We’ll be back after THESE messages….

Over here at Gori Rajkumari’s house, we got four sad puppy’s on our hands!

Yesterday, Bear and I spent QUITE a bit of time trying to capture Goldie and Brownie to take them in to be spayed and given a rabies shot.

Goldie turns out to be far more trusting of Bear and I then Brownie and so off poor Goldie went.

She’s resting on our balcony now and as she needs care for the first 24-48 hours after spaying, your faithful Gori R will be off tending to her every whim, need and shoving meds down her throat need.  All whilst listening to Brownie and the pups whine for Goldie to come back home RIGHT now.

But never fear, Gori Rajkumari will return tomorrow or the next day with a thrilling ‘tail’ of what going to the Vet is like here in India!

Till then, take care all!

PS:  Goldie says I should write “And send me some chicken and an escape plan.”  😉


6 thoughts on “We’ll be back after THESE messages….

    • Hey Pepper! I’m so sorry I’ve neglected the blog recently! So much has been going on lately. But I promise to write something and get it posted today! So keep refreshing! 😉 And keep coming back and posting a comment when you can!

  1. great lady you are and also your husband ,the more i read that you love animals i respect you,also if possible post picture of your puppies.

  2. How are Goldie, Brownie and Vahini?

    I hope the spaying season’s at an end and the Ladies (all three) are back at lazing around and looking after the puppies all day….

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