener (= South Mumbai) pastures!

    But that does not mean that I am giving in to accept that the U. S. A. has got cows till a certain Princess accepts that there are buffaloes in India!


    P. S.:- So what happened with Bear dada and your mom?
    How did she react when she heard about the ‘Holy Cow!’ scenario?
    How do people in America react when they first hear about the ‘No Beef’ thing about Hindus? I am curious!
    Please tell me!

    • I learned about hindus being vegetarians and held cows up as very holy when I was a freshman in high school. I knew nothing of India so I don’t think I was shocked or anything.

  10. You may eat ’em, Ms. Jubeee, but we milk ’em and more importantly, worship them. (Though, they are left orphaned in cities at their old ages, which is why ashrams are being built by some N. G. Os.)

    Personally, can’t imagine eating a cow, myself but the point being these cows look too much like Indian buffaloes.

    Well, Arora Aunty (face it, you are one of the ‘Aunties’ now to tiny-tots! :-D) has named the second to last pic as cows, but those are actually buffaloes. Indian buffaloes are black and rarely an Indian cow is black.
    Haven’t seen a black Indian cow,yet!

    So, my disbelief at those black cows!
    (Which are buffaloes, by the way! 😉 )

    • Nope, them are Cows. 😀

      I think that was the most interesting thing for my Mom when she found out that a traditional Hindu will not eat Beef (Meat). She kept asking “But whyyyyyyy? Have they never had Filet Mignon? Sirloin? Pot Roast!????” She was just so indignant that my hubby had never had what we grew up eating next to daily (Beef, not those mentioned previously…those were too expensive growing up and we got them maybe once a month).

      And there is the point. India views Cows as Holy and therefore do not eat them. America has no such views due to Christianity. But within both religions (and Judaism and Islam) there are people who do not eat Pork as the Pig is considered a ‘dirty’ animal. It’s not about who is right and who is wrong here, it’s just about where you were born, what you were raised with and what your willing to be tolerant of. 🙂

  11. I don’t believe you!
    They LOOK like BUFFALOWS to me!


    All Indian cattle look like cows to you and all American cattle look like buffalows to me!

    If this be a Bollywood movie, we had be looking with misty eyes at each other, struck by an epiphanys and screaming, “Bhaiyya!” and “Didi!”
    Long lost siblings! (Though technically you might have a decade and a half over me!)

    Ah! Is it Bear Dada finally getting a chance to present his side of the story?
    Guess I will get know soon enough! 🙂

    I have seen those horns displayed as trophies in movies.
    Didn’t know that they came from a cow…. er I mean a buffalow!

    Waiting for your next post, Your Ladyship!

    Bring ’em quick, pardner!
    Heeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaawwwwww!

  12. WOW!
    A blog that I partly inspired!
    And even has my name!

    What are you arm-twisting Sharell into doing?

    I smell a controversy here!

    Now, I know why you are confused!

    If the above pics are a representative of the bovine population in the Continental America, then,
    There are only BUFFALOES and BISONS!

    How can you not have COWS there?
    How can you have lived in a land that is soooooooooo deficient in COWS?

    Lady, here we have the REAL COWS!

    P. S.:- Though this doesn’t concern the topic, let me tell that cows in India
    are more long than broad and have curved, more vertical horns.
    The buffalow is more broad and has more straight and horizontal horns.

    SORRY for going off topic here! 😉

    • Nope, them was all Cows. Especially the brown and white one with the really long horns. THAT is a Texas Long horn ‘cuz in Texas they do EVERYTHING bigger! 😛 hehehehe

      And nope nope, Sharell is not the Surprise Author!!! 🙂

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