UPDATE: Society Owners Meeting

Hi All.

I’m still a little under the weather and since my trusty maid/friend is away on Diwali vacation, the new and showsupmaybesortakindasometimes maid didn’t show up today.  I’m also working on trying to find a good balance between protecting the puppy’s from harm and letting them grow up and learn to be street dogs in case I can’t get them adopted.  It’s surprisingly hard.

I thought you would all like a quick update on what happened this weekend with regards to the Girls and their Pups.

Our Society Owner meeting went well and they have agreed to let the girls stay, to try and help with finding homes for the pups and to start-up classes for me to train people about dogs and what to do around them.  They agreed to give the girls the required time to stop weaning the pups before getting them fixed and vaccinated.  They also agreed with and understood the logic behind moving them out and other’s moving in.  It was awesome. I’m sure I won’t always face that kind of support, but I got it from the more vocal and ‘activist’ members who had been complaining about me (and people like me) the hardest. Phew….one hurdle down.

Keep up the prayers people, I know it is due to you all that things went well for the girls and the pups this weekend.  There is more yet to do, and I know we can do it with all the love and support we give to one another.

I’ll be back soon.  I just need a bit more time to adjust and learn a balance.  Till then, hugs and love to you all.  >:D<  ❤


6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Society Owners Meeting

  1. It’s really good to see that you are finding something to occupy your time, although it seems like it is taking up a lot more then you would hope for. I’m so glad to hear you were able to get some support. I know that is a BIG relief.

    Haven’t spoke to you in a while so I hope everything else is going well. And we are still anticipating Bear’s blog.

    Love, Kat

    • Thanks so much Kat. Yeah, it’s been a little bit crazy, tough, emotional around here lately. But, hopefully that will all change soon as we are working hard to get the puppies adopted. Wish us luck. >:D<

  2. So great to hear that everything went well. I’m really excited for and proud of all that you and the other dog lovers will be doing to help people in the complex understand more about dogs and how to live amongst them. Congrats!

    Deep breathing will do wonders to help you relax. Puppy snuggles and kisses will do good, too.

    Good luck on getting the classes started. I can’t wait to hear how that goes!

    • Thank you so much Aman! I am working hard on finding a good balance between letting them grow up as street pups and doing my best to keep them alive and safe at the same time. It’s a struggle not to run to the window every time I hear a puppy squeak, but I must learn to let go more. I am very happy that the people in the complex are more understanding than I was afraid they were going to be!


  3. Yaay!

    Her Ladyship brings good news!

    First Battle has been Won!

    Sound the Cannons!

    I am happy that your neighbours are not too unreasonable. 🙂

    So the onus of ‘dog-training’ the neighbours is upon you, eh Vahini?


    Hoping that your neighbours are literate, please print-out the necessary pamphlets, in Marathi, Hindi and English.
    (Get some local assistance.)
    They should contain vital information like the contact details of the responsible dog lovers, the basic do’s and dont’s of a interacting with a ‘Doggie gone Wild’ and contact details of the G. Ps. (after informing them!) and the Vets and the Animal Ambulance. (Yellow Pages!)

    Hmmmm…. I haven’t gone into a ‘formal’ training on how to be dog-friendly; only a good-natured trust and experience built up over the childhood but you have had much more experience in that than me.

    But hey, Vahini, worried about Bear dada and you here, too!
    Don’t burn yourselves out too much.
    Take the help of the other dog-lovers, too!

    Naughty puppies require a lot of watching over….

    So, pack up some ‘Scooby Snacks’ and lets Win This! 🙂

    P. S.:- Sex is a GREAT stress buster! 😉

    And try keep the puppies in an enclosure for the night, alongwith the Doggies!
    The ladies might get restless, though, but the puppies need to be in one and limited space at night.

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