Our little Baby Face

aka What Our Child Might Look Like 🙂

In honor of a recent post by Sharell.

Actually, I had done this some time ago but never thought to post it on my blog.

To be honest, Bear and I have been trying for a few months although in more of a vague sort of way.  At the moment it’s more of a  “If we do then we do and if not, that’s cool too”  type of thing.

I’m sure it will start getting more serious after some time but not yet!

SO NO IDEAS HERE PEOPLE!  I am not pregnant!

But this just proves our kids are going to be gorgeous.  Of course, I knew it already.  Naturally.  Yep.  (Please God don’t let them inherit my forehead or Bear’s eyebrows).

So, without further ado, here are two version that I did from two separate sites.  Try it yourself and post a comment with a link to the picture, both sites have that option!  Both sites also let you Morph your face with a celebrity just in case your dying to know what you offspring with Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie would look like!  😉

From the Morph Thing website, I give you Baby Chandra!



Baby Chandra




And from the Make Me Babies website, I give you Chandra at 3 or 4 (thank God her hair got better)!



Chandra at 3





9 thoughts on “Our little Baby Face

    • STUBBLE!!!!! hehehehehe! Well, Bear says that Indian babies are rather hairy and that the Mom’s will rub their face with coconut oil vigorously to help remove it. Not sure if that will work on your stubble issue but …. HEY….it’s worth a try yes?? Thanks so much for the laugh Honeybee! It was needed! >:D<

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  2. Um… greyish-white with blue pupil and brown sclera?

    Brown, I think!

    So Bear can be called fat and you cannot?

    So I can’t call you ‘Fat Aurora Aunty’ eh?

  3. WOW! Both are so cute.

    I feel like pulling the cheeks of the first one and I want to pick up the second one and swing her about, just to watch her hair wave in the wind and to make her smile wider!

    Interesting, your high forehead (SORRY, Lady, but it seems it might get inherited.), Bear dada’s chubby cheeks (I think!) and his eyes (Do you have greyish-green ones?) or your high cheek bones (I think!) and what is probably your chin, in the second one.

    Oh! Come on! Make me a Mama (Uncle) soon!
    You know I love kids!
    So ‘work’ harder and put some effort in it! 😛

    As for celebrities….

    All I can I do is dream….

    • High forehead should not be a genetic trait to be inherited and if it is that totally and utterly sucks big time!!!! 😛 Bear and I both have slightly chubby cheeks although Bear’s is a bit more pronounced right now with all the Diwali food and no exercise! (Ohhh I’m going to be in trouble for THAT).

      My eyes are green with gold flecks. His are a gorgeous chocolaty brown. My Mom’s eyes are light blue and my Dad’s eyes are dark brown. Now guess my Brother’s eye color! LOL I LOVED doing that test in Biology class! It was so much fun!

  4. These are great. Thanks for putting them up. I might have to try that second website. The kids that come out look more real in the pictures instead of like little baby dolls. But what’s funny is that it seems that she’s wearing eyeshadow in the second picture. Is that because you had some on? 😉 .

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