Update on Brownie

On Sunday, we took help from someone to capture Brownie.  The Lady did a great job but had to sedate Brownie heavily as she’s a runner.

The surgery went well, but because of all the medicine in her, she has been sleeping pretty constantly or waking up in pain since.  Bear and I moved the mats from our guest bedroom and slept on the floor in our hall so that we could be close to here if Brownie had any issues.  (She’s staying on our Balcony).

The sedation has taken longer to wear off with Brownie than it did with Goldie and poor Brownie is having a hard time standing for too long or staying awake for any period of time.  She’s also suffering from some constipation, even though she is having some diarrhea; she seems to have a blockage and is having a hard time getting it out.

Sunday night we had a serious (I mean yelling at one point) disagreement with the man in charge of maintenance for our builder.  People have been complaining heavily about the dogs and even though we’ve given him the laws concerning them, he still helps aggravate these people by blaming everything that happens here on the dogs.  (Torn car cover?  It was the dogs, even though it’s a straight edge cut on the roof of the car with one deep scratch underneath…hello?  KNIFE asshole!  Rats in the complex?  It’s the dogs!)  I’m also getting harassed by one of the men stoically opposed to the dogs.  Right now it’s in the form of constant emails on our Society Website, getting his little cronies to also post and THEN it turned out that the car parked for over a month in our paid spot was HIS car.  When I found out who’s it was and asked the guard to speak with him, he apparently had a hissy fit.  “They don’t’ have a car and don’t park there so what’s their problem??”  Uhm….hello?  It’s our PAID for SPOT!  Apparently he owns two cars and only one spot.  Tough tata’s for him as my Mother would say.

Anyway, today, Brownie heard her puppies being attacked by outside dogs.  When I was at the bedroom window shouting them away, she crawled up onto a chair on our balcony that I had left too close to the railing and then she jumped.  We are on the third floor.  I heard her scream, looked out my window to see her lying on the ground below and then ran downstairs in my pj’s.  By then, she was up and moving around.  She sniffed her puppies and wagged her tail at them and then gave me a run for my money trying to recapture her.  She doesn’t seem to have broken anything, except one of her canine teeth.

I finally caught her and carried her back upstairs and now she is passed out cold.  She woke up while I was writing this, peed (no bloody urine thank god) and ate some soft dog food and is now back to sleep again.

I’m praying.  Please say a prayer for my little sweetheart.  She’s such a good dog and these people here just refuse to see it.



8 thoughts on “Update on Brownie

  1. This week we lost my parents pet dog coco. I had never met a friendlier dog. This christmas holidays, we had stayed with my parents for 10 days and coco would follow us around, play ball, it seemed to understand by looking at us. I was like family.

    And, suddenly one month latter, she stoped eating, couldn’t move. Biopsy confirmed cancer all over her organs. She was euthanized. Such is the ephemeral nature of life. I had known that dog from when it was a puppy 9 years ago, but I must have only spent 30 days max with it. When I think of its sweet nature and those eyes…I don’t know if I would have been sadder if a human family member had passed away.

    • Ghati, thank you so much for that comment. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your furry family member. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. So many people really don’t realize the absolute and unadulterated love that animals give to us, but it’s a blessing for those of us who do realize. Coco will be with your family always and she gave you all such a great gift….her love.

  2. Oh my God. Poor Brownie. I can’t imagine the terror that must have been going through her mind/your mind. I’m glad she’s OK, but I am so sorry to hear about your neighbors being asses. This one character sounds like a real piece of work.

    By: Albert Schweitzer

    Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends the animals, especially for animals who are suffering; for any that are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry; for all that will be put to death.

    We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity, and for those who deal with them we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words.

    Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful.

    • Blonde Bahu….what a lovely and wonderful prayer! Thank you so much for that! Brownie is recovered and back with her ‘pack’. Now I’m just waiting for the next owner meeting so I can get right up in their faces about the training they agreed to have me give and then never set up. 😉

      • Hooray! I’m so glad she’s feeling better. I only hope the meeting goes well/actually happens. It’s so hard–I associate my four-legged-friends with so much happiness and joy, but your neighbors and the system that is(n’t) in place are causing so much unnecessary trauma.

  3. good wishes to brownie and her puppies. poor guy,hopefully manages well with broken tooth.
    These psycho maniacs -cant be happy cant let anyone be happy,there are everywhere.
    we had 1 lady in our prev apartment, she cant stand anyone at all. She will complain abt every1 and anyone who cross her apartment.

    • Thanks so much for your wishes for Brownie! She recovered and was happily reunited with Goldie and the two pups. I suppose here in India we are always going to be faced with quite a few people who just aren’t happy unless everyone is unhappy with them….we have to remember to stay strong in the face of that….together. 🙂

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