The Case of The Missing Gori Rajkumari….by Jayesh-G

OPENING CREDITS:  As Gori Rajkumari is currently down with a pretty nasty case of stomach virus, her Doctor has prescribed plenty of liquids, rest and no computer usage.  In the meantime, he has graciously agreed to allow the posting of a small section of his next thrilling piece of work to hit the publishing stands sometime soon!  Here’s an excerpt!

Watson was taking a nap in his armchair in the Living Room in his and Holmes’s rooms at Baker’s Street, when suddenly, an agitated Holmes bursts through the door!
Watson, in the meanwhile, was too busy slumbering and couldn’t care less whether the intruder was Holmes or Mrs. Hudson in a  corset, wearing a feather hat and dark red lipstick.
Holmes, infuriated at the lack of response, pulls off a few hair from Watson’s moustache.
Watson, woken up in such an abrupt manner, is forgiven for screaming at Holmes, “What in the name of Sharell’s Sexy Moustache is wrong with you, Holmes?”
Holmes, “Ah, my dear Watson! I am glad you have managed to wake up after your brief nap of half an hour!”
Watson, in a wonder, asked, “My dear Holmes, how in the name of our Sweet Mrs. Hudson, could you have ever deduced that?”
Holmes closes his eyes and opens his eyes, now lit afire with a passion.
“Watson, my powers of observation and deduction have been perfected by years of observing and deducing. It has become such a second nature to me that I observe and deduce faster than you can say, “Glorfindel, the High Elf, beat Buffy the Slayer in a Quidditch match at Hogwarts!” and this, my dear Watson, will be put to the Ultimate Test, in Our Sensational Next Case!
However, as for deducing the length of your nap, Watson, it was a simple matter of counting the number of hair of your moustache not yet wet from your drooling saliva and then multiplying by 4 and dividing by 8 and multiply the result by 2. The same result can be obtained by counting the number of wet hair and then reversing the formula!”
“Ah, Watson, the years I have taken to wait for you to have a nap and drool and then arrive at this magical formula, is a testament to my amazing power of observation and deduction.” said Holmes, modestly.
Watson was silent, contemplating the New Importance of his moustache and felt flattered that such a Great Detective as Holmes would stare at it for hours on end, while he fell asleep!
He vowed to shave the very evening!
Then he remembered….
“But Holmes, you mentioned a sensational New Case!”
Holmes, now somber, looked at Watson, “It is a most curious case, Watson, most curious! The matter itself is very simple, my dear Watson, yet the people involved makes it much more sinister.
I have here a Letter from Lord M. Brandybuck -“
Watson intervened, “The Lord Brandybuck, the Personal Secretary to Her Ladyship!”
Holmes, now excited, “The Very Same, Watson, the Very Same!
And the News he brings is most sinister! The Letter says that Her Ladyship is missing!”
Watson, now bored, “What’s new in that, my Dear Holmes! She is alway disappearing! Either she is with her Bear or busy training The Royal Guard!”
Holmes, “Indeed, Watson, but why would then the Lord Brandybuck have contacted us? Listen, now, Watson, Lord Brandybuck himself says that Her Ladyship last contacted him to inform that she was going to post a new Blog that Very Day, that is on December 10, but has been entirely missing for three whole days!”
Watson was stunned!
“What! She INFORMED that she was going to Blog on the Very Same Day and she has been missing for three whole days! It is indeed sinister, my dear Holmes!”
Holmes, now closing his eyes, “This is the most important case in my Life, Watson! The Recovery of Her Ladyship is most crucial to prevent a full-scale War that will involve not only Europe, but India and most certainly, the United States of America!
The Games Afoot, Watson! It’s the Case of the Missing Gori Rajkumari!”


6 thoughts on “The Case of The Missing Gori Rajkumari….by Jayesh-G

    • That you are, Sharell bhabhi.

      And a smart, intelligent, beautiful, caring and fun-loving at that! 🙂

      But, I had doubts as to your gastro-intestinal tract!
      Immune to all the Indian pathogens….

      Super-Sharell! 😉

  1. Good day I was fortunate to seek your blog in bing
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  2. WHOA! You are one Crazy Gori Rajkumari! 😛

    I knew Holmes and Watson would track Your Ladyship down! 😉

    Bad to hear of your gastro. 😦

    Please Get Well Soon!

    Take Care,
    Aurora Vahini!

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