Down but not totally out….


I fell on uneven steps Saturday night and at the moment my right foot resembles the above picture and my left leg has that around my calf and ankle.


Nothing was broken but plenty was pulled, twisted, bruised and sprained.  (Word press is yelling that I am using two instances of passive voice here and I DON’T CARE).


Needless to say, we are going to be out of posting commission for a few more days.  I’m able to sit up but sitting in the computer chair for long starts the throbbing and the aching.


But never fear, Bear is finishing up his Blog every day after work (and after tending to me after work) and he hopes to have it finished by this weekend.


So, until I can stand to sit here for too long, you guys take care and know that I am allowing my brain to come up with numerous little things to write about in the mean time!




19 thoughts on “Down but not totally out….

  1. Odd this post is totaly unrelated to what I was looking google for, however it was listed around the very first web page. I guess your performing something correct if Google likes you enough to put you on the very first web page of a non associated search.

  2. The last time you had a ‘drama’ in your complex….

    Well I hope the one you have had the ‘drama’ with survived in one piece….
    (Or not!)

    Waiting for it eagerly!

  3. How is my Punekar Vahini?

    Such a long time!

    How are those sexy legs of yours that Bear dada went gaga?

    How’s my Kaka? (Your own Baba – Not Bear’s!)

    (Enough with the monosyllables, already!)

    Get Well Soon!

    • Hiya Jayesh! I’m doing much better and am hoping to post a blog tomorrow! I worked on it today but got distracted with some ‘drama’ here in our complex. I will fill you all in so you can enjoy it like I did. YAY! LOL

  4. Hmmmm…. Bhangra, eh?
    With the turban, beard and the lungi I hope! 🙂

    Always my pleasure to cheer you up, Lady!

    I am a med student, have seen too many lonely moribunds, so, wanted to post everyday to cheer you up, but couldn’t get time! 😦
    Knew you were reading the comments, though not comfortable to type anything substantial!

    I am happy you are on the mend. 🙂
    And waiting for your old perky, pesty self in action.
    (Hope you have thought of a few evil plans to take over the World!)

    Take Care.

  5. How are you feeling today, Lady?

    I know that you can’t sit for long in front of a comp., but I am happy that you are at least reading our comments! 🙂

    I am waiting for Bear’s
    Blog and hope he is completing it quickly.

    As for you, bring forth those nasty, twisted thoughts cooking in your idle brain!
    We shall make it more nastier!

    Get Well Soon, Lady!

    • Hi Jayesh! I’m feeling much better now….but it was a bit tough. I was REALLY looking forward to dancing bhangra this past weekend so it was a total bummer that I was very restricted in my activities. BLECK!

      But things are mending quickly now and I’m feeling a bit ‘perkier’ so hopefully I can start filling you all in soon!

      PS: Thank you SO MUCH for the near daily pick-me-up comments! They were something to look forward to each day even if all I could do/felt like doing was accepting them! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Omar! I am feeling better and hope to post a new blog tomorrow! Take care and keep coming back!

  6. Yikes !

    You seem to be having quite a run of tough-luck .

    When you are feeling a little better, try a visit to a local temple, the Chatuhshrungi temple.

    Life’s little kinks seem to miraculously straighten themselves out, when I visit this temple.

    The temple is atop a small hill, so there will be some steps to be climbed 🙂

  7. Hey, Vahini,


    May This Dasara,

    Light Up For You,

    The Hopes Of Happy Times

    And Dreams For A Year Full Of Smiles.

    Soniyachi Paane aani Soniyachi Mane,
    Soneri Shabdane Sajvuya Gaane,
    Varshabhar Tumhala Soneri Sukhe Milavi,
    Sonpavlani LAKSHMI Ghari Yaavi.

    [Leaves of Gold and Minds as rich as Gold,
    Let us ‘decorate’ The Song (of Life) with Golden Words,
    Hope you get Golden Peace and Happiness,
    Hope with Her Golden Steps, Goddess Lakshmi enters your home.]

    If you haven’t got the hint, buying gold is considered Shubh today. 😉

    And we give ‘Leaves of Gold’ to each other on this day.
    The Leaves of the ‘Apta’ tree are exchanged today, symbolic of actual Gold.
    Ask Bear Dada as to the stories linked to the Tree of Apta and Pandavas and Dasara.

    Here’s from me to you:-

    Hope Aai Tuljabhavani gives you enough Strength, Patience and Courage for you to overcome all obstacles and be Successful and Satisfied in all your Endeavours.


  8. I am very, very curious to know about Bear’s blog…

    I adoreee your blog, even though you don’t post too much (neither do I these days)…

    Hope you get well soon 🙂

  9. Ah! Your Highness! You seem to have missed a whole uneven flight rather than just a single ‘step’ of stairs!

    SORRY to hear about your injury.

    You, my dear ‘Cow-girl’ seem to be hounded by ill luck!

    I think you REALLY need to secure that Intra Venous chocolate line!

    you can ask Aai to ‘remove’ the ‘evil’ eye.

    DO NOT tell me that is superstition as I think of it as that, too but I have seen it work, almost miraculously from the next moment when many other rational approaches have failed over the course of many months!
    I don’t believe it but nor do I ignore it; just consider it as another Indian thing, that works in India!
    Atleast worth a try! 🙂

    Anyway, take care of your leg, don’t try to make much movement with the ankle joint as to give rest to the ligaments there.
    And no sleepwalking, Lady!

    That leg might go ‘bump’ in the night and Aurora will ‘scream’ during the day….

    And pop in those painkillers, as sparingly as possible but don’t kill yourself with the pain, too.

    Hope to see you hale and harty soon enough!

    Gonna miss your chirpy-, bubbly- self, Lady!

    Get Well Soon!

  10. I think that it is time that you do a post about disabled beggars in India.
    Flashback: — “Slumdog Millionaire” — (but not the movie, the book “Q and A,” was better).
    Lose your pride… … gain your income… … just sayin’

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