Lunacy and Idiocy in Email Format….aka Stray Dog issue AGAIN.

So, yes….I did the disappearing act again.  It seems that is happening rather frequently here come of late.  I thought rather than hiding in my flat of solitude that I would gather my wits, take a deep breath and give you all an opportunity to see what I’ve been faced with recently.

SIDENOTE:  You all remember that I had attended the Community Owners Association Meeting where I had worked hard at convincing them as to the laws surrounding Goldie and Brownie and how they could not be removed by law.  As far as I knew, that agreement still stood and I was still following through on my end by teaching the children how to interact with the dogs and puppy’s, teaching the puppies manners around humans, continue my work with Goldie and Brownie and clean up any messes the dogs left in common areas (or the children while playing with the dogs).

First I should tell you that Goldie’s last little boy pup, Rebel, was hit and killed by a speeding taxi driver here in our complex last Friday.  Actually, he was hit and hurt.  I heard him screaming so went rushing down to him.  He was, after all, my little Rebel boy and he had a special place in my heart.  While 7 other people stood around stupidly watching a poor 2 month old puppy yell in pain and try to crawl away, I pushed through them, picked him up (causing more horrendous screaming) and moved him to a grassy area.  Two of my neighbors were home and came down.  One yelled at everyone for standing by and doing nothing, the other got his car and drove me and Rebel to the vet.  He was my sweet, adventurous boy during that car ride….only crying out in pain once when we hit a pothole.  The doctors kept him overnight as we weren’t sure the extent of the damage other than he could not support his weight in the back for more than a few seconds.  They gave him pain medication and warm milk.  He died in his sleep that night.

It took me quite some time to get over Rebel’s death as I had originally adopted him out last Wednesday.  But the lady who is helping me find homes for the pups learned from other rescues that the family were habitual puppy adopters who would then abandoned the dog or it would die under mysterious conditions.  Needless to say I called them to bring Rebel back Thursday.  Because he was happier with his cousin puppies, and because I was not at all sure of his being able to find a good home (aka he needed to learn to be a street dog), I didn’t take him home with me.  I released him in the enclosure.

He was hit the next morning.

You can imagine my guilt.

Then Tuesday night came and Bear and I heard a loud thud and scream and barking below our bedroom window.  We looked only to see Brownie barking and her favorite and most littlest girl, Rose, lying dead by the edge of the complex road.  The driver had apparently been speeding and swerved to avoid an illegally parked car, thereby going close to the curb and killing little Rose.

The guards refused to bury her, stating that they would ask Maintenance to handle it when they came at 9am the next morning.  Even when we pointed out that the children went to their school bus and RIGHT PAST where little Rose’s body was, they remained adamant.  Until I showed up at the Guard House and then things changed.  My loud accusations brought other residents, who once known the situation, also demanded a proper burial for the pup and for it to be done that very night.  Finally a guard ran to get a laborer with a shovel, the grave was dug behind the enclosure and next to where we had previously buried Pima (Goldie’s boy who died the same way) and we said our prayers and walked away.

Then, on November 23rd the Idiots began returning to our Society from their month-long Diwali vacations.  Non of them were aware nor tried to inform themselves of the newest decisions regarding the dogs.

I thought perhaps now that I have gotten away from this a bit and am ready to face them this weekend at the next meeting, you might enjoy reading these emails and perhaps giving your opinions or insight.

Without further delay….. I give you Lunacy and Idiocy in Email Format.

In response to an email that I had sent out giving the specifics of the law regarding stray dogs, what we could do and what I was willing to offer free of charge (training on how to deal with animals in any situation), they sent a succession of aggressive and idiotic emails to be read by the entire society.

After each person’s email, I will include my response to them in pink italics.

First Email:

Thanks Gori for this email. However I diagree that in closed gates societies other dogs will take up the territory if we get rid of the current lot. I have lived in many societies and this is the first time, I am seeing so many dogs inside the premises.
Already we can see lot of dog left overs (excretion) inside the society. People can feed these dogs regularly but no one will remove these. My suggestion would be to find a good home for these puppies and for the remaining ones – get them transferred to another suitable home or hand them over to some social service agency. Getting them regularly vaccinted and checked for dieseases will be really tough and they may become dangerous to the small kids roaming int the society.

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you here.  While I have been in other society’s where there is not an obvious dog issue within the grounds, these have all been society’s within older and established society’s in Pune’s borders.  This means that the area has been built up for tens of years instead of less than 5 and not surrounded by countryside and villagers who encourage the lives of dogs. 

Our Society is smack in the middle of what was once farm land and a village.  If you step outside the  grounds you will find at the very least 5-6 different dogs at any given time.  I have counted over 10 in the year that I have lived here.

Also, it is not only the two strays in the complex (and their puppies) which are defecating in common areas.  There are at least 7 family’s living in our Society that I know of who are dog owners and never in the year that I have lived here have I watched any one of them pick up after their dog.  I am not condoning it, I am only saying that the stray’s are not the only issue here and the problem is not just going to disappear with them.

PLEASE READ:  I think what everyone here has missed is the fact that it is ILLEGAL by Indian Law to relocate these animals to a new “home” unless they are being adopted by a family who signs an agreement to care for them for their life time.  It is also illegal to harm an animal in any fashion.  If you want to further read about this law, you can do so at this link:

I really understand your concern, but seeing as how neither of the Soceity ‘strays’ are vicious or aggressive unless you first provoke them (and anyone would be in that situation whether you are dog or human), there is nothing that, by law, can be done.  As soon as the pups are all adopted out, which I am working aggressively for, or when they are of age and no longer need their mother’s milk, I will contact the Blue Cross Society to request a pick up of the girls for them to be fixed and vaccinated.  However, by law, Blue Cross will then have to return them to their habitat which is our Soceity.

I am attempting to make a hard situation better by offering my services in a way that will help everyone.  If you have a better suggestion or one that fits into the law of the land, then I am ready to hear it.  🙂

Next Email:

I agree to [first email]… This is India not US where the things for even stray dogs are organizaed.
Instead of talking of educating 400 people on how to takle with stray dogs and vaccination and safety procedures etc…………
Lets take a simpler step that ONCE & FOR ALL get rid of these stray dogs…so that there is no nonsence in the future. (For now place all these puppies in some safe hands) and then we dont have the problem of handling puppies also in the future.
So lets be practical and get rid of this problem once & for all..

The shelters in Pune do not pick up and hold healthy stray dogs from residential areas.

INDIA’S LAWS make it ILLEGAL to relocate these animals to a new “home”.  This means that you cannot put them in a car and drive them somewhere else to be dumped.  It is also illegal to harm an animal in any fashion.  If you want to further read about this law, you can do so at this link:

I would rather spend my time trying to help and educate 400 people who live in a city with over 42,000 stray dogs then to continue the mentality of “out of MY sight out of mind”…. the problem will still exist and only get worse.  Obviously that mentality did not work anymore than mass extermination of stray animals worked under British rule or even after India took over.  In fact, the stray dog problem has only grown.

And as a Hindu, it is my belief that all life should be respected and cared for.  ALL life.  Not just that which I deem worthy.  And most of the dogs that are in the streets no longer resemble the noble Indian dog, they are a mix of Lab and German Shepherd and British Spaniel which tells me that HUMANS helped make this worse by bringing trophy dogs here, not having them fixed and leaving them behind to fend for themselves.  The stray dog issue may be a large problem for us but it’s one that we have created and now it’s time for us to do the RIGHT thing to fix it instead of the ILLEGAL thing to make it go away.

So, with that in mind and because I am a law-abiding citizen, I am attempting to adopt out the remaining puppies to good homes.  Once that is done, the two stray Soceity females will be fixed and vaccinated by Blue Cross Society since PMC has failed to respond.  BY LAW, the dogs will be returned to their ‘homes’ which is our Soceity.

However, if you have a better and LEGAL idea I am ready to hear it.

Next Email (SAME GUY):

Its good to see that you have so read so much about the RIGHTS of STRAY DOGS. Have you ever read the RULES & REGULATIONS on Road Safety and Human Rights or Traffic.
How many people are aware and follow traffic rules. Do you?
How many people are aware of RTO rules while driving a 2 / 4 rules? I can challange 60% people are not aware of the intricacies of RTO rules?
How many people are aware of Human Rights Commission and are bothered about that.
Why are elephants still being taken on the roads by people for begging and making money?
Why are bears, monkeys & snakes are still being used to entertain people and make money?
Why are some socities (I can name at least 20 socities in Gurgaon, Mumbai & Noida) where there no stray dogs. And if any stray dog tries to enter the society, he / she is thrashed out at the same time.
Do you know on Bakrid there are 1000’s of cows being transported in trucks (in bad conditions) from Kolkata to Bangladesh & Punjab & J&K to Pakistan for slaughter.
I dont mind or have any conflicts with your passion of loving dogs, you can have pets at your home. Its everybodies personal choice.
I have a friend in Gurgaon who love dogs and has at least 25 of them from different breeds and different sizes in his bunglow.
So lets be practical, and get rid of these stray dogs. The society is meant for the residents and the garden, green patches & playareas for our children and not for stray dogs to make the place dirty and just make the nonsence of everything.
I dont ask to kill dogs or beat them or to dispace them? in the last meeting we agreed to a solution to put pipes (dog trap) at the entrance so that any animal cannot cross the gate and come inside. Close all other UNAUTHORIZED openings and then ask PMC to steralize the dogs and leave them in the access roads.
So they will be stearlized, they will be near the society but they cannot enter the society. And after few months we will be free of stary dogs.
I would like to know on this forum how many people are with me and how many support Gori Rajkumari. Lets be open in our disucssion and as per the majority lets go ahead with that.

I am VERY aware of quite a lot of INDIA’S Laws as it pertains to my citizenship within India.  You will find, sir, that I am a STRICT adherent to any and all laws UNLIKE some people who pick and choose to break the laws as they see fit.  And yes, by your previous statements of “Let’s get rid of them” it was a very clear indication to anyone that you did care if the law was broken so much as that YOU were not inconvenienced.

To answer your questions SIR.

1)  TRAFFIC AND RTO LAWS:   My husband never drives over 10km within the society and drives well within the speed limit on outside roads.  I do not currently drive as I have not yet obtained an Indian Licence.  When riding our motorcycle, both my husband as the driver AND MYSELF as the passenger wear certified helmets and we never ride a child or third adult.  You can find all RTO laws here: I challenge you to ask me one question about the laws of the road that I cannot answer.

2)  Human Rights Commission:  I am very aware of the Human Rights Commission and wonder if you are asking if I am aware OR why I chose to help animals instead of people.  My question to YOU would be the reverse.  Does not ALL living things have a right to live a humane and decent life?  My limit is that for the present I am constrained to our Society.  However, this does NOT change the fact that when I witness or hear of injustice I will speak to it.  Whether it is a human or an animal.  For your reference:

3)  Animals for Human use:  Because these people chose to ignore the laws of the land.

4)  Society’s without Stray Animals:  Why do they have none?  You answered your own question and showed your mentality.  “Thrashing” a living thing.  Very nice.  My answer would be because either they had dogs at one time, and had them sterilized and vaccinated and once they died no other dogs attempted to move in because the territory had long been established.  OR they refused to follow the law as it did not satisfy their need.  Also, I can name 100’s more that DO have stray dogs or ‘society’ dogs including three here in Pune and four in Mumbai as well as two in Delhi and those are just the ones that I know of.

5)  1000’s of Cows Dying due to transport:  No, I was not aware, however if YOU were my question would be why you stood aside and said nothing but yet tried to use this as an arguing point with me.

My passion is for ALL living things Sir, but most especially for those who do not have a voice of their own.  I do not like the tone of your emails and will admit that they make me nervous for the safety of the animals residing in this complex whether they are stray or not.  You see, I also read the papers and have seen many more incidents of animals being poisoned or beaten to death then I have of people doing the right thing.

In the last meeting, no such agreement was made with regards to pipes to keep animals out.  Should you wish to get the animal border installed at the main gate and close all unauthorized accent points then I welcome that even though I highly doubt that this will keep them out.  I am very aware of the cattle grids that you are referring to and the dogs can easily traverse these.  In order for it to work you would need to have the grid plates at a stride too long for a normal dogs reach, say nearly two feet and it would need to go on for some distance so that they could not jump it.  How exactly to you plan for a motorcycle or bicycle or person walking to traverse a space that is two feet???  Also, the guards here cannot even keep people who live here from speeding or parking illegally or throwing their trash on the grounds or behaving loudly and obnoxious when intoxicated and outside, how do you suppose they will keep out the 20 dogs looking to expand their territory and living outside our complex?

Sir, I STRONGLY suggest you be at this weekends meeting as I will be there and we can discuss this further.


PS:  Nope, that last guy was too afraid to respond to me again after that.

PSS:  It took me nearly five minutes to ‘ignore suggestion’ through his writing due to his gramatical and spelling errors.  I had about 8 and they were all passive voice issues which I’m always guilty off.  Harumph.


16 thoughts on “Lunacy and Idiocy in Email Format….aka Stray Dog issue AGAIN.

  1. As per Bombay High court ruling of 2008:

    (a) Any dog, which is a nuisance can be put to sleep.
    (b) The nuisance factor is left to the discretion of the locality of the dog.


    More details on the ruling:
    The issue of troublesome strays has been dogging the high court for a decade, raising the question of whether any provision in law permits civic bodies to kill them.

    The high court heard a reference made by a judge while sitting at the Goa bench to decide whether stray dogs should be put to sleep or only sterilised. In 1994, the BMC stopped killing dogs and switched to sterilisation to curb their population.

    Justices Dilip Bhosale and Vijaya Kapse Tahilramani, the other two judges on the bench, however, did not agree completely with Justice Radhakrishnan. In the majority judgment they signed, they held that the civic chiefs of Mumbai and the municipalities in Maharashtra and Goa could use their discretionary powers to kill “dogs which are found or reported to be a source of public nuisance”.

    The term ‘nuisance’ was dealt with at length by Justice Bhosale. He said that in the canine context, it would mean “anything which endangers human life or is injurious to public health”. Significantly, the majority view was that “no hard and fast rules can be laid down for what constitutes nuisance, but a continuously barking dog at night could well be called a permanent source of nuisance”.

    Significantly, under the BMC Act, even an abandoned pet dog of any pedigree, if not claimed within three days of ‘creating nuisance’ can be put to sleep under the discretionary powers of the civic chief.

    The high court heard detailed and passionate arguments for days from animal rights activists__including In Defence of Animals, Welfare of Stray Dogs and the Goa-based Norma Alvares__and from the central, Maharashtra and Goa governments as well as the BMC. It then came out with its 156-page judgment, which finally went against the dog lovers’ arguments.

    The court upheld the BMC’s argument that its existing powers under the act could be enforced to put down dogs which proved to be a nuisance. The civic chief ‘may’ put a dog to sleep for causing nuisance, but it is not a mandatory power.

    • Hi Ghati,

      Thanks for that information, however neither of the ‘reasons’ for labeling a dog a nuisance apply in this situation. Our complex dogs cannot be deemed a nuisance simply because they exist here. They do not bark often and when they do it’s because something or someone is in our complex and should not be. They do not chase vehicles. They do not attack people unless those people first threaten them and then they bark menacingly but without physical aggression (if someone threw a rock at me, I’m sorry but it would be two hits….me hitting them and them hitting the ground).

      What you quoted was from an article from the Times of India and it was an insufficient piece on the Author’s part. Here is the break down of the actual law and decision by the courts:

      The Govt of India, the Animal Welfare Board of India and the animal welfare organisations submitted that euthanasia (mercy-killing) of certain categories of stray dogs was specifically permitted under the ABC Rules. However, all strays could not be eliminated merely because they have no human owners. They also produced statistics to show the efficacy of the ABC programme in areas where it had been adopted and argued that this programme was supported worldwide by international agencies including WHO as being the only efficacious, humane and permanent solution to the problem of stray dogs.

      In their judgment, all three judges have concurred on the following:

      1) Mass killing of stray dogs is not permitted under the Municipal Acts.
      2) Neither the PCA Act nor the Municipal Acts cast any mandatory obligation on the authorities to perforce kill the stray dogs that are unclaimed, but they only confer discretionary powers on the respective authorities to kill animals if it is found necessary to do so.
      3) Discretion is not unbridled discretion or an absolute power to destroy stray dogs.
      4) The ABC rules are valid & must be implemented.
      5) There is no conflict between the ABC rules and the PCA Act and between the PCA Act and the Municipalities Act. If there is conflict between Municipalities Act and the PCA Act / ABC rules, the central legislative scheme will have primacy over the Municipalities Act.

      On the killing of individual stray dogs, the three judges agreed upto a point. In the ABC Rules only three classes of stray dogs are permitted to be euthanized: those that are incurably ill, mortally wounded or rabid. Further, the decision to euthanise such dogs has to be made by a qualified veterinary doctor. While accepting these three categories, all three judges agreed that habitually violent dogs may also need to be euthanized. Hence, the term “incurably ill” has been expanded in the judgement to include dogs which are found to be “perennially violent”.

      However, two of the three judges (majority bench) were of the opinion that even with this inclusion (i.e., perenially violent dogs) the categories as enumerated in the ABC Rules are insufficient to deal with all types of nuisance caused by dogs. Hence it was necessary that the municipal authorities be permitted to exercise their powers to eliminate individual dogs that have become a nuisance. Moreover, the ABC Rules do not dilute the powers of the municipal authorities and hence these authorities are required to deal with dog nuisances not covered under the ABC Rules.

      What are these “nuisances”? The judgement states that “no hard and fast rule can be laid down as to the circumstances or the acts or the omissions which could constitute nuisance and every case is required to be decided on its own peculiar facts.”

      Elaborating a little on the types of dog nuisance that may be complained of, the judgment states: “Dog barking is common, whether it is by stray or pet dogs. It may or may not cause nuisance but undoubtedly such nuisance cannot lead to destruction of the dog.”

      However, “there are instances where dogs in a particular locality / street invariably chase every two wheeler which have resulted into fatal accidents. These dogs may not harm the local person or pedestrian, but such nuisance of the dog cannot be ignored and will have to be treated as public nuisance causing injury or damage to human life.”

      Thus, while leaving the decision to eliminate nuisance dogs to the discretion of the municipal authority, the judges have made it clear that “a public nuisance in the context of stray dogs means anything that endangers life or is injurious to the health of public at large….The expression nuisance used in the municipal acts refers to nuisance of a public nature and not nuisance caused to an individual resident of any building.”

      The judgment also explains what “discretionary” power really means. “Discretion undoubtedly means a judicial discretion and not whim, caprice or fancy of the authority. It does not empower the person (or commissioner) to do what he likes but what he ought to do. Discretion is governed by rule of law and must not be arbitrary, vague or fanciful. In other words, when any thing is left to any person to be done according to his discretion, the law intends it must be done with sound discretion, and according to law, when it is applied to public functionaries.”

      The judgement thus makes it clear that the discretion conferred on the municipal authority is not uncontrolled power to destroy stray dogs. “The Commissioner should exercise the discretion within the four corners of conscience and it has to be just and proper. The Commissioner cannot indiscriminately decide to destroy all the dogs … he cannot enter any building or locality and indiscriminately capture all the dogs and keep them in the municipal kennel and then after waiting for three days kill all the dogs which are not claimed by the owner.”

      • The law looks to me like, if the majority of your society members vote for the dogs to be a nuisance, then it is up to the civic officers discretion to do what is best. Of course, dogs with owners are a different matter. If the majority votes for the dogs to be a nuisance, then the courts seem to agree with them.

        Anyway, it doesn’t look clear cut case to me either way. More money for the lawyers to duke it out. In any case, in India laws are not the issue. Implementation of them is. I wonder if anyone ever was prosecuted under animal cruelties law’s in Maharashtra.

      • About returning the dogs to their original place after sterilization prior to the amemded act of 2008. I think the high court was taking a stance only on stray dogs in public places owned by state or federal govt. Not on private property owned by societies and such.

      • No, I confirmed that with the Officer in charge of Animal Welfare for my city ( he was appointed from the Indian Government so he’s not an NGO Officer ) and that law applies to all areas, public or privately owned. 🙂

  2. Hi gori! I think what i will tell you, u wont like. I personally believe that ur cause is very noble, however, please be aware that india is a place where the law and order situation does not live up to the american one. With ur behavior u might invite more trouble than u had asked for…. Please take care of urself, u dont know what kind of people u live with.

    • Hi Tenerezza….

      No worries on not liking your comment! I did like it very much that you wrote your concern in such an awesome way! And actually it’s something that my husband also tells me often. There have been many of times that he’s held me back from doing things because of that fear. In this particular situation, I’m fairly certain that I’m going to be OK, however I promise to maintain being careful!! 🙂

      • Ms. Tenerezza be right, Vahini….

        People in India are almost instinctive in isolating a ‘troublemaker’ like yourself and then ganging up to pick on you…. 😮 😦

        And the police are, many of the times, in it, too…. 😦

        Bear Dada’s right and he will be the best judge, for now….

        Later, with experience, you will come to judge which battles to ‘choose,’ meaning which battles to be openly confrontational about and about which ‘ganimi kavhaa’ (gueriella warfare) is the best option available.

        For, Vahini, you have a fighting spirit which should NOT be dampened, but should be modified, controlled and harnessed in this new, rough and may I say, sometimes, treacherous terrain.

        In our War of the Canine Rights, you definitely had experience and good Indian ‘common sense’ to depend upon and we were dealing with some issues that were more of changing people’s mindsets, that too of your own Complex….

        But, till that time, as Ms. Tenerezza said, “Pick your battles wisely….”

        Get concerned for you, too Vahini, for Your Ladyship is Fearless and does not take too kindly to injustice and seeks immediate Correction. 🙂

        Then Bear Dada and I are sitting with as much comfort as one can manage to, on a hot Pressure Cooker, from afar, as Your Ladyship enters the fray with her Sword.

        Then, Bead Dada’s there to see how you have done, which is always spectacular, by the way, ;-), tend to the injuries, while I am waiting anxiously for the blog, “I am Alive:- I came, I saw, I conquered.”

        But, then that’s Aurora Vahini for you, always in the thick of the battle, on the Side of the Just and the Weak and the Helpless. 🙂

        The Caped Crusader Vahini. 😛

        – Lord M. Brandybuck.

    • Mig21, Thank you so much the kind words. They are so very much appreciated! I understand that we can’t all have the same feelings regarding animals and that there is a legitament concern for safety….but it’s our duty to fulfill those things and not by breaking the laws of man or God will we accomplish it. Right? 🙂 I hope to see you back again and comment often! Take care and thanks again!

  3. Majhi Beechari Vahini! 😦

    “You can imagine my guilt.”

    I felt scared, Vahini, very scared when I read this….

    Ah, Aurora Vahini, when things happen in a Way, beyond our Good Intentions and Correct Reaction, all I can say that it was God’s Will.

    To protect Little Rebel was the RIGHT THING to do, while what happened, was not in our hands….

    God tests our Patience, Trust and Love, sometimes cruelly, I have to say…. 😦

    But, in the end, He has His Reasons….

    The War’s getting more complex, eh Your Ladyship?
    New Players have entered the scene, either potential Allies or potential Enemies; but by the look of things, we see that many already hold mal-intent towards us….

    Our Losses have been heavy….

    Sir Laddie, The Mischievious met his End while on an Scouting Mission in the Misty Morning.

    Sir Rebel, The Great, the Adventurer, the Brave, fought till the End, with more Spirit than which these Brainless Blabberers may have ever shown or maybe even seen in their Lives.

    No less can be said of Lady Rose who was Sent to Heaven in such a treacherous a manner…. and that too, in the dark hours of the night!

    We Honour The Brave and The Fallen and we remember their Sacrifice in our attempts to Insert some Brains and some Sensations in these Insensitive Idiots.

    Yet, my Blood Boils while my Eyes Weep and I am only a Lowly Commoner in these affairs, while you are Their Mother, Their Caregiver and a Friend, Beyond Compare.
    What you have attempted to do for The Canine Population of this Land and have acomplished, Faced and now (and will, it seems 😦 ) Go through and how you React to these Numb Neencompoops is Admirable, Praiseworthy, and for that I shall call you, Lady Humane, The Just.

    Yet, the War grows Thick and the Battles become Pesonal and as much as we feel Sad, its time to head along into them, once again.

    And though we must be Impartial while Judging, its important that we win.
    Our Fight is not against anyone, but against the Deadend Senses of an Ignorant People.

    Indian society and pets generally don’t mix well….
    While we have had domesticated animals, till recently, we rarely have had had ‘pets’ in the sense that Westerners are used to.

    Pets are considered a Luxury and Whims of the Rich and this is in a way true, since most Indians struggle to feed their own mouths and they struggle fiercely to climb up the social ladder.
    Indeed, many of the dog-owners of my own Colony/Complex are a source of ‘ridicule’ among the other ‘sensible’ residents.

    Its not their fault that they have been brought up in a way to believe that the dogs and cats on the streets don’t matter, or are a nuisance.
    Indeed, I don’t think many have been even graced with an animal-friend’s open, unselfish Love and frank Honesty and Trust.

    And while ‘Love for the Animals’ is ‘taught’ in schools and even is a Logical, Correct thought, there remains the Fact that it may be Theoretical, for the most part, to them….

    And therin lies their Apathy, their Unwillingness and even Hostility to accept an idea that our Animal-Friends have their Own Rights too and that they matter and moreover the Understanding doesn’t develop so easily that it is We who have to make sure that They get them, since its We who have been responsible for their Present State….

    Even unfortunate people on the Streets, once they know the Unselfish Loyalty of an Animal-Friend value their Relationship and Trust.

    While this Attitude will take Time and Warm Experience of ‘Friendly-Paws,’ nonetheless, for the most, they WILL change.
    And there always be some Idiots, like our Knave…. 😦

    Still, Your Ladyship, we cannot remain Complacent in any Way.

    All our efforts are to be focused on The Council of Elders that will be taking place.
    We MUST be able to convince these Ignorant Imbeciles that what we present is the Logical Side and the Correct Side.
    This will require Patience, a Cool Mind and a Sharp, Firm yet Polite Tongue at times.

    For that, we need to discuss as to Why do these Nutts defend their Views so Vehemently.

    While they don’t mind a ‘private’ pet, it is because they know that its not their responsibility and not their ‘headache.’

    A ‘Stray Animal’ is considered as unclean, ‘unsafe,’ ‘wild’ and ‘non-trustworthy.’

    To bring them to the View of Acceptable Tolerance towards the Doggies, we have to show them that they are a part of our Collective Responsibility and that there is Great Benefit to be achieved in return.

    That having the Friendly Complex Doggies around, who are taken care of by Responsible Adults and are kept Acceptably ‘Clean,’ ‘Healthy,’ ‘Well-Trained’ and Safe with the Children, without ‘loitering’ the Complex Compound would be a great way to deal with this.

    The Hidden Benefits of having the Friendly, Trained, Uninterfering, Clean Complex Doggies around over, for say, getting overrun by Stranger, Unfriendly and Wild and ‘Dirty’ ones, the rather Minimal Economic Expenditure in maintaining them and their Protective Instinct over the Complex will have to be stressed upon.

    And the Successful Examples of those carrying out a similar um…. ‘arrangement’ would be appreciated.

    And only TIME and EXPERIENCE with the Loyal Royal Guard will make the Ignorant Populace of this Land more Caring and Sensitive.

    A Great and Loving Vahini of mine once said this to me, Your Ladyship:-

    “Now, I just need to learn to let go and realize that I won’t be able to save each and every one of my little babies and this isn’t America with the shelters that I’m used to and trust. I must make a change, but in a way I never thought possible….with the people who are most afraid and ignorant of dogs. :)”

    I admire her Wisdom, her Courage, her Love for all the Innocent and Good in Life, her Passion to Preserve and Protect them and the Intelligence and Spirit to achieve them.
    Meet HER, Your Ladyship, but also meet my Vahini’s Love of Her Life, my Bear Dada, who like a Rock stands by her and like a Cushion holds her when she is hurt.

    (And also writes a Never-Ending, Mysterious Blog! :-P)

    So, Lets pack some Scooby Snacks, put on our armour and ‘muster the Research!’
    We attack at Dawn!

    For our War is Just!

    Sound The Horns!


    • Jayesh-G,

      Sir Knight, thou has been most brave running the kingdom in our stead. For that, we have granted you the title of Lord. 😉 Thou must now marry as is the privilege, right and duty of any Lord. 😛 hahahaha

      I promise to remain vigilant here and work diligently to prevent those knaves from any untoward behavior to the protectors of this land. They shall feel my wrath, trust in that.

      As Gori Rajkumari is back with a vengeance and is ready to say “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS” should they cross her again! 😉

      Especially since no one has seen nor heard hide nor hair from those two knaves after Gori put them through the group thread wringer and exposed them for the idiots they are on several society topics. 😀

      And Bear is working so much lately that I rarely see him so finishing off that blog is on the back burner for now but NOT totally off the heat!

      • “For that, we have granted you the title of Lord. 😉 Thou must now marry as is the privilege, right and duty of any Lord.”

        I Thank Thee, Your Ladyship for The Office of The Lord, the Responsibilities due which I shall carry forth with Great Honour and Dedication, with Infallibility and with The Courage that such a Lord as that of m’Lady must.

        Yet, you place me with a difficult task….

        Which fair maiden would doth consent to plight her troth with such an uncouth a Lad as me, though I be graced by the Office of The Lord under Her Ladyship’s Service? 😦

        I fear she might flee the very sight of me in abject terror should she try to imagine a Life with an ill-mannered, lazy bachelor as me! 😦

        Nay, I leave the matter to Her Ladyship to find a suitable match for me.

        I fear I may not be upto such a task as this!
        I confess my relative naivete in the Matters of the Heart…. having not the Time, though plenty of Inclination, to do so! 😉

        I fear that my Heart would be too weak to withstand rejection…. 😦

        I (usually!) trust Your Ladyshop’s judgements.

        She would honour me by finding a potential match. 😉

        I shall give my yea or nay after review.

        Waiting for the Bear Blog by a Bear Blogger.

  4. Wow, GR, you are struggling bravely for what you believe in, and that’s admirable !

    However, be warned that you are in for much heartburn and pain.

    The people in Pune’s housing-societies will continue to drive their vehicles FAST, even within the premises of the society. It’s an uphill battle to get them to slow down. The construction of multiple speed-breakers on the roads within the premises might perhaps get them to slow down.
    Also, the premises should be well-illuminated, from dusk to dawn, with suitable sodium-vapour-lighting. Also, all visitors should be prohibited from bringing their vehicles inside the society premises.

    The most humane approach would be to get the local SPCA to sterilize the various stray dogs in the vicinity, so that the chances of puppies being born in the future are minimized. Adult dogs learn to cope, successfully most of the time, with the wayward vehicular traffic of Pune.

    To be able to safely raise puppies in Pune, you have to be residing, way out in the countryside.

    • Hey Chris!

      Thanks so much for the advice! We are working with a local NGO Animal Welfare Organization to get the two adult females fixed and vaccinated once the puppies are old enough that they no longer require their mother’s milk (which will probably be in a week or two). The puppies are down to three now and we are still working on finding them good homes….but it’s hard as I’m sure you know. The good news is that the puppies in our complex are well socialized due to the diligence of the children who come to play with them everyday and some people who feed them occasionally through the week to help maintain their health. If they are going to remain stray dogs, they are going to be some of the most friendly yet road smart dogs in our area! 😉

      And the two pieces of work have been too ashamed to show much of their ignorance or ass at our online group in some time. Especially after I showed them up in two other idiocy comment categories they wrote. 🙂 Like Bear says…..”They don’t know what they got themselves into.”


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