Goodbye my little one….RIP Laddie

Very quickly, I want to say how much I really love the support you all provide.

I love the comments and hope to see more.

But, due to recent circumstances I will be away from blogging for a few days.  I hope to return sometime next week.

Hopefully you all can understand that.

I had kept Goldie’s three boys here in the house with us for the day, when I realized that Fluffy was having signs of an upset stomach and that the other two were whining more than usual (IE:  the last time we had them in the house), so Bear and I decided to take them back to the enclosure and pray for the best about their safety as we both felt that they were too young at this point to be away from their Mom.

This morning, while Bear was preparing for work, I looked out the window and noticed that Goldie was asleep on our complex road and that Laddie was asleep in the grass off the curb of the road.  I was angry at Goldie for again leading them out to the road area, so I grabbed up some food, showed Bear how naughty they were being and told him I would be right back.

I went down to find two men in front of where Goldie was laying, I walked up and realized that Laddie was not getting up, so I called “Laddie?” and my little man who always came when called ‘slept’ on.  I learned later that someone, in a rush to go to work, was speeding over our 10kms speed limit and was going too fast to stop.  Once this person saw what they had done, they picked up my little Laddie’s broken body and placed him in the grass and continued on to work.  Who knows if they left him there, to die alone.  My little man who loved to run and jump and chase your toes and pull on a chew toy and investigate.

Bear and I, along with another animal lover who lives in our complex, buried Laddie deep in the earth behind the enclosure where his brothers and sisters live.  In the picture from the previous post, Laddie was the little guy in the front trying oh so hard to look innocent and failing miserably.

When we went to complain about the speed of drivers in the complex, that is when we learned that there have been multiple complaints about me (even though I’m one of a few in this complex as there are several people doing the same) feeding the ‘stray’ dogs and that it was going to be discussed in the upcoming owners meeting.  Bear and I spent this morning and afternoon gathering support and doing our research.  The following is what I am taking with me to the meeting, so that I can properly answer any questions they may have.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated — Mahatma Gandhi

Firstly, as far as stray dogs are concerned, please be informed that for the removal of stray dogs from their territories, there are specific laws, rules and guidelines set down by the Animal Birth Control (Dogs ) Rules, 2001, by the Union Government and a Judgment on this subject in Writ Petition No1596 of 1998 by the Honorable Bombay High Court.

Vide the above referred judgment; the High Court has laid down guidelines for dealing with stray dogs and the methodology for their population control. Dogs cannot be labeled as nuisance and therefore be picked up from their territories and abandoned somewhere else. The only way to deal with them is to have them sterilized and vaccinated, then released  in their original territory.

As far as the legal status of the judgment is concerned, the order of the Bombay High Court is final and as the Writ runs through the entire state, it is binding all over Maharashtra. Any contravention to the above amounts to contempt of court and is bad in law.

Placing an animal in circumstances that are likely to endanger its life and cause its death from starvation or thirst. This means abandoning an animal in unfamiliar territory or in sickness or old age is illegal. Penalty is a fine of RS 100/- and up to 3 months in jail.

Section 428/429 of the Indian Penal Code makes it a cognizable offence to maim or cause injury to any animal above the value of RS 10/-. It also makes it illegal for vehicles to injure or kill dogs / cats / cows on the street. Offenders can be reported to the police station and a case filed under this section. Punishment is a fine of Indian Rs 2000 / and / or jail up to 5 years.

For further information about the Law, please view: and

Why animal relocation does not work see:

Why are there so many stray dogs in India?

The urban environment in India has two features that encourage stray animal populations – exposed garbage and slums. Neither of these exists in developed countries.

If stray dog population control is the issue, wouldn’t it make more sense to kill the dogs or take them away?
Removal or killing of stray dogs seems to be the most obvious method of controlling the population, but it has actually proved to be completely useless. This is because even when large numbers of dogs are killed, the conditions that sustain dog populations remain unchanged. Dogs are territorial and each one lives in its own specific area. When they are removed, the following things happen:

  • The food source – garbage – is still available in abundance, so dogs from neighbouring areas enter the vacant territories.
  • Pups born and growing up in the surrounding areas also move in to occupy these vacant niches.
  • The few dogs who escape capture and remain behind attack these newcomers, leading to frequent and prolonged dog-fights.
  • Since they are not sterilised, all the dogs who escape capture continue to mate, leading to more fighting.
  • In the course of fights, dogs often accidentally redirect their aggression towards people passing by, so many humans get bitten.
  • Females with pups become aggressive and often attack pedestrians who come too close to their litter.
  • They breed at a very high rate (two litters of pups a year). It has been estimated that two dogs can multiply to over 300 in three years.

Since dogs who are removed are quickly replaced, the population does not decrease at all. The main factors leading to dog aggression – migration and mating – continue to exist, so the nuisance factor remains.

Since removal of dogs actually increases dog-related problems, the effective solution is to sterilise the dogs, vaccinate them against rabies and put them back in their own areas.

Q4. But what’s the point of putting the dogs back after sterilisation? Doesn’t the problem just continue?
No, when dogs are sterilised and put back in their own area, the population and the problems caused by dogs both reduce. Here’s how:

  • Each dog guards its own territory and does not allow new dogs to enter.
  • Since they are all neutered, they no longer mate or multiply.
  • The main factors leading to dog aggression – migration and mating – are eliminated. So dog-fights reduce dramatically.
  • With the decrease in fighting, bites to humans also decrease.
  • Since females no longer have pups to protect, this source of dog aggression is also eliminated.
  • Over a period of time, as the sterilised dogs die natural deaths, the population is greatly reduced.

Please remember, there is NO overnight solution to the stray dog issue. It is simply not possible to wish all the dogs away. With sterilisation, the population becomes stable, non-breeding and non-rabid and decreases over time. It also becomes largely non-aggressive. On the other hand, when dogs are removed or killed, new dogs keep entering an area and the population is continuously changing, unstable, aggressive, multiplies at a high rate and carries rabies. Which method makes more sense?

Q5. Why don’t you dog-lovers just keep all these stray dogs in your own homes?
Dog-lovers have not created the stray dog population. They merely try to minimise it through sterilisation, and to keep it rabies-free through vaccination. Moreover, even if a lot of stray dogs got adopted, the basic problems of vacant territories and dog replacement would remain.

(By the same logic, people who love children could be asked to keep the entire population of street children in their own homes!)

Incidentally, our organization does promote the adoption of pariahs and mongrels – so if someone you know is planning to buy a pure-breed dog, try and persuade him to adopt a stray instead. Although it won’t provide a large-scale solution, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you got one dog off the street!

Q6. Can’t some of the dogs be released in another place?
Since they would be entering the territory of other dogs, there would be a lot of fighting in the area in which they are released, and in the process more humans would get bitten. Their original territories would also be left vacant, so new dogs would enter… and the stray dog problem would go on forever.

Q12. Dogs bark and howl the whole night – how can you solve that problem?
Barking and howling occur during dog-fights, which take place at their mating time, so with sterilisation the problem disappears. Dogs bark when new dogs enter their territory, and as these migrations cease with sterilisation, the barking largely ends too. They also howl when they live and move in packs. When the dog population dwindles in size, pack behaviour also declines.

Q17. My building society wants to remove all the dogs from the premises and release them in another area – is that legal?
No, it is absolutely illegal and punishable. Under the Bombay Municipal Corporation Act only the staff of the BMC or people authorized by them can capture stray dogs. The guidelines for dog population control approved by the Mumbai High Court in 1998 also prohibit the permanent removal of stray dogs from their original location.

Q18. Some people go around feeding stray dogs. Doesn’t that increase the stray dog problem?
No. Stray dog populations are created and sustained by garbage, not by handouts from kind-hearted ladies! In fact, people who feed dogs generally get them vaccinated and neutered as well, so the population would actually decrease where dogs are being fed. However, feeding should be done in a responsible manner so that it does not cause any disturbance to the public.

There is no simple answer, nor set formula to solve the problem of unfriendly dogs although humans can change or worsen a dog’s behavior.  However, most dogs tend to conform to predictable rules of behavior. This information is designed to help people to understand a dog’s behavior towards strangers when it feels the need to protect its owner or territory or when it feels threatened. When you are faced with a difficult situation; this knowledge could help you to avoid trouble.

  • Never run past a strange dog, or walk quickly away from it. This may make it chase you and you could get bitten as a result.
  • Face the dog without eye contact, and walk or back away slowly until you are sure you are safe.
  • Try not to show fear. Keep calm walk away slowly and speak firmly to the dog.
  • Do not stare at the dog. Staring is a threat – a dog may read it as a challenge – and attack.
  • Do not allow children to approach dogs they do not know. A growl is as good as “Leave me alone”.
  • Dogs can tell if you like them — and most can be bribed! A biscuit in your pocket will convince most dogs that you are a friend. Please remember that dogs rarely attack, so don’t be over-anxious of every dog that you meet: Most are scared about getting into a fight but like to act tough on their own territory.
  • Behave in a friendly and confident manner and you will help lessen their fear.

Finally, I leave you with my two favorite poems dealing with animal loss.

Jesus and the Dog

I wish someone had given Jesus a dog as loyal and loving as mine to sleep by His manager and gaze in His eyes and adore Him for being divine.
As our Lord grew to manhood His faithful dog would have followed Him all through the day
while He preached to the crowds and made the sick well, and knelt in the garden to pray.
It is sad to remember that Christ went away to face death alone and apart,
with no tender dog following close behind to comfort its Master’s Heart.
And when Jesus rose on that Easter morn how happy He would have been
as His dog kissed His hands and barked its delight for The One who died for all men.
Well, the Lord has a dog now, I just sent Him mine; the old pal so dear to me
and I smile through my tears on this first day alone, knowing they’re in eternity.
Day after day, the whole day through, wherever my road inclined,
four feet said, “I am coming with you!” and trotted along behind.


Rainbow Bridge 

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….



31 thoughts on “Goodbye my little one….RIP Laddie

  1. @Gori Rajkumari – I adore children . Children are the most beautiful gift of God to humanity and mankind . We come to know so many things from children . It is rightly said that a child is a man’s best friend . Couples who prefer not to have children are driven by a selfish and perverted vision of life and to lessen the burden of their guilt they raise pets , something which is ridiculous !

    • Hi G,

      I too adore children, but you must keep in mind that not everyone does. Also, some people are not in a financial position to be able to afford a child or perhaps physically they cannot either. In some cases, especially in today’s economic climate, it’s simply not the right decision to bring an innocent into the world if the parents do not have at least a modicum of security to do so. Should these people be left out of giving their love to something that is also pure at heart? Animals provide all manner of compassion and help to people. To own a pet and treat it as family is never a perverted vision of life as all of us were created by the same God, all of us were given the same breath of life and it is up to those of us more fortunate in life to protect those less so.

      We must also not forget that human beings are slowly out-pacing the natural resources available on this earth. It may not effect us now, or even our grandchildren but it will be soon thereafter that people begin to feel the affects of our current gluttony and selfishness. For example, in 2001 or there about, the Pune Department of Water decided that based on the amount of people living in Pune we would need 11 TMC (thousand million per cubic feet) however, for the past four years Pune has been drawing 14 TMC, the other 3 being purchased from more expensive contractors. WHY? Because the rain fall is not enough to sustain the amount of people who have been born or migrated to Pune in the past five years.

      I think G, that it is you who have forgotten the true vision of God, which is to protect and preserve all life, which includes the land in which we live and the animals that share it with us. If someone makes the life choice to not have a child, then I applaud them their bravery and unselfishness.

  2. @Gori Rajkumari – If you don’t mind may I ask you one question – Why are Americans so obsessed with pets ?

    Sorry , no offence meant .

    • Hey Shaunak,

      No offence taken, that’s what this is all about right? Learning about different cultures?

      Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

      There are many reason’s why America loves it’s pets. Unlike India, we are raised with the dog or cat from childhood and taught the responsibility of ‘owning’ that pet. When I was a child, my dog taught me to be caring to all animals, to understand their suffering, the respect them, how to care for them, feed them, clean them, play with them and scold them if needed. Animals love unconditionally. Animals have personality’s all their own. My dog was my best friend and I told her all my secrets when I knew that secret amongst my school friends could potentially ‘ruin’ me for all time. 🙂

      In India, dogs were more protective devices for villages against outside animals or intruders. If people had them as a pet, it just wasn’t available to have them fixed and when it was people just didn’t think of having it done. Even in the US, forcing a pet to be fixed is a hot topic as some people feel that everything should have the right to procreate. And I agree with that, to an extent. Nothing, not even humans, should procreate to the point of destroying our habitat and earth.

      In America, we are inundated with adds from local shelters or nationals organizations like SPCA about taking care of those that have no choice (animals) because we are in THEIR territory. That we are the ones who let pets in the open without first having them fixed or vaccinated, and therefore if there is a stray dog problem it is OUR fault and OUR responsibility to help them, shelter them, feed them and learn from our mistake by getting all dogs who are not registered as show dogs fixed.

      From a psychological stand point, it could be because in America people marry later in life or not at all. Some do not want to have a child (either married or single). In both cases the people still have a nurturing tendency and what better way to care for it than by adopting a pet?

      Census Bureau data reveal that the proportion of childless women 15 to 44 years old reached an all-time high of 45 percent in 2004. Moreover, he National Center of Health Statistics confirms that the percentage of women who choose to be “child-free” has swelled 160 percent in a generation.

      Both singles and couples without children are more likely to own pets and are significantly more likely to develop strong, even parental bonds with them. In San Francisco, pet owners – “pet guardians” according to city ordinance – outnumber children nearly 2 to 1.

      Standard reasons for choosing pets over people include the rising costs of raising children, and careers and social standing taking precedence over family life.

      But there’s another explanation: the perception that animals are nicer and more enjoyable than, and even morally superior to, humans. More people are forgoing children because they feel it just doesn’t seem right to bring a child into a world with so much man-made suffering, a world where, to borrow from poet Robert Burns, man’s inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn.

      So is this behavior healthy, either for the human or the animal? I don’t know, I would say that too much of ANYTHING is a bad thing.

      What I do know is that I am glad that my parents raised me with our dog and two cats. From them I learned about a whole new world. I wouldn’t give that up for anything. Hope this helps. 🙂

      • I like dogs , rabbits , mongoose and exotic birds as pets but abhor cats and reptiles ( except tortoise and turtle ). Cat is an ungrateful animal and harbinger of bad luck .

    • YES, absolutely they do and I advocate all laws and activist work geared towards giving rights to all animals. That’s why I worked with the SPCA in the US which looked after more than just ‘domesticated’ animals.

  3. @Gori Rajkumari – Your post disappoints me ! If you care so much about animal rights why not become a Veg/Vegan . Why consume animal flesh and eggs ?

    • Hi Shaunak,

      I completely understand your stand point, but you also have to take a moment and not judge me based off what you may or may not think. First, remember that I was raised in a country that felt as long as the animal was treated humanely during it’s life…we were doing the right thing. Even for animals that were for consumption. I grew up with that and I grew up eating meat 3 times a day.

      Later in life, I made a change to vegetarian however, due to health issues I was told by three separate Doctors (one in the US and the other two here in India) that due to my medical condition and history of meat consumption, I could not just quit eating meat protein and needed to be sure to consume some portion to supplement the protein in my Veg diet (like Mung Beans and Sprouts which are Protein rich but were not creating the balance I needed) and the other numerous vitamins I was taking in lieu of eating meat. Now I eat chicken and fish perhaps 6 times a month, in comparison to eating meat 3 times a day. I am healthier and the symptoms/side effects of my ‘ism’ does not show as long as I stick to a schedule.

      And it also does not change the fact that I do not like that I have to do this. I try to only purchase organic and free range chicken, fish and eggs. Hopefully you can understand, that not all meat eaters are unconscious of what they are eating and the feelings associated with that.

      • Try Tofu ( Soya Paneer ) , Soy chops , Mushrooms and low fat cottage cheese ( Paneer ) . Egg whites are the richest source of animal protein . Also Spirulina ( an algae )contains vitamin B-12 which is not found in other vegetarian foodstuffs .

      • 😉 These are all things that I had already been eating in my veg diet. Trust me, everything with protein I was eating daily. But still, it wasn’t enough due to a certain condition I have. But thanks so much for the advice!!!!! That was awesome.

      • Good to hear that you purchase only free range eggs . However eggs and meat being animal products should be consumed in moderation .

  4. Like always,


    Bear Dada Rocks!
    Pune Bears my Favourite G. P. L. Team! 🙂
    (G. P. L.:- Gori Premier League!)
    [Just don’t tell the Owners of Mumbai Housewives (The Diary-writer)

    I haven’t blushed this much since last Thursday, when a cute girl made a pass at me and I smiled only to realise there was a specimen of a handsome male behind me who was the recipient of the appreciative glance! 😦

    This Knight is always at the service of Her Ladyship. 🙂
    (But expects good meals in return! 😉 )

  5. I’m so sorry you got such an awful response from “Gringo.” What a cruel and insensitive person. Just because people don’t like something doesn’t make the law invalid. At the end of the day, these poor animals need to be given a chance at happiness and safety. YOU are doing the right thing. It’s the exact same thing that any animal lover in your situation would do. Fingers and paws crossed for you over here.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words and the unfailing support BBBB! I am starting to heal and just trying to teach myself to let go and let them grow. It’s NOT easy though. Argh.

  6. I am SORRY for our loss, Vahini.
    That’s the unpredictability of Life….

    I feel very sad and I feel some of your loss, which is much more profound than mine, since I had only a pic of Laddie and he won a special place in my heart, while you have played with him, fed him, scolded him….

    I wish to give both Bear dada and you a tight Jadoo-ki-Jhappi.

    I loved your two poems and am touched that you are trying to do so much for the ‘unofficial’ residents of your Complex.
    I am proud to have a Vahini and Bear dada who prepares so meticulously to go to War! 🙂

    Let’s get ’em Your Ladyship!

    As concerning your fight….
    My building complex has around 300 flats and 6 complex doggies.
    With such a large human population, we have nutters of all variety, the nuttiest of which likes to visit your blog. 🙂
    Our doggies were a source of lot of debate, with some residents asking the complex to be ‘stray-dog free.’
    Two years ago we had a series of very memorable Society Residents’s Meetings regarding this doggie-issue.
    Thankfully, we won and we had ’em (the dogs, I mean!) neutered, vaccinated and generally, we treat them like the dogs of our complex-home, and don’t allow outside dogs in and we feed them, by ourselves and don’t let outsiders feed them.
    If I may suggest, if it has not crossed your mind, a similar approach can be tried in your case, also.
    The complex dogs be treated as belonging to the complex only and not let other stray dogs to be let inside.
    Regular vaccinations and have them neutered.
    Our dogs have become very possessive of the complex and are very resident and children-friendly.
    The names and contact details of the dog lovers, the nearest veternerian, the contact details of the nearest medical general practioner are distributed as pamphlets, annually and such notices displayed in every building and society office notice-board.
    Besides, we have requested the G. Ps. to stock themselves with anti-rabies vaccine in case of emergency.

    However, unfortunately, those opposed to the dogs, managed to introduce a clause that if any dog is found to attack a resident/guest, without any ‘obivious’ provocation, then that dog has to be put to ‘sleep.’
    (There was no other way the doggie issue was being solved and we had to concede this and feared that under ‘doctored’ provocation, the dogs might eventually be put to ‘sleep.’ Thankfully, this has not happened. 🙂 )

    Besides, our doggies are too happy to see us and know to shy away from the dog-haters.

    So, Your Ladyship, lets grab some ‘Scooby Snacks’ and win this War!

    • Jayesh, as always you are an unfailing source of support, kind words and knowledgeable advice! Thank you so much for just being YOU! Our Society Owner meeting went well and they have agreed to let the girls stay, to try and help with finding homes for the pups and to start up classes for me to train people about dogs and what to do around them. It was awesome. I’m sure I won’t always face that kind of support, but I got it from the more vocal and ‘activist’ members who had been complaining about me (and people like me) the hardest. Phew….one hurdle down. Now, I just need to learn to let go and realize that I won’t be able to save each and every one of my little babies and this isn’t America with the shelters that I’m used to and trust. I must make a change, but in a way I never thought possible….with the people who are most afraid and ignorant of dogs. 🙂 I’m healing from my loss of Pima. It wasn’t easy and Bear has been doing all he can to help me. He really is such a wonderfully understanding man and my God how lucky am I? Take care and hopefully I will be back to blogging sometime this week.

  7. I wish peace and rest for you heart and emotions during this time. It’s never ever easy. I will be thinking of you and for the safety of the other pups and mom dogs!

  8. Sorry to hear about the puppy! How heartbreaking!

    Thanks for posting all of your great research. I never knew that before-main causes of fighting are migration and mating. Before I may have cautiously supported euthanization, but what you said about the root causes still remaining and new dogs quickly filling the vacuum makes a lot of sense.

    Good luck with convincing the people in your building to leave the dogs in peace! I hope they listen to you.

    • Thank you so much MMK! Our Society Owner meeting went well and they have agreed to let the girls stay, to try and help with finding homes for the pups and to start up classes for me to train people about dogs and what to do around them. It was awesome. I’m sure I won’t always face that kind of support, but I got it from the more vocal and ‘activist’ members who had been complaining about me (and people like me) the hardest. Phew….one hurdle down. I’m healing and slowly realizing that Pima had a short life, but a very very good one compared to most street dogs. >:D<

  9. Actually, I know for a fact that in Maharashtra and most of India, stray dogs can be killed or euthanized (just as in the west) if they don’t have owners. The courts have upheld it.

    I think the fair thing in your case, is to go by what the majority of the building owners think. If they want the dogs euthanized, just do it. If the majority want them, then come up with some rules to keep them.

    The law you were quoting about high court ruling about not being able to remove stray dogs, is a bone headed misreading about the ruling. As per that logic, if mammals cannot be removed. What about sewers rats, they called be killed, they have to be sterilized and released back into the neighborhood. Right or wrond stray dogs like their mammalian cousins the sewer rats are vermin and pests and have to be treated as such.

    • And actually, Gringo, you are outlandishly, insensitively and ignorantly WRONG. How long have you been out of India and living in New York? I would no more take you seriously on the Laws of New York state than I would the laws of Maharashtra after the erroneous statement you made above.

      And considering how emotional you must have realized I am, and the insensitive nature in which you approached the topic and the nasty tone you took to explain your side, I believe I am fully within my rights to call you out as the malodorous person that your comment has proven you to be.

      I confirmed this law with three sources. The Municipality of Pune, the Officer in charge of Animal Welfare assigned by the state of Maharashtra for our city and the intranet for the Delhi High Court where it plainly states the following (ps: at this point you may want someone who actually LIKES you around to thump you on the back as I do believe you are about to choke on your words):

      High Court Order 5 Oct 1988 for stray dogs

      WRIT PETITION NO. 1596 OF 1998

      VII. Rules for capturing, sterilization, immunization and of dogs:

      5) While the dogs are being captured in any locality the representative of the animal welfare organisation accompanying the dog squad will make announcements on a public address system that dogs are being captured from the area for the purpose of sterilization and immunization and will be released in the area after four days. The announcement may also briefly educate the residents of the area about the dog control programme and solicit the support of all the residents reassuring them that the Corporation in taking adequate stops for their safety.

      X. Killing of stray dogs:

      1) No stray dogs shall be killed as a rule subject to the exception of critically ill, violent, fatally injured or rabid dogs. The decision whether a dog belonging to any of these three categories needs to be put to sleep with the sole object of relieving it of the pain of such sickness, injury or rabies shall be taken by a panel of at least three doctors, one of who will be the veterinary doctors appointed by the Animal Welfare Board of India at its own expenses.

      2) Violent, diseased and incurably ill and mortally wounded dogs and those capable of transmitting diseases as identified and diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian, to be killed, shall be euthanised during working hours specified by the B.M.C in an approved humane manner i.e by administering Sodium Pentathol for adult dogs and Thiopental intra-periloseally for puppies by a qualified veterinarian or euthanised in any other humane manner approved by the Animal Welfare Board of India. No dog shall be euthanised in the presence of another dog. The person responsible for euthanising shall make sure that the animal is dead before disposal.

      You can view this information for yourself, IF that is you are able to not only read but comprehend, at the following location:

      ALSO, please take note that I do not question your ability to comprehend or LACK therefore lightly. As you said: “The law you were quoting about high court ruling about not being able to remove stray dogs, is a bone headed misreading about the ruling. As per that logic, if mammals cannot be removed. What about sewers rats, they called be killed….” If you had the reading comprehension of a 10 year old you would understand that the Law and the Writ BOTH are entitled Rules regarding Pet Dogs and Stray Dogs. Other Laws apply for other animals, which would include animals categorized as RODENTS (of which you should be familiar as they seem to be very close to your own genetic lineage).

      You should think before you make such statements about the ease in which one can kill another. Just because that you consider animals ‘beneath’ you and therefore expendable as per YOUR logic and as such should be considered perfectly legal reasons for disposal, I think you should look about yourself and wonder who considers YOU beneath THEM. With such attitudes as yours, no wonder there are so many people with no regards for ANY life in this world. And THAT, my dear sir, is a proven psychological fact. How someone treats an animal directly relates to their morals and the way they view the value of life itself. Every single case of malicious murderers have background history (usually as children) of animal abuse and torture.

      So rejoice, you’ve just shown everyone who reads this blog exactly how much you think of yourself, your common man, and the other ‘lowly’ creatures who SHARE this earth with you.

      PS: If you think I’m going to let you post on here further, think again.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear about Laddie 😦 May he rest in peace.
    It saddens me that people would do that, and also that people have complained about you feeding the dogs! That’s clearly not hurting anyone! I hope the meeting goes well, please keep us informed!

    • Becky, thank you so much for those kinds words. I too, hope he is resting in peace and playing in heaven. Our Society Owner meeting went well and they have agreed to let the girls stay, to try and help with finding homes for the pups and to start up classes for me to train people about dogs and what to do around them. It was awesome. I’m sure I won’t always face that kind of support, but I got it from the more vocal and ‘activist’ members who had been complaining about me (and people like me) the hardest. Phew….one hurdle down. Now, I’m working on just healing.

    • >:D< Hugs to you and your beautifully tender heart Jubeee. Our Society Owner meeting went well and they have agreed to let the girls stay, to try and help with finding homes for the pups and to start up classes for me to train people about dogs and what to do around them. It was awesome. I’m sure I won’t always face that kind of support, but I got it from the more vocal and ‘activist’ members who had been complaining about me (and people like me) the hardest. Phew….one hurdle down. Right now, I'm just working on healing and keeping the rest safe but also letting them grow up and learn to be street dogs in case no one adopts them.

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