What Gori Rajkumari’s been UP TO lately….


2011 World Cup Champions INDIA



Sachin and FAN




What I’ve been UP TO!

Because you know, if I wasn’t posting here….I’m most likely off being ‘naughty’ somewhere, right?

Well, first I think we should all take a moment of silence, clear our throats and then GO CRAZY…screaming over India’s winning the 2011 World Cup Cricket Match!!!  WOO HOO!!  Go India!!!

Secondly, I got a job.  Then a month later, I got another job.  This was two months ago.  Now I have two jobs that were supposed to be part-time work from home and are now turning into something much more.

Both of my jobs are stimulating and appeal to my own inner nature and talents.  Writing.

I love these jobs, they invigorate me and, more importantly, they keep me from going nutters sitting at home with nothing but myself to give me deadlines for work I want to do.  Now someone else is asking me to complete something by their timeline and I have to admit that works 100 times better for me than me setting my own.

I never thought Procrastination was one of my own faults, but once again, India has taught me something new and different about myself!

These two jobs have done very well at keeping me busy and away from my blog, but now that I have gotten used to the work, I’m thankful that I have found a way to also add time for writing on a personal level.

This writing is cathartic and I need it.  I’ve been away from it far too long.

And it only took me like an hour and a half to write all the blogs I just posted!  WOW!  LOL!

Also, I know how much you all have missed the musings of a Gori in India (insert sarcasm here).  😛  <Sharell…Look a COW!>




One thought on “What Gori Rajkumari’s been UP TO lately….

  1. Hi Aurora Vahini!


    Two New Jobs that you enjoy!
    That’s wonderful. 😀

    I know about the procastination….
    It is what I call the Brain Stand-by mode!

    And I think that fan must have tattooed those colours!
    I have seen him in almost every match for the past month and a half! 😮

    But he got a pic with Aapla Tendlya.


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