Surprise Blog Update…’s been Delayed.

I’ll bet you’re thinking right now “Well DUUUHHHHH”.

I’m also thinking the same thing.  I’m glad we are on the same page.

Here’s what happened,

Bear and I had to make a run to the FRO’s office yesterday to see if my extension Visa is back yet (it wasn’t… Well DUUHHH).

They changed the rules about bags inside the FRO’s office and didn’t inform anyone, didn’t post it on their website and didn’t provide a safe place for you to stow your gear (Typical)

We ride a Motorcycle, so guess what we carry important documents in?  A Bookbag!  Cause of the rain, and thieves, and potholes it’s just easier to hold to the important stuff that way (Welll DUUUUUHHH).

Guess who had to go in and check on the Visa status without her husband because he had to stay outside the gates with her Bookbag?  ( You:  “Uhm Gorirajkumari?”  Me:  “Well DUUUH” )

Guess who got a headache from people not understanding her English and being sent pillar to post until she finally just went to the man who took her application a month ago?  (Insert DUUUH statement here)

And so, I spent yesterday either on the back of Bear’s bike, in the FRO’s office, or at home with a raging headache.  Also, because of that little jaunt Bear had to work later last night to make up for the time he missed in the morning.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, all this means that the Surprise Blog has been delayed.  I would say that I will have it all pretty and ready for you and posted in the next few days but how about I PROMISE to have it posted on Monday morning come Monsoon rain or hot India shine???


And finally….for all you curios people… is another hint.

What Blog? Me sleeping! See? Zzzzzsnortzzzzsnore


10 thoughts on “Surprise Blog Update…’s been Delayed.

  1. There are various places that offer “Kerala Ayurvedic Massage” treatments, for backaches, arthritis, etc. Check them out in your city, as an alternative to Chiropracters.

    Plus, there are bound to be actual Chiropracters in your city also, if that’s what you prefer.

  2. “Everything’s okay right NOW.”


    Truncated un-G. R. – like response.

    Which tends to indicate it was not en passe recent, oui?

    Waiting to hear about it! (Hope its bloggable!)
    Hmmmm…. got two extremely busy days…..
    Will try to read and comment!

    Hope your curiosity has resulted, in the end, in the better good of our bovine-kind!

    Cheers, Vahini!
    Everything will be rosy again very soon!

  3. Monday’s long gone, Lady!

    Where’s the update?

    Its O. K.!
    You will get chocolate next week!
    You can binge on them! 😉

    Waisey, just out of curiosity….

    How does a princess denied of her chocolate look like?
    How angry is she?
    Does she remember the taste of chocolate, now and again?

    Just curious….

    (Hee! Hee! Hee!)

  4. Ooooooops!

    Looks like a certain princess might have to forgo chocolate for an entire week!


    Wish I could help her!
    I think I might be able to by telling her EVERYDAY about what she’s missing…. 😀

    P. S.:- I hope all’s well and nothing’s the problem. 😦


  5. Eating too much Motrin (Ibuprofen) itself will cause increased acidity due to decreased protective prostaglandins in the gastric mucosa.

    So eat after meals!

    My prescription:-

    Prophylaxis (only on days you suspect):- Flunarin 10 mg.

    When you have a migraine:- Vasograin. (That will cut back on your symptoms) Another option when ‘under attack’ is Vasoprin – its a lot different than Vasograin, ‘prin is a nitrate while ‘grain is an ergot.

    As for your car accident, hey SORRY to hear about it. 😦

    What alternatives are you trying?
    Basic yoga?
    Or pain medications?
    Chiropractric is taught somewhat in our Orthopaedics posting but it seems as a vague science.
    Either that or haven’t been taught properly, as almost no one in India knows about it.
    There have been only three branches of alternative medicine in India:-
    Homeopathy and
    with Reiki being the newest entry.

    In fact, in Primary Health Centres, the Medical Officers can be any of the AYUSH or Allopathy:-

    Their bachelor degrees are M. B. B. S. (Allopathy)
    B. U. M. S. (Unani),
    B. A. M. S. (Ayurveda).

    Please ask for any India-medicine related doubts!
    I will try to clear them!

  6. Your headaches might be caused by stomach-acidity, which is exacerbated by insufficient intake of drinking water (partial dehydration).

    The trick is to drink sufficient water every 2 hours or so, (maybe even a little excess water), so that the stomach-acids stay diluted at all times. Make sure, you carry a drinking-water in your backpack.

    Don’t skip meals, or else the stomach-acids begin acting up on the empty stomach, and the headaches come on.

    Wear sunglasses while being outside in the sun.

    Once you feel a headache coming on, it’s probably a little late already. But still, pop a Motrin tablet, and drink lotsa water.
    I sometimes even pop a couple of preventive Motrin in the mornings, when I know that the day ahead consists of lotsa running around in the hot sun.

    For many decades, I used to suffer terribly from such headaches, ( as you may have figured out 🙂 ), before I figured out the cure.

    • PM, thanks and welcome to the blog!!!

      THAT was definitely something I hadn’t thought of before! We usually take a water bottle along for me since I still do not drink water outside but that day my water bottle was in the bag outside with Bear and so I essentially forgot about it and didn’t drink water until we got home. Bad Bad Bad!

      I suffered Migraines for years and wore glasses (thick ones). I had Lasik done about five years ago and since then my migraines have gone down considerably. Due to the surgery, I HAVE to wear sunglasses because the light bothers my eyes….so that’s not the problem either.

      I think part of the problem with my headaches is the water intake is less (great point!!!!) and that I haven’t seen a chiropractor in over a year. I was in a really bad car accident about four years ago and ever since I’ve had to go for deep tissue massage and realignment at least twice a year to keep the pain from hitting. Here that’s a no go, there is very little to no Chiropractor’s here in India as of yet. So we are doing alternative methods to try and keep it from becoming to bad. Right now it’s working, but I have noticed an increase in my headaches/migraines. I still have some of my Excedrin Migraine medicine left so I pop one of those if I smell oranges (my migraine tell) otherwise, I take ibuprofen or motrin as soon as one comes on if I can.

      Thank you SO MUCH for the advice! It’s so much appreciated! Hope you have a headache free day!

  7. I wonder if that’s what Bear does when you start demanding chocolate at 3 a. m. in the morning? 😀

    Interesting to note that ‘Duhh’ sounds very similar to Marathi ‘Dha’ which means retarted or one with a ‘slow’ brain, a moron, then, have you!
    Something that every brother gets as a nickname (alongwith a smack on the head) by his annoying sister.

    It goes something like this:-

    Brother: Hey, where did the chocolate I had brought and kept in the fridge yesterday go?

    (Sister giving a sharp smack on the brother’s head.)

    Sister: Dha! Where else will it have gone?

    One thing (there’s a whole list, actually!) about the Indian bureaucracy that I am beginning to hate is the number of compeletly worthless obstacles they put to delay Princesses like our Gori Rajkumari to make India their long time residence!
    It prevents them from blogging! 😦

    So my second attempt is true, eh?
    Its Bear dada (dada = Elder brother) that’s going to write a piece here!

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