UPDATE Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone!

I have NOT forgotten about you all, it’s just been really super busy over here in Gori Rajkumari land.

BUT…I have so much to tell you and so much to say that is SURE to make you either roll your eyes at my idiocy or laugh your butt off at the Lucille Ball situations I tend to get myself into while living here in India.

Rest assured, I’m going to try and post something tomorrow or the next day.  So stay tuned!!!



13 thoughts on “UPDATE Coming Soon!

  1. Speaking of House….
    We Interns are the junior-most doctors in the entire team.
    So, we are the usual ‘fall guys’ and my seniors are INBORN House-type bullies.
    The only difference being, they are Wilson towards their attitude towards the patients.

    But when it comes to us Interns….

    There’s a description of an ‘ideal’ Intern (developed by us):-

    An Intern feels NO pain!
    He does not have ANY shame!
    Whence he comes from and where he shall go, no one can tell!
    (For he knows not himself!)

    He knows no sleep!
    He needs no rest!
    From any medical to indentured labour, an Intern does all work!
    (And all at once!)

    Fear not!
    Any job, just dump it on the Intern
    and order him, “To get it done.”

    Internship is like a Medical Boot Camp.
    It is guaranteed to harden the young ‘soldier’ and make him ready to face most all sorts of eventualities/emergencies in Life.
    It is also the time when we Interns, the young blood, have the MOST FUN!

  2. Did you put tracer on white cow’s replies? I bet it would lead to some mental facility. Hate comments ok whatever this madcow had typed is brutal to the core and smutty and filthy.

    @Whitecow – My sympathies to you. So, did Bear came running to you complaining about how he was beguiled by a lovable pretty women? Only him or all the other guys in the world who dumped you or ignored you?
    Gori rajkumari is loved and liked by every1 what about you?

    • Meandmythinkingcap,

      Thank you so much for the kind words! White Cow had included some fairly personal information in their comments which had nothing to do with anything other than to be nasty. I removed those portions and the sad thing was that what was left was still disgusting. I did run a trace back because they continued to comment from the same location. Apparently they didn’t read the part on my blog about my background in IT. Either way, their behavior as constituted by US law (using abusive language, repetitive contact, and research and use of our personal information in order to slander/harass or threaten) is illegal and punishable by law. Right now, I’m taking the track that won’t ruin their career and life (even though it may inconvenience them) but if this person persists I will have no other recourse.

      On the bright side, I’ve apparently now ascended to such high visibility (insert sarcasm here) as to bring out the tenacious trolls instead of just the drive by commenter’s! 😉 heheheheh

  3. YAAAAY!
    India Won.


    Whom are you calling a white cow…. you um…. ‘white cow?’

    But then, you are right.
    Aurora Vahini is a White Cow.
    In the traditional Indian Holy Cow kind of way.
    Very motherly, very loyal, kind, sweet-hearted and helpful.

    But she is also a tigeress…. a White Tigeress, if you will.
    And as for your rather nasty yet entertaining comments, you really have some pent-up anger within you.
    Do yoga….

    Either that, or you are a person with a lot of free time and without an inclination to think good about others.
    So, get a hobby…. and join an N. G. O. ….

    And, Your Ladyship, I am happy you have some crap that you can laugh out loud on. 😉
    Don’t worry, there are people out here who do love you, even your complete bovine entirety! 😛

    P. S. :- Nevertheless, we are waiting for the Bear-Cow hybrid Calbs (calves + cubs), patiently. 😛

    • YAY!! India WON! I was so excited to see it! Bear was jumping up and down towards the end saying “Just ONE MORE WICKET!” 😉

      Jayesh, always the loyal friend and always with the sensible and logical reply. 😉 Tigress. LOL I am woman, hear me ROAR!

      You should have seen White Cow’s replies! So nasty! ICK! But the idiot is posting it from the same place so my lovely rule to block any comments from there popped up in SPAM. And what with my blocking all comments until I approve them….why HER nasty replies just won’t get in. So sad. Makes me want to cry for HER. BooHOO! 😉

      Ok, all done feeling sorry for such ilk.

      I was going to upload my post today, but they decide to do an actual power outage today so it will have to wait till tomorrow. Such fun! Talk soon and HEY(!!!!!!) how’s the residency going? Is your superior anything like House???? I love House. Bear and I watch and just love giggling over what a complete and utterly lovable ass he is! Talk soon, Bear says HI!

  4. Gori Rajkumari, big hugs to you! I am sorry you had to hear such bullshit.

    But on the other hand, if you get such trolls, I’d say you have arrived 😀 I think you’re famous! So Yay to that!

    • LOL! Hey Pepper, I’ve been getting trolls for quite some time now but usually I block them. I made it a habit some time ago because of a particularly nasty person who attacked everyone on my site that now I have to approve every comment before they go through. If I’m sick or too busy, sometimes even Bear goes through and accepts them for me. 😉

      This person had some real animosity though as they HAD listed our personal information (like names and ages and the such) which I removed from the comments. Led me to believe that this is someone we either know or have had some association with and now they are ‘out to ruin’ that presumptions Gori who DARED marry such a nice, sweet, innocent Indian Boy. hehe haha LOL! If only they knew man….HIM INNOCENT? LOLOLOLOL He’s naughtier than I am! That’s why I fell for him for gosh sakes!

      But thanks so much for support Pepper! I really appreciate it! 😉

    • You’re very right White Cow, those two blogs are excellent, wonderful, loving representations of a relationship that works. Just as mine is working. The difference is that I don’t post pictures because I chose to keep my life and my husband’s life private. He and I had a very mature and adult conversation (to which I am not sure you are capable but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt) and decided it would make us both more comfortable to be anonymous.

      I’m quite surprised at you though, demeaning ALL Indian Guys by saying that they don’t have the acumen enough to make a logical decision about a life course. Perhaps this is a deep seeded issue you are having. I strongly suggest therapy…..and more English grammar classes. 🙂

      PS: You won’t be getting any more comments on this site. I allowed these in just so other people could see that I do get the crazy’s every once in a while….but after this, you’ll be blocked. 😉 Have a nice day!!!!

    • Oh.My.God. White Cow, your comments shock, disgust and amuse me. I have an anonymous blog and do not share my pics either. Perhaps you think I am ugly as well. But you know what? Nobody really cares about what you think!

  5. You know what you have wasted a young mans life. You call yourself gori raj kumari…you don’t vene look like gori janitor. You have runied his life..you look so ugly and you post as though you are cute and funny..you are a white bitch who just wanted to spoil a innocent boy;s life…you can’t even give him a babay. stop telling you are beautiful…not all white girls are beautifull..yes you are a white cow..

    • EH? How have I waisted a young man’s life? In the same manner that Anjali Tendulkar has waisted Sachin’s? By marrying younger than myself? What is age but a number in today’s world?

      I look so ugly eh? Well, it’s always been my feeling that ugly is as ugly does. Look at your comment and tell me who’s the ugly one now? And where did I ever say I was beautiful???? HAHAHHAHAHHAHAA You really are a crazy person aren’t you? Anyone who’s read this blog or knows me personally, knows that beautiful is never a term I use for myself. Pretty maybe. Beautiful never.

      Can’t even give him a “babay”. I’m assuming you mean baby. Well, I’ll tell you….I haven’t given him one yet because we chose to wait. SHOCKER! And….get ready for this….prepare yourself…..it was my Husband’s suggestion due to the nature of his work right now! SHOCKERAMA! A husband who wants more time to be involved in the birth and raising of a child. Must be totally incomprehensible to you.

      You know what I think White Cow? You are in Minnesota. You seem to me like a girl who’s been jilted. Perhaps you are someone intensely jealous over the rich and wonderful life other’s lead while you remain lonely. Or perhaps you are a girl who was in love with a boy who chose a white girl over you. I’m thinking I’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one. Jilted. Jealous. I have to wonder WHY you were jilted? Maybe your ugly nature? Perhaps your nasty sharp tongue? Dare I say it was your ineptness and complete lack of respect for anyone besides yourself? Most likely all of these things and much much more. Who knows, maybe your skin is even ashy (try Light and Lovely, I hear it works wonders).

      All I know is these two things:

      1) You need therapy.
      2) You are blocked.

      Have a nice day!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • OOPS White Cow or Anonymous and Whomever you are trying to be to get past my mad blocking skills…..you got BLOCKED again! Must be just driving your little jealous jilted heart nuts that your pithy little comments aren’t appearing on my site! So sad!

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