Maybe not Freshly Pressed but I definitely Came Clean!

Recently I was contacted by Sowmya Rajaram at Sunday Mid Day about a piece she was working on regarding Intercultural Relationship Blogs where one half of the couple is Indian.

She wanted to interview ME for her piece!

I mean….WOW.

I mean….GASP.

I mean….Cool BEANS dude!

As well as ……

And then reality hit and I realized that the only way I could do the interview was if I did it as Gori Rajkumari.

Bear and I are happy with our relationship and we are very forthcoming about everything that we experience.  We want to share what we go through so other’s can learn from it without feeling alone and scared about consequences.

Essentially, we wanted to give other’s a chance to view this life in a way we couldn’t view when we started off dating.

And I think we’ve done well at it.  Sharing and getting the word out that it’s not all Roses but it’s also not all Thorns.

BUT….the thorns that we do experience are generally related to people or experiences outside of Bear and myself.  And to save THOSE people and still be able to express our thoughts on these things we’ve decided to keep the blog anonymous.

Or as close to it as we can get.

So, I wrote back to Sowmya and explained that I would love to be interviewed but that I must ask that no real names or pictures be used for her piece.  And she responded in the positive!!

And so it was that Gori Rajkumari and her Rajkumar have made it to the big league.  Kind of.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Maybe not Freshly Pressed but I definitely Came Clean!

  1. Oh yeah, I rather interview through writing too! Gives so much more time to think about what you’re conveying. I also continued to keep myself and MIM anonymous, and wouldn’t include a photo of MIM and she was ok with that too. At first I thought this would “disqualify” us! 🙂

    • I didn’t get mailed a list! She called me and I did the interview over the phone. I was so flabbergasted that I was being interviewed that I didn’t remember any of the questions afterward. Also, I had housework to finish. lol

      If you like, I can go through and answer the questions that you posted on your site? Hmmm….that’s a good idea actually. I think I’ll do that tomorrow and post it as a blog. 😉

      • Phone interviews are way harder – I just blabber on and on inarticulately when someone asks me questions on the phone.

        Looking forward to you posting your answers to the questions I got!

      • LOL! That’s exactly what I did! At one point I even stopped and said “What was my point anyway???” and she just laughed. I’ll work on those and get them up!

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