World Cup Cricket 2011

If your married to an Indian Boy, you recognize this and are groaning along with me.

Two months worth of constant gaming.

Then comes the IPL.

God help me.

🙂  On the bright side, he can’t watch this weekend as he has a Tournament!  Hahaha!  Revenge!

Another piece of good news, I’ve got a blog all lined up and ready to post on Monday, so I’ll see you then!

Till then, take care, have fun and DON’T WATCH CRICKET OUT OF SHEER PROTEST!



10 thoughts on “World Cup Cricket 2011

    • White Girl in a Sari….

      I’m really enjoying your blog and I see that you and I have a deep and mutual understanding when it comes to Cricket. I especially liked the BEER part. As Buffy the Vampire Slayer once said….BEER GOOD….Fire Bad. I would just change that up a bit with BEER GOOD….Cricket Bad. 😉

  1. GoriRaj,

    I’m so greatful to have an Indian boy who could care less about any type of sports including cricket. I never have gotten into sports and not sure I could handle a man who is glued to the tv watching them. Cricket looks like a lot more fun then baseball….so maybe one day I’ll be converted

    All the Best,

    • Kat Kat Kat….

      Cricket more fun than Baseball???? Are you running a fever my dear? 🙂 It’s actually pretty cool to watch when Sachin is playing. I like watching the Master Blaster stump all the bowlers, but constant gaming is beyond my reserves! 😉

  2. I actually don’t mind watching Cricket with my hubby… well I guess it would be watching the last hour… the rest of the time I’m reading books or blogs, sleeping or having a life. 🙂

    • JMBLillies,

      I don’t mind watching the occasional game with my husband either, but there are two games on a DAY. TWO! And then AFTER this World Cup nonsense there is the IPL. This is cruel I tell you!!! CRUEL! hehehehe

      Thanks for the comment and keep coming back!

    • Ramesh,

      😛 I tried hiding the remote but he figured out how to turn the channel on the box! I tried throwing the fuse when he wasn’t looking and he figured that out too! I have not yet begun to fight!! I will prevail! hehe

  3. My wife is American and we live in PA. She does not realize that she really fortunate in that we don’t have cricketing channels on cable. There would be a number of skipped days at work if things were otherwise. She’s seen the house come to a standstill when we have a European soccer (football) broadcast. So she probably has an inkling of what might happen with cricket.

    I’ve posted in the past and subscribe to your posts. I grew up in Mumbai and hopefully when we visit sometime would love to meet up with you and your husband.
    I hope you have a nice weekend.

    • Hi Glenn and welcome back!!

      I am very glad to hear that your wife has escaped the drama that is Cricket. Sorry mate. I’m a American Football, Baseball, Basketball lover of old and Cricket I just don’t get and Soccer….well don’t even get me started on Soccer. 😉 heheh

      Hopefully we can all meet up sometime! If not here, then there! Take care and keep coming back!

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