An American Crying Commercial.

I remember seeing this video when I was a kid.

I also saw the Just Give a Hoot…Don’t Pollute commercials.

Or the Smokey the Bear commercials.

But this one always seemed to get me.  Every single one of the Native American Indian Crying Commercials always got to me and still do in a way even today.

So this weekend, while Bear and I were on our way to places in and around Pune, I had an idea.

When you’re riding on the back of a bike in Pune and wearing helmets like Bear and I do, you have a lot of time to look around you, smell the ‘air’ and contemplate life’s little intricacies like “I never knew Cows liked to eat trash from the side of the road”.

© Copyright, Mayank Bhatnagar,

And that is when I came up with a great idea!

No, not to have an American Crying….even though we do it to see such a beautiful land destroyed in such a way….I think most people wouldn’t really care what we thought.  But they DO care what God thinks!

And hence my idea….

Why not have some commercials similar to the ones that stirred me as a child but put an Indian spin on them to get the attention of the people of India who are the most apathetic to the pollution and trash that they help contribute to?

Here were my ideas….

Picture this….Hanuman in the forest and dropping from a tree straight into litter left by thousands of picnickers touring the land.  He looks about him at the multitude of plastic bags and Styrofoam cups and plates that he knows will take far too long to decompose.  He hefts his mighty Gada and swings it into the trash, destroying it….only to return day in and day out to find more trash.

Or ……

Picture this….The Ganga River.  Polluted and trashed….as per the normal.  And on the desecrated banks appears Goddess Ganga.  She looks around her…the camera zooms in on despicable conditions and then back to the Goddess Ganga, she falls to her knees in trash and covers her face with her hands….the camera comes in close and she turns to it, crying and begs for people to care for her home as if it were their own.  Or some such thing.

Perhaps she see’s something like this….

Ideas?  Thoughts?  Opinions?


9 thoughts on “An American Crying Commercial.

  1. Those images are so sad. There really oughta be more strict environmental regulations in India. It is on the road to disaster, for a culture that is known to revere trees and rivers and all things living, this is pathetic. Awareness is the key, good oughta persue it, Mother Earth will thank you for it.
    PS: I work on Environmental issues in the US

    • Hi Ariana!

      The sad thing is that it isn’t just those images that are so sad, it’s the real life things you see daily when go about your daily business. People get so sick from water born illnesses or die and yet they won’t stop littering in and around water sources. The RTO rarely puts out any advertisements about road safety, driving safety or buckling your children in. Most people expect the NGO’s to handle that sort of thing. Politicians are quick to put on the table high dollar projects that aren’t really feasible but they rarely do anything about the basic needs of the people like clean and constant water, 24/7 electricity, good roads or constant and responsible trash disposal. When I lived in the US, I daily took those things for granted. I can guarantee I never will again.

      Pursuing it is something I would like to do but am unsure how to get a start on. I was always the person who came up with ideas and helped fulfill them but never the leader. That new role might be above me!

      AND by the way, thanks so much for reading and commenting!!! I hope to see you again sometimes very soon!

  2. India needs this so badly. I completley agree.

    But, The majority of Indians are not religious and could care less about God. Anti Religion is very popular among India’s left and almost 80% of Indians are left to extreme left in their politics. The left have ruled India 85% of the time since India’s independence.

    I think we need something that would appeal to the lefties and God haters of India.

    Not exactly sure what that would be. Something like “Do you really want to hurt Chairman Mao?” Something like that?


    • Hmmmmm good point. We could run a dual campaign though, one with the weeping Gods and another with the most beloved and revered of the Political Royalty wearing garlands of trash very similar to Mayawati’s garland of money with a caption saying “Is this what we are coming to….LITERALLY?”. 🙂

  3. Great Idea, your Ladyship!

    How about a man milking the cow, but finding a dirty plastic bag each time?

    And Hanuman trying to find Sanjivani but not able to locate Donagiri Mountain because its all covered by garbage?

  4. Oh, I remember that PSA/commercial too, and it used to upset me so much!! and we had a whole week at elementary school dedicated to Woodsy Owl (give a hoot, don’t pollute) and Smokey the bear (who was from NC!). that picture of the boy swimming in the garbage is truly horrifying! Yes, dumpster diving cows-gave me quite a start the first time I saw them here!

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