Brrr …. Freaking Brrr is RIGHT! It’s Cold in Pune!

I just thought I would share with you what a recent Times Of  India article had to say about the weather we are experiencing here in Pune.

PUNE: The mercury plunged to 6.5 degrees Celsius on Monday, making it the second lowest temperature for the month of December in the last decade. In 2005, the temperature had gone down to 6.3 degrees.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) here said Pune was colder than Delhi (7.5 degrees Celsius) and even Mahabaleshwar (10.4 degrees Celsius). However, Nashik recorded the lowest temperature at 5.9 degrees Celsius.

Pune experienced its lowest temperature ever in 1968, at 3.3 degrees Celsius.

Over the last five days, the minimum temperature in Pune has reduced by more than five degrees Celsius. Monday’s temperature was more than three degrees less than the average minimum temperature for December 10 degrees Celsius.

The minimum temperature is expected to remain around 7 degrees Celsius over the next two days, said Medha Khole, director (weather forecasting), IMD, Pune.

According to Khole, the cold weather will prevail in most parts of the state, except Konkan, due to dry weather and the presence of northerly winds. Konkan has not been witnessing any cold wave condition so far.

Severe cold wave conditions prevailed in some parts of Vidarbha and north interior Karnataka, the daily weather report of the IMD said. Cold wave conditions also prevailed in isolated places in central Maharashtra and Marathwada.

As per the weather report, night temperatures were less than normal in central Maharashtra, Vidarbha, Konkan and Marathwada.

Other cities that recorded temperatures less than 10 degrees Celsius included Aurangabad (7.9), Akola (8.5), Jalgaon (7), Malegaon (8.2), Nagpur (9.1), Parbhani (7.5), Satara (9.4) and Solapur (9.5).

Read more: Brrr! Pune shivers at 6.5 deg Celsius – The Times of India

That’s right…it’s been really cold here.  I know you don’t think that 43 degrees F is cold, but imagine that in a house with no insulation, built entirely from concrete and marble tiles instead of carpet and no direct sunlight.

So cold that I have taken to walking around with two layers of clothing on.  One my long john’s brought with me from US just in case we ever went to Shimla for skiing – ha ha ha….thank GOD.  And the second layer is long sleeve, so-called ‘winter kurta’ wear.  HAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAH.  Winter Kurta.  That’s really funny.  A total misnomer but still really hilarious.  Also, I’ve been wearing my ski socks and my slippers as we don’t have carpets.

My nose is cold!!!  Seriously!  You touch it….and it’s cold!  I won’t mention what else is cold!  I have a hot water bottle in my bed under the three layers of covers we have and whenever I need to defrost I sneak in under there with the covers over my head and thaw out.

You think I’m joking?  Uhm….NO.

The residential buildings here do not have central air let alone central heating.  There is NO way to regulate the temperature in your home.  So in the summers you have the windows open to catch a breeze and you put special films on your glass to keep the main sun rays out.  And in the winter you freeze your arse off.

I am making my husband stop and buy a heater today if it’s the last thing I do.

He better not think I’m joking either!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Brrr …. Freaking Brrr is RIGHT! It’s Cold in Pune!

  1. It’s beautifully cold this winter in Pune. Global Warming had cheated us of our customary Pune winter for the last several years, but this winter, it’s turning out to be the real thing.

    Growing up, I’ve even experienced 4 degrees C in Pune !

    But, I am surprised to hear about a Gori shivering in a Pune winter.

    Maybe the Indian summers have made you go soft 🙂

    Sweatshirts and sweat-pants (like the ones they sell in Wal-Mart in the US) should keep you comfortably warm.


    A Gori feeling cold in Pune!

    HEE! HEE! HEE! 😀 😀 😀

    What is a HEATER, Vahini? 😛

    Most Indian houses in the Deccan are built without a heating unit since, it would see very little use around the year.
    I have spent a few of my Christmas Vacations in my Native Village and there is no fireplace, let alone central heating. The Cold Temperatures, the Open Plains combiled with the Chilled Winds meant only one solution:- The Famous Solapur Chadars (Blankets)!

    And the people in my village used to get up at 4 a. m., bring the water from the wells and bathe in that icy-cold, frosted water and begin the day! 😮

    My sis and I used to get up at 7 a. m. and ask for hot water, for which Baba and my grandfather used to chide us kids for being so ‘weak’ but then make us collect firewood to boil the water….

    (Those were the fun days….)

    The temperatures literally dip around 5 degree celcius at night and I guess that’s the time the fat gained by gorging on so many Diwali Sweets gets burnt off! 😉

    Anyway, don’t you know about December and January?
    Its shopping time for smart Indians….

    Shopping for Air-conditioners, Coolers and Referigerators which are cheap, owing to the fact that they are off-season. 😉

    Once again, my question to Your Ladyship:-

    “What is a HEATER?”

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