The 3 Rapscallions of Goldie…


Yeah, so guess who ran out into the road while following Goldie from the enclosure, through the tall grass, over the hill, beyond the two gates and into the road not once, not twice but three times today?

You got it, all three of the little angels ($%#@!!!) you see above.

And guess who almost got hit by a car today and was saved by me yelling and running like a mad woman?

You got it, Bear and my favorite little boy(the one in the middle of the above picture), he’s such a sweetheart angel boy (#$%&@#*!!!!!).

AND guess who has moved back into the house and gotten baths all over again today?

You got it again!  Great Job!  The three tiny brats, uhm….I mean ANGELS ($%^&*@#$%#^!!!!!!!!) you see in the above picture.

So yeah, today, no blogging.

Perhaps tomorrow.

If they let me sleep at least 6 hours tonight.

One can hope.




5 thoughts on “The 3 Rapscallions of Goldie…

    • Give me your address. 😀 Oh how I wish. I even considered writing to the top people in India to garner their support. Can you imagine? Dear Mr. Khan (Amir, Shahrukh) or Dear Prime Minister Singh or Dear Sachin…..

  1. Oi!

    Now, Sharell’s got her own puppies! They are golden-brown, too!

    First the baby-pics, now puppies!

    What’s next?

    Don’t tell me! You are writing a book, too!

  2. SO DAMN CUTE! My favourite street-dog golden colour, too!

    The first one’s giving a sly look, avoiding the camera, saying, “Wasn’t me!”

    Bear’s favourite one is hiding and saying, “Not me! I wasn’t even there!”

    The third one is saying, “What! Me! Ever leave this comfortable red carpet! Are you mad!”

    Adopt ALL three, please, for me!

    I want to see them all grow up, now that you have shown me their pics!

  3. No! Bad beasties! Do I need to mail you three tie-out-lines for this little punks until they figure out where their territory ends? I hope they don’t give you any more heart-attacks. Will put in a good word with St. Francis of Assisi–sounds like they need him.

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