President Obama and Brownie the dog’s lesson in Politics and Apathy.

Recently, Jayash-G had asked me to write a piece on my thoughts of President Obama’s visit to India.  I suspect it was JG’s contribution to getting me out of my depressed funk and it would have worked except that my mind is a terrible place to visit and when I do it often leads to mayhem.

You see, I had already thought quite a lot about President Obama’s visit to India.  I had read some of the earlier news articles about the visit.  I had listened to a part of his impassioned speech.

But a part of me had really stopped listening some time ago….far previous to his visit.  Mainly because sometimes you just have to shut down from things you cannot change in order to ‘reboot’ and ‘re-prioritize’ to the things that you can.

It’s not that I no longer believe in President Obama’s ability to make change or his own sincerity to do so.  No, I had started to lose faith in any Government’s ability to listen wisely and do the right thing….or at least some semblance of it.

Also, I got disgusted when I read a piece about how homeless people in Delhi were once again moved out of ‘sight and mind’ during the President’s visit similar to during the Commonwealth Games.

Actually, I’m just sick of politics and political agenda’s in general.

Why you ask?  Or perhaps you don’t ask why in total but rather why in general.  I think each of us has become apathetic to the world around us in some fashion.

I came to this conclusion after an epiphany I had last Thursday.  Brownie the dog taught it to me.  Do you remember Mr. 10th Floor? Two months after I wrote this, we learned that Mr. 10th Floor was not only a nasty and habitual drunk but he also the proud papa/owner of a 115 pound Rottweiler.  Thankfully, the dog is perfectly trained and sweet-natured in temper and Mr. 10th Floor is a dotting ‘Papa’ who calls his dog his ‘baby’.  Unfortunately, the Rotty is close to his ‘Papa’ and reacts off Mr. 10th Floor’s tantrums.  Normally, Brownie and Goldie don’t really care or pay any attention to Mr. 10th Floor and his Rotty.  But on Thursday things changed.

Goldie and Brownies remaining pups are about 7-8 weeks old now and beginning to explore.  People play with them or interact with them and the Momma’s don’t really care too much unless a puppy yells in pain and the person is new.  Then the Momma’s growl for you to leave and people do.  Only one kid got bit in the seat of his pants by Goldie and it was a villager kid who wasn’t supposed to be on property and was throwing rocks at the puppies.  I didn’t blame Goldie and only wished I could have been down there to help her out (the kid was fine, Goldie only got a bit of his pants and she didn’t even run very fast after him…it was more a scare tactic on her part).

Thursday late afternoon I heard Brownie barking so I looked out my bedroom window.  Down below was Mr. 10th Floor with his Rotty.  He was obviously drunk with the way he was slurring while yelling and stumbling around.  The Rotty was jumping at the end of his leash.  Brownie was 30 feet away near the gate close to the lease office.  Mr. 10th Floor was attempting to pull a metal pole out of the ground in the grassy area near the motorcycle parking.  I watched, enthralled.  What was he doing?  And why?  Brownie was standing but nowhere near him nor was she growling.  His dog was going nuts but for no particular reason.  What had happened?  Once he realized he couldn’t pull that out, he shuffled his way over to the other side of our ‘road’ and started picking up huge rocks and screaming that no one was going to bark at him.  And then I understood what he was doing.  Brownie had barked at him most likely because he was so drunk he allowed his dog to get to close to her and she couldn’t move as she was protecting the area that her puppies lived in (and he has the WHOLE rest of the complex to walk in and never walked there till those puppies were born so it’s not like she was disturbing his routine).  He had full plans on hitting Brownie with a rock the size of her head, knowing that she wouldn’t go too far from where her babies were!!!

So I yelled down from my window “Don’t throw that rock at her, it will only make things worse!!”

I’m sure you can imagine the response I got.  Go fuck yourself you foreigner bitch who are you what right do you have I won’t get bit by this devil I am going to have her put down and you along with her blah blah blah blah.

Yes, these were all things I got from him.

And then he threw the rock.

So I told him “Come one dude, she was protecting her babies and you threw a rock at her?  What if someone threw a rock at your Rotty for protecting you?  He loves you as much as she loves them.” (And I said it sincerely, nicely even).

To which he replied “Fuck you you bitch don’t you threaten my dog he’s my baby and that dog isn’t a dog it’s a devil and my dog is better and deserves everything and I will do what I want.”

So I said “Ok, do it again and I’m calling the cops on you for animal cruelty and abuse AND if I catch you walking your dog without a leash or walking him while your drunk I’m reporting you for threatening the safety of others and a violation of dog ownership rules.”

I got rewarded with a bunch more “Gofuckyerself” and “I’lldowhatIwant” as he walked away.

Now, granted not many of us have seen hide nor hair of him lately which is par for the course with this asshole, but it gave me an epiphany.

When I was saying those things….I didn’t really believe them.  I didn’t have any heart behind what I was saying.  I didn’t believe it with the truth and honesty and feeling of doing what is right like I normally would have had.


Because I didn’t trust the police to do a damn thing.  When it comes to trusting the authorities to have control, to follow the rules and to enforce them here in Pune….I have become apathetic.

Mr. 10th Floor is apathetic to ANYTHING that is not in his best interest.  Or that of his Rotty.

What is your apathy?  What is your eclipse of the heart?

Perhaps yours is refusing to give to charities because you’ve seen so much scandal you no longer believe it benefits anyone but the people running it.  Perhaps you don’t vote for much the same reason.

Perhaps hers is because she’s seen one too many people with little to no regard for the trash they throw into their streets, rivers and country.

Perhaps his is due to injustice he see’s every day at work with nepotism and favoritism the order of the day rather than hard work and moral character.

Who knows what yours is, but I guarantee you have it.  You have something that you just no longer truly look at.  It’s your blind spot.  Your eclipse of the heart.  Have you ever heard that song by Bonnie Tyler? I highly recommend it.  I listened to it in the angst of my youth and it fit so well with having an unrequited crush on some schoolyard idiot.  Now it fits so well with how I sometimes feel towards the rest of the world.

In America, the biggest political problem we have is that there are quite a lot of idiots who believe whatever some person with a lot of money and a charismatic mouth who intersperses words about God along with their political agenda speeches says.  Too many people have political agendas.  Too many people believe in the “Almighty Dollar”.  Too many people are in love with Capitalism.  Heck….too many people are in love with themselves.  And for far too long, too many people lived off the backs of other people and loved it.  And now they are the ones sweating and bleeding and they are crying and pointing fingers at everyone but themselves.

A perfect example is the GOP.

Now, I will take a moment to say that I am a Democrat so anything that I say against the GOP is going to be purely my opinion and we all know what those are worth.

Right now, the GOP is having a HEY DAY running amuck and blaming all America’s troubles on President Obama.  They have completely forgotten that the bailout agreements were signed sealed and a deal before the President even took office….he just completed what had to be followed through on.  They have forgotten that we had created our own Terrorist when Bush Sr., Reagan and Bush Jr. were in Office.  See Iran Contra Affair. See October Surprise. See Bush’s link to the Bin Ladens.

But the GOP has forgotten all that and are busy little spiders weaving a web that the American people either get caught in or blinded by walking into.  And the world buys it and laps it up like ice cream on a hot and sunny day.

And we help perpetuate the divide of the parties.  When rich people or big business starts to suffer they run crying to the GOP.  And when poor people or small businesses start to suffer they run to the Democratic Party.

Now here’s where it gets fun….when the rich people or businesses have it all and are flying high or swimming in deep black, then they go with the Democratic Party to keep the wolves at bay.  And when the small businesses and the poorer people are getting everything they want, they decide they want more, more, more for me, me, me and they go running to the GOP to help them get rich quicker.

And both political parties allow it in order to maintain some level of power and not lose it for long stretches of time to the other party.

And neither remembers what they did wrong when they were in power….they only finger point to what is currently wrong and how good we all had it when THEY were in ‘office’.

It’s like the law of physics and averages just does not apply when it comes to politics.

Allow me to explain.  There are three families who share a lawn mower to cut grass with.  I have it last and before I can pass it to you, winter hits.  No rush you say, so I hold on to it in my garage.  Then summer comes around again but you are away from home during that time, so again I use the mower to cut my grass and I pass it to our neighbors to cut their grass.  But we don’t cut YOUR grass for you because it’s not OUR job and you should have made arrangements for someone to care for your property while you were gone.  And so you return to a home with grass and weeds three feet high while our lawns are manicured and beautiful.  You come over to get the lawnmower and I give it back to you with no gas in it, dull blades and a smoky motor because I didn’t service the lawn mower and neither did the neighbors….we needed it and didn’t have the time to get it serviced.  So you take it in for service and it will take two months.  In the meantime, all our lawns are growing and getting ugly and we start complaining to you about the time it’s taking to fix that mower.  We start saying how it was fine when WE had it, and YOU must have broken it and now we are suffering because of it.

THIS is how I view the GOP and the Democrats.  Each whining that the other is at fault for the mistakes made while they were in charge and forgetting that a snow ball gets bigger as it rolls down hill.

And not enough people in America are familiar with their own political history or agenda in order to make an informed and educated decision.  They just say they like the way he/she looks/acts/talks/walks and then they vote for him or her.

But what does all of this have to do with my thoughts on President Obama’s visit?  Everything.

Do I think his visit did any good?  Yes, absolutely.  But the problem isn’t whether it did good, it’s whether or not it did a LASTING good.

The GOP is making it so that almost everything that President Obama touches is seen as anathema and therefore should be repealed, returned or refused.  This is sad when you consider all the good he has done.  All the things that he has accomplished.  All the paths that he has set us on that may be rocky and less traveled by but end at a better destination.

So what do I think of Obama’s visit to India?  I think he did a lot of good for both Countries by creating new job avenues and links for India and the US.  I think he ate a lot of great food.  I think Michelle had fun playing with the children.  I think they both enjoyed their dates visiting the beautiful monuments of India.  I think they will take stories of the beauties that they witnesses and experienced with them.

I can only hope that President Obama is not the eclipse of the heart, the apathy of the people who hear them afterwards.


8 thoughts on “President Obama and Brownie the dog’s lesson in Politics and Apathy.

  1. Oh President Obama our favorite Hope & Change President who doesn’t have the balls to promote it anymore. This is a really desperate time for the US, in times when we have massive revenue shortfalls due to high unemployment, the right screams for “TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH, SPENDING CUTS FOR EVERYTHING EXCEPT DEFENSE.” Like they haven’t learned anything from the last decade of two wars and tax cuts, like the deficit isn’t due to tax cuts and two wars.

    At the same time we wish to cut taxes for the rich they voted down the extension of unemployment for millions of Americans, their last lifeline before the soup kitchen, the only dignity in their existence, cut away for them Happy Holidays American Unemployed.

    I’m not entirely disillusioned but I WISH someone would gain the true political will to do what is RIGHT for America, not play politics for the millions of Americans in need.

    • BRAVO!!! AMEN!!! SING IT SISTER!!!! 😉 You and me both….I’m not above voting outside of my own political party when I think it’s for the right reason’s. Hell, I even voted for Bush’s first term because voting for Mr. “I invented the Internet” made my skin crawl almost as much as thinking of Mr. James DANFORTH Quayle as President. Bluuuurgh. I voted for Awwwnold as Gov of California and generally was pretty darn happy with the outcome especially compared to what rolling black out Gray had done to us. ::sigh:: I am just so worried that there just ISN’T anyone strong enough to do the right thing. I don’t think that Obama’s lack of the proper balls was entirely the issue….I think that some of that was his being castrated by people for the wrong reasons.

      Maybe you should run? I would support you! 🙂 Heck, I would be your ass kicking, no names taking, WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME, sneaky, snooping, tell you everything I hear assistant! LOL >:D<

      • Are you kidding??? Obama is a supposed marxist socialist muslim non American! If HE can win with HIS past… can you!

      • I listened to a program on NPR recently, a female journalist who covers women in politics, lets just say women are scrutinized even more than minority men…

  2. My poor, poor Vahini! 😦

    Hmmmm…. politics not a distraction enough, eh? Damn!

    So, Her Ladyship has talked of her views on the Obama Visit.

    Hmmmm…. Mr. Obama did seem a bit tense and slightly nervous while dealing with the political questions.
    As for the economic ones, he came out with a specific frame of mind and left satisfied.

    But the way they spent Diwali charmed and impressed the entire country. 🙂

    And now we know who is the Next ‘Item Girl’ in Bollywood! 😛

    The Politics between the Republicans and the Democrats is very interesting to me and you have explained it in a very lucid way.

    Thank You. 🙂

    But I do wait as to how he will be able to present his side to the American people.
    Hopefully, there will be someone to listen in this present political climate. 😦

    My sweet, caring, loving, intelligent, smart, understanding, big-hearted, fun-loving, loyal and a fighter Vahini, a huge hug. (And a huge box of chocolates.)
    My sweet, caring, chivalrous, intelligent, understanding, big-hearted, hard-working, loyal, patient, supportive and a gem of a Dada, a big Bear hug (and a six-pack – hide it quick! She’s not looking! Meet me at the terrace when she’s asleep!).

    You, my Adventurous Aurora Vahini are bogged down.

    But definitely not Out.

    Like every Great Monarch, you too feel weighed down by your responsibilities.

    Though First General Bear takes good care to keep a steady income flowing in, he, too, faces opposition at the Borders of the Country by Pigeon-brained Office-Orcs.

    Your Royal Guard (the doggies) is also getting revamped and right now you are vulnuerable to attack, besides the revamping taking a toll on Your Highness’s patience and finances and besides, recently, it took quite a toll in explaining to the Council of Elders (Society People) the importance of a Royal Guard.

    Then, the Royal Chariot (the Scooty) is facing difficulty as its construction requires mithril, which is hard to access.

    The Scurvy Knave (Mr. Xth Floor) is creating mischief again and seeks to derail the Formation and Training of The Royal Guard.

    On top of it, Your Highness has ascended a Throne, as The Chosen One, in a Land foreign to her birth and youth and is not yet familiar with the intricacies of its functioning….

    And the Court Jester (Me) is too far away to keep entertaining.

    It is natural, then, to feel bit low, especially on a Monday! 😉

    You know, I used to get nervous around characters like Mr. Xth floor….
    Not because I was afraid of them, but I did not have a clue as to how to deal with such sad little people….

    Then I realised….
    These people are not who can defend themselves on a frontal attack, nor can they attack in that manner.
    Nor can they enjoy their Life because they are too busy trying to find the reason of their misery in others while knowing full well that it is their fault….. and they are scared of it. Very scared.

    They live in conscious self-denial.

    But I was still confused as to how to deal with these bullies, especially, by some chance they are favoured with some amount of financial/political/military/underworld power….

    While I came to know that they are cowards at heart and hide behind a false bravado, I still wasn’t clear on how to tackle such idiots.

    I ignored them, as long as they ignored me and my peace.

    But what if confrontation was inevitable?

    So, I looked at the Ancient Indian Way on dealing with enemies and which my parents have always tried to tell me:-

    SAAM:- To persuade by words and gifts.

    DAAM:- To persuade by bribing, money, finding what he needs, he ‘lusts’ after, his passions and trying to fulfill those.

    DAND:- To persuade by force, physical, emotional, mental, overwhelmingly, overpowering force.

    BHED:- To achieve one clear way by creating divisions among his allies/friends/his estranged contacts, even his thought processes or his army.

    SAAM, DAAM, DAND, BHED to be used Individually as pertaining to the situation or in the order described choosing each as the other fails.

    So, what to choose?

    I have found my peace with many of them, by talking sweetly and ‘appreciatively’ to them, in their good mood, but keeping my distance and readying myself to apply Dand, if necessary.
    But it has rerely ever come to that.
    The distance that I keep is adequate for my peace and me to remain untouched.

    So, what about our knave?

    We have met him in clearly less than fortunate circumstances.

    And, frankly, he is scared and jealous of Her Ladyship’s Guts.

    In case of our knave, we have a past history of significant trouble, acknowledged by the Council of Elders, too.
    Plus, he shows drunkard, wayward behaviour and abusive language, especially to a woman and that too Her Ladyship! (Off with his head!)

    But as to your ‘apathy’….

    The Sky is not as Dark as it seems, my Lady.
    While your spirits may be dampened because things are not so easy as it was in your home country, and not as quick and efficient as you are used to, they are not compeletely hopeless.

    It will be easy for me to say that the knave is an ass***e and leave it at that, but its not enough….
    It seems you might have made friends with other dog-lovers in your complex. Besides, I don’t think many of the residents are paricularly enchanted by his charming personality.

    Remember, the less higher authority you go to, the less confounding the situation will be.
    The ‘issue’ that needs to be ‘discussed’ with our resident Noblemen and Gentle Ladies (i. e. the neighbours) is of the ‘drinking’ problem and his destructive and violent tendencies.
    Aren’t the ‘kids’ terrified of the abusing Uncle?

    The ‘doggie’ abuse, unfortunately, has to be added as an afterthought, except for our Allies in Canine Friendship. 😦

    And, is it possible to be friendly with the Great Rotty?
    His sympathies towards us might help in frustrating the master.

    It is a good preparation to garner support if it comes to blows.

    In case of emergencies, police assistance can be threatened and the past misadventures and general abusive behaviour may be brought to notice.

    The Indian police are notorious and corrupt but no one wants to get involved with them, especially if one has documented/witnessed past history of violent behaviour.
    But even they have to take some action and they will listen to you.

    Its more important than ever to find the puppies a new home or wait for them to be independant enough to be let outside….

    As for my apathy….

    It is a complex socio-political issue, as well.
    And I have learnt not to let my judgements get affected.

    I will present the issue. But not now, I have my Final University Exams from next Tuesday, for which, Her Highness will grant me leave.
    My Theory Papers are from November 30 to December 9 and Practicals from January 5 to 13.

    After that, my Lady, I would have passed my Undergraduate M. B. B. S. Course and after one year of Internship, I will recieve my ‘Licence to Kill!’ 😛
    Then, I can prescribe you anything you want! 😉

    So please grant me a Leave of Absence for the concerning Weeks.

    So, mostly will talk whole-heartedly on December 10! 🙂

    • I just love this whole comment. The entire width and breadth of it. It just made me smile greatly and laugh heartily!!!

      And how did you know that Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite books????? 😉 I grew up wanting to be Éowyn at the moment that she thrust her sword into the Lord of the Nazgûl. Hence, my Barbie was sometimes named Éowyn and I would wrap her in tin foil and braid her hair and stuff it under a tin foil wrapped cap and have her wave He-Man’s sword about screaming “I am no MAN!”. And the other girls would sigh and say “Ok, NOW can we play house? Can you stop sticking Ken with that silly sword??” heheheheh

      Unfortunately, the puppies became too much for me so now they all live outside and are learning from their birth mothers the rules of the road with occasional help from me or Bear. We found a home for one of the puppies and from the pictures they sent he seems happy. The other five still haven’t found homes and they are getting so BIG that it’s no longer possible to keep them stuck in their old enclosure, as they are now big enough to climb over whatever barriers we poochie lovers build. So we all take turns feeding (me in the evenings) and we all keep an eye out to keep them out of the road as much as possible although that is becoming an almost full time job and we are beginning to back off from that to allow the dogs to learn the dangers. We all agreed that we can’t always be there to protect them and must let them learn. So we pray….A LOT! 😉 They are healthy though and still fat. I’m thinking of posting a picture of them all sometime soon.

      As to your Undergrad MBBS…..dude I am so so so proud of you and just know you are going to do wonderfully! Becoming a Doctor is such a brave thing to do and take far more courage than I could ever have. It also takes far more brain power….dont’ try and change my mind on that one….I remember what Advanced Biology and Chemistry was like…..torture of the brain I say….TORTURE OF THE BRAIN. 🙂 You take all the time in world that you need to study and let me know if you need anything at all, if I can provide it, I will.

      I’ll be here when you return. Hopefully a happier, more ‘shanti’ Vahini. 😉 hehehe TAKE CARE AND DON’T WORRY….YOU’LL DO FABULOUS!!!!!

      PS: You’ll be missed VERY MUCH so be sure that you do return! 😛 Otherwise, no lunch for you. 🙂 hehe

      • “And how did you know that Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite books????? ”

        ‘Cause its mine, too! 😉

        Interesting, I always pictured you as Lady Éowyn, especially after your interaction with the knave!

        “now they all live outside and are learning from their birth mothers the rules of the road with occasional help from me or Bear.”

        That’s their ‘natural’ environment. 😦

        Life is unpredictable, Vahini, and it is Survival of The Fittest on the Earth, everywhere, in some form or the other….

        But a pic is what we WANT!


        “It also takes far more brain power….dont’ try and change my mind on that one….I remember what Advanced Biology and Chemistry was like…..torture of the brain I say….TORTURE OF THE BRAIN. :)”


        Can’t change, eh?

        I will post on the Anniversary of the 26/11 attacks….
        Something that I had prepared at that time….

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