The Gori Rajkumari will return tomorrow with plenty of updates.

Today, she is exhausted from taking care of three badmash pooches.

She needs some sleep.








13 thoughts on “Exhaustified

  1. Its a new blog that I discovered by chance.

    She (Kayla) is married to Jayesh Parmar.
    Their blog’s titled ‘JnK Parmar’ I think….

    So, to prevent confusion, I decided to change my name and added the first letter of my surname, which being G*****. (You know it, already, from my other posts – Indirectly!)

    After all, they are part of the Inter-Cultural Relationships now and will be under discussion in other blogs.

    She’s from the U. S. of A., too. 🙂

    Waiting for the Obamas…. again! 😉

  2. Can you blog about the Obamas’s visit to India?
    Something about the economic situation is in the U. S. of A., as you have had gone through it, too.
    Your perspective as an American-Indian would be very informative.

    P. S.:- And don’t let the Badmash Company come in between the baby-making process! 😉

    • I will, this is a really good idea. Unfortunately, all that happened in the midst of my puppy issues with Pima and the Owners society. I’ll ponder it and read about it and post about it later this week. 🙂

  3. Ah!

    So it has happened! 😦

    Can’t say I wasn’t expecting it….

    Guess it was bound to happen some day….

    This is what happens when a Maharashtrian kid, born with a common Gujrati name, is a regular visitor on Intercultural Blogs, and uses his name:-

    Some other ‘Jayesh’ gets lucky and his Special Someone starts a Blog and this time, they AREN’T protecting their privacy!

    So, from now onwards, I will be known as JAYESH-G.

    Any addition of any alphabet in case of other lucky ‘Jayeshes’ arriving on the scene, will be dutifully informed.

    Ah! Sigh!
    Time to go and break the news to Sharell.

  4. No lunch?
    I went back without getting a treat on Halloween, too! 😦

    Have you seen the small tutorial I had started Sharell on ‘maidspeak’ in Marathi?
    So you are managing the entire housework plus 3 hungry, excited puppies at your home plus 4 outside plus two whole dogs plus one Bear plus a blog?

    Is that trained Bear of any use? 😛

    (Just Kidding, Bear dada! Calm down! There Look! That pup’s climbed that shelf, will fall down! *Runs* )

    I think I will cut you some slack, then!
    Here are some chocolates:-


    Now, answer my question about my three lunches!

  5. Chocolates!

    Where’s my lunch?

    There’s a new blog at Sharell’s with a topic that will interest you.
    And I think you need to comment as someone has dragged YOUR name into the discussion.

    • Chocolate???

      Until I see Chocolate, I neither hear nor read anything you say about lunch or anything of the sort. 😀 Who are you? What are you saying? Speak English! 😛

      I saw (and thanks so much for that huge compliment) and will respond either today or tomorrow. Our regular maid (who totally rules and we love her) is on vacation and the new one hasn’t shown up but twice since Friday so I have been doing everything myself including dealing with the Puppy issues and feeding Bear. 🙂 hehe

  6. YaaY!

    Her Highness is back!

    Sound the cannons!

    Distribute the Sweets!

    Good time, too!
    Was tired of managing the blog by myself! 😉

    So, are you pregnant?
    There’s a baby boom here!

    Have you seen a pic of how Sharell’s kid is going to look like?
    Go take a look at her blog and congratulate her!

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