We Are Family….of Eleven!

Remember I once wrote about our complex Dogs?

I remember the first time I saw our Girls…..it was about 10 months ago in the basement parking garage.  They were probably 2 months old and already on their own.  One of the girls had four other brothers and sisters and they had adopted into their little group an outside puppy.

Later, that number got dwindled down to just two Dogs: ‘Brownie’ and ‘Goldie’ (names changed to protect the innocent).

Bear and I spent that time getting them to trust us and get used to us.  We went down nearly every night to feed them our left over dinner and fresh clean water.  We would hang around and wait for them to finish and then Bear and I would go on our nightly walk.  And the girls would follow us like an honor guard who occasionally runs off to sniff something or playfully attack the other.  We eventually moved up to buying dog food and biscuits to treat them with.  Then that became a four-day a week staple.  Poor Bear would always goggle at the price but he would do anything for those girls and always got more when they ran out.

I worked with the girls on ‘manners’ and training them to come when called, to stay, to sit, to take food nicely and to let me pet them.  The do all of these things for Bear too if he asks for it enough but they do it for me fairly quickly.  Now, I can just call down from my window a command and they do it.  Generally it’s “GIRLS!  NO!” as they tend to have little skirmishes now and then.

We had intended on getting the girls fixed when they were old enough but the time flew by and before you knew it the girls were in heat and already mating.  We were afraid to get them fixed then as we weren’t sure if they were pregnant.

And they were.

Both of them.

So, between Brownie and Goldie they’ve had seven puppies.  That means that Bear and my family have increased from just the two of us to the Eleven of us.

We both felt that the girls were going to give birth near us for the food and safety.  Also, we’re Mommy and Daddy, it made them happy to hear us from our bedroom window and sometimes they would just come and lay under it.  We were right, they both had their pups in an undeveloped area, part of which is partially enclosed with a chain link fence and surrounded with tall trees, bushes and plants.  Plenty of ground cover.

Brownie had her pups first in an underground cave that she had enlarged near our flat.  We didn’t even know where she was, she just disappeared for three days.  We kept feeding Goldie and calling for Brownie but she never came.  Finally, one night before bed, we heard a whining beneath our bedroom window.  When we looked, Brownie was there, skinnier than ever before and quite obviously upset.  We tried throwing down food but she wouldn’t eat.  So we went down to investigate.

Brownie waited for us and then led us over to the undeveloped area.  Looking down, we saw four little puppies shivering in an exposed area near an underground cave.  Whenever Brownie tried to go down to them, someone would growl.  Peaking further, we found that it was Goldie with her three newly born puppies.

As the girls are far more used to me then they are Bear, I climbed into the area (there was a lot of brush and tall weeds – Bear flipped out but ultimately let me do it).  I made it to Brownie’s puppies and one by one I lifted them out and over to Brownie.  She took each one and lay down in a place where Bear had placed newspapers over tall weeds to create a semi-shelter.  This done, I checked on Goldie.  She had somehow managed to squish her larger frame into a cave that was just big enough for Brownie but she and her pups looked safe.

The next morning, Bear and I decided to move Brownie and her pups into our flats balcony until we could find a safer place for them.  So, I again went down stairs, this time with a carry-on bag and some treats.  Brownie watched as I put her tiny babies into the bag and then I led her/fed her up three flights of stairs to our flat.  She was scared but she did it.  I was so proud of her.  She and her pups stayed in a box on our balcony for most of that day while I tried to find a place for them.  Finally, I asked the builder permission to put her and the pups in the area that was partially enclosed by the chain link fence and plants.  They gave me permission, so that evening one of our complex guards helped me move the box and downstairs and I brought Brownie and the Pups.  Occasionally Bear and I would go down, grab up Goldie’s pups and carry them to a grassy area for them to learn about grass and to play and run.  Bear fell in love with one of the pups that is a complete fur ball and such a sweet little pup.  He even looks like a gold and white bear cub.

And for a while, everything went well.


After a month, Goldie’s pups were big enough to start climbing out of the caves and underground tunnels that they had lived in for so long.  And unfortunately, after about 15 feet of fence, there was direct access to the ‘road’ of our complex.  Once you enter our complex, you can turn right or left and travel around the buildings.  Taking a right takes you right past their living area.  And people drive fast no matter our 10 mph signs.

Sunday, Bear and I looked down to see that all three of Goldie’s boys were in the road!

We both ran down as quickly as we could and moved them back home but we were stuck!  What to do?  We couldn’t see them get hit.  We had to find a home for them to stay with Goldie.

So, for 24 hours we had three rambunctious little boy pups living with us in our flat.  We bought puppy milk powder, puppy food, puppy chews, and a bottle just in case they couldn’t or wouldn’t eat out of a dish.

And we had a BLAST!  Even with them waking me up for a 4am feeding and another at 7am when I took them down to see their Mommy and get some of her milk.

That day, I read on-line about a breeder who had no choice but keep two bitches and their pups in the same enclosure together when the puppies were two months old.  I figured since our puppies were a little over a month and all of them were very active that we might have a fighting chance that Goldie and Brownie would get along and everyone would tolerate one another.

So, yesterday I moved the boys (and cried a little, I’ll admit) down to the enclosure with Brownies puppies.

And they went NUTS!  Running, jumping, falling, skidding, barking, growling, crawling and running all over again.  Brownie lay down in one area and Goldie lay down in the opposite side.  Both had plenty of space and cover from rain or wind.  I was totally forgotten until it was nap time and then Goldie’s pups came back over to fall asleep in my lap.  It was really hard but I picked them up and put them with Goldie but they happily started eating and I quietly left.

Now it’s the second day and everyone is still doing well.  The girls have had one little skirmish but nothing big and not in the enclosure.  The puppies are all having fun playing together.  And I got a good night’s sleep without fear of what I might wake up to.

Now I just need to get them to the two month mark and hopefully, with the help of another blogger here in Pune India, I might just find them all forever homes.  We’ll get them vaccinated and I will offer long time training help and advice (since I did it in the US).

Say a prayer for my little family tonight.

And remember, GOD spelled backwards is DOG.

They love you just as faithfully, without judgment or guile.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have seven fur balls waiting for dinner.  ::sigh::   🙂


11 thoughts on “We Are Family….of Eleven!

  1. Thanks!
    Everyone was brave that day, some more heroic than others.

    Actually, we were lucky that I hadn’t gone to college that day as I had a test that weekend (My 10 plus 2 year, had to work hard to get into medicine!) and my other friends and the school kids were at home!
    So we could go down and help them in time.
    (I live in a low-lying Santacruz-Khar area and my colony is 2 feet below the side road, which slopes down a feet or so from the main road – so we were a nice basin for the entire block! Now they have raised up everything to the level! I mean the BMC woke up!)

    Plain lucky! I live on the first floor and the water, by 5 p. m. had already drowned the ground floor (with those residents staying at peoples in the top floors) and the water was climbing upto the first floor, almost half-way upto the staircase!

    Then the lights went, telephone lines were cut (thankfully ours were not so people were at our home, calling….), still raining heavily, thunder and lightning, kids crying, my doggies in shock, puppies scared….

    And no contact from Baba nor sis….

    Then, Baba managed to call and told Aai and I, that he and the others in his office were staying there itself (at Colaba, South Mumbai – he returned 3 days later) and told us that my sis was stuck in a bus at Bandra Linking Road (she was the only one with a cell)….

    Then, around 7, my sis came home! 🙂
    She is a little thing, barely 5 ft., 2 and doesn’t know how to swim.
    When the bus got stuck, she started walking, with other women living in the area and was fine, till she reached our road….
    Thankfully, people from my society were swimming and a couple of them helped her to reach home! 🙂
    God! She was drenched with dirty drain, fresh rain, wet grass and a plastic bag stuck to her front…. (I can not forget the first time I saw her…. almost cried there!)
    She had a hot-water bath (thank God we had replaced the gas cylinder 2 days before!) and then, we were busy making food and tea to anyone required (and the dogs)!

    Thank God, for the FM Radio channels!
    With no T.V., battery operated FM radios (which were quite in vogue at that time – I had recieved one as a birthday gift from my sis) were the sole source of communication with the outside world.

    Those three days I an not going to forget soon.

    P. S.:- Find a home for them, quick!
    Please adopt him! Do you know the nearest vet in your area?
    Is mix feeding (milk and solid food) a puppy, O. K.?

  2. That’s m’Lady!
    Bear to the rescue!

    Good thing you caught the puppies on the road on time!
    I shudder to think if a truck had come by….

    Now, courtesy to the brave, thoughtful and enterprising efforts of Her Highness and Bear dada, they now have a home!

    During 26/7 as our locality was drowning, my friends and I transported the six puppies and their mummies (its unusual to have puppies during the rainy season and it had to happen THAT year!) to the top floor.
    Thermocol (Foam) from all our homes, along with dry linen were mobilised, alongwith some food, mostly biscuits were mobilised.

    The mothers kept growling at each other, but the puppies couldn’t have cared less!
    They had found new friends!
    But they were so scared!
    The mothers were in shock and couldn’t feed for a while so we had to warm the puppies and feed what little milk we could afford to (the water receded three days later) but thankfully, the mothers were ready soon.

    It was a terrifying day! So many lost their lives! 😦

    What dog food do you buy? Which brand?

    Hmmmm…. forever homes, eh?
    At Last, Her Highness has a ‘job’ to do and won’t be feeling sad!

    BEST OF LUCK to the future of the cuties?
    Have you named them, yet?

    • Now THAT is a brave story! Saving those Dogs and their babies during 26/7 is true heroism!! You should all be proud of what you did and I’m sure that no matter what the growling going on, the Mommies were thankful too!

      If we were in the US I would be feeding them a special puppy formula that is organic and made with no added ingredients. But here it’s a little harder to find and when you do the cost is prohibitive. So, we feed the Momma’s Purina Chicken and Milk or Chicken and Veggies (mainly cuz my hubby still doesn’t like the idea of feeding them Beef) and the pups get a Dog Milk replacement that comes in powder and you mix with warm water. They also eat puppy food by Eukanuba. I also give them left over rice and dahl as long as it’s plain. Cows milk isn’t good for them according to my Vet back home. ::shrug:: Go figure.

      Yep, they all have names appropriate for their personalities. I can’t share them here because it would totally blow their true identity cover, but just know that they got the names coming to them…. especially the bratty ones. 🙂

      I’m hoping to talk Bear into adopting the furry one so keep your fingers and toes crossed for that. 😉

      PS: Did I mention that the little rascals are back in the house after running into the road three times today???????? ARGH!

  3. OH my goodness. They sound so adorable. Can you post pictures of them, especially the fluffy bear cub one? Congrats to you for being brave and having a beautiful heart to take care of these little beings. And congrats to Bear for supporting you and even taking part in your mission. I hope they find forever homes. If I was in India I’d take one.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment! I don’t see myself as brave, more like doing what I feel I should do. My Dad always said I was the savior of the underdog, bringing home stray animals and kids to be fed and loved. 🙂 Now my hubby gets to deal with it and my Daddy is laaaaaaauuuuuuuuughing. 🙂

      I sure will post a pic! Look for today’s blog. It’s short, but sweet! And thanks for the comment! Be sure to keep coming back and leaving comments in the future! 🙂

    • I’m trying to convince Bear that we should take at least one of them. He loves one of Goldie’s little boys that is such a sweet and perfect little fur ball. His personality fits us really well, although so does one of his brothers except he is FAR more active. Pray for me to have good luck on this one! 😉

  4. Oh, yeah, we have had to have a talk about trained dogs. Lots of dogs bark and bark and are not trained, in america / Indianapolis. Imran is still afraid of dogs, but likes Fallbrook. It helps that Fallbrook, my guide dog tries to lay by his feet most of the time: and follows him around where ever he goes.

    • Dogs barking is a big problem here too, even with the dogs that have owners! Oddly enough, our complex dogs rarely bark and usually only for a supremely good reason. I’m sure it helped that I told them “NO” whenever I heard them barking and didn’t see any reason for it. There is a lady here in the complex who complains about Brownie and Goldie and how they bark at and ‘attack’ her little dog. HA! Her dog is NOT little and is excessively aggressive! He’s not at all leash trained (straining and pulling on the leash) and growls at anyone who gets to close. And she indulges him for it saying in a high pitch voice “No No baby……isn’t he just cute??” ARGH!

  5. check out my blog, my dog knows “chalo bhago,” I am slowly teaching my guide dog Urdu commands so that my dh feels more a part of me and my dog and he likes him more. Kind of funny, though! Sorry, I don’t have a pic. I don’t know how to upload them on wordpress.

    • I will!!!!! As soon as I get the chance too! Yesterday and today were hectic! Our regular maid (who totally rules and we love her) is on vacation and the new one hasn’t shown up but twice since Friday so I have been doing everything myself AND I just had to move the 3 boys back into the house from running in the road again. sigh. Perhaps you and your Imran can make a trip to Pune India and adopt a puppy just for him???? 🙂 I promise it will be very good! hehe

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