End to Terrorism or a window opening? Osama Bin Laden dead by US Navy Seals…

Today started off just like most days…

I got up to a hot bedroom, let in our maid who prepared our subzi and roti for the day.  Packed my husband’s lunch, made coffee and set out biscuits for us to eat and then we sat down to watch Old Christine or Friends.

There was no Newspaper today which was odd, but not out of the ordinary.  It’s India and these things just happen.

Then I sent Bear off to work, puttered around cleaning up a few things and checked my Facebook account.

And that is where I found it.

Osama Bin Laden was dead.

He had been killed by a small contingent of US Navy Seals 62 miles north of Islamabad in Pakistan whilst staying in a mansion with his family.

So many emotions flooded my being, flashbacks to 9/11 and then again to 26/11 for Mumbai, all the numerous reports from Pakistan that they could not find Osama and now it all culminated to this final day.

The US found him, kept their secrets and killed him.

I was happy, sad, confused, angry, relieved, and scared all over and over.

How can any person be happy over the death of another?  How could I not be with my US and India ties?

I sent a text message to my husband at work, knowing that he did not yet know being stuck in meetings all morning and our newspaper not being delivered this morning of ALL mornings.

And now I sit here and question my own feelings.

And I’m reminded of a line from a movie.

“Take me away from all this…Death!”

Do you remember that line?  It was spoken by Mina Harker in Dracula.  She was begging Dracula to change her, to turn her into what he was.

When I watched that movie I didn’t really look beyond the story or the entertainment value, but like I always do, later I reviewed it in my head to find meaning behind the story.

And I found it.  That one line.  That one statement.  It’s very telling of our human nature.  We fight fire with fire.  We fight death with death.

But does this also mean that we find salvation in termination?

Haven’t we for centuries been doing the same?  Killing one another for reasons all our own and for which we feel righteous?  Do not they too feel righteous?  Is vengeance really vengeance or is it a show of power to those who once thought us weak?

Why must it be so?  Have we ever truly tried to show compassion and logic?

Have we, the US, really created our own Monsters?  Has the whole world?

When the men in our complex beat and throw stones at the dogs who live here peacefully and then wonder that the dogs growl and bark and chase after them, haven’t they shown through their own ignorance that they have created their own enemy and are too wrapped up in their “Why Me’s?” to realize it?

If these Monsters we live with have been created out of greed, ignorance, betrayal, or prejudice, then who created them?

If we had nothing to do with their creation, if we did not force them to behave this way, and we must therefore be justified in our own actions, isn’t that just the same as what they say?

Are we stuck in a perpetual Catch-22?

I don’t know.

But I do know that a part of me is happy that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

A part of me is sad that he had to die.

A part of me is confused that he had so much hate for a place he lived in and lived like for so long.

A part of me is angry at my home country for feeding him in his home and sending billions of our hard-earned money to a Country who lied and hid him.

A part of me is relieved that it is all finally over.

A part of me is scared that another (worse) Monster will just take his place.

If the saying “When God closes a door, he also opens a window.” is true for the God, does it not hold true that it must be the same for the bad as well?  After all, we do not live in a vacuum.  With yin, so too there must be yang.

What are you feeling today?  May 1st 2011.  The dawn of a new day without Osama Bin Laden.


16 thoughts on “End to Terrorism or a window opening? Osama Bin Laden dead by US Navy Seals…

  1. I’m surprised to see there’s been a helicopter crash which maybe conveniently has killed the team of navy seals who reputedly killed Bin Laden. If I was a conspiracy theorist I’d be thinking, well, that’s the witnesses taken care of then. This is just too much coincidence for me.

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  3. Respected Mam ,

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    The nuclear deal with USA was signed with the sole intention of electricity generation and very soon Maharashtra ( My home state ) would have the world’s largest single location nuclear power plant at Jaitapur !

  4. Respected Mam ,

    I am aware of the power cuts in my country ( India ) . Quality and reliable electricity supply is still a distant dream for 70% of the populace in India . In India there are only two cities ( New Delhi and Mumbai ) which receive reliable power supply from private distcoms ( distribution companies ) .

    • Dear Shaunak,

      So sorry, due to a rather nasty commenter some time back, I had to turn on the feature to approve all comments first. And….as you know I’m sure….in India, power and internet connection aren’t always available! 😉 I finally was able to access today and have approved all your comments. PS: Your comments were very informative and very much to the point. Thanks for that! I agree that we all (human race) have the propensity to create our own worst enemy’s. 😦

  5. The United States has a long history of creating Frankenstein Monsters and then devising ways and means to get rid of them . Some of the notable Frankenstein monsters created by the US in the past are :

    1) Adolph Hitler ( to counter the soviet union

    2) Saddam Hussein ( often hailed as a Pan-Arab leader who was entrusted the responsibility of destroying Iran in the Iran-Iraq war )

    3) Osama Bin Laden ( to counter the soviet influence in Afghanistan )

  6. ISI ( the notorious spy agency of Pakistan ) responsible for various terrorist attacks in India was also strengthened by Ronald Reagan’s administration in the 1980s to provide military , financial aid to the Afghan Mujaheddin . All the US help to Islamic fighters in Afghanistan ( Osama Bin Laden ) was channeled/routed through the ISI . After the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan many of these Jehadi elements ( LeT , JeM , etc. ) found their way to India and fueled insurgency/terrorism in India’s Kashmir . To this date whatever help Pakistan receives from the United States is used in anti-India subversive activities .

  7. Dear Aurora ,

    I don’t espouse Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist activities but would like to bring one interesting fact to the notice of all readers .


    He ( Osama Bin Laden ) was a frankenstein monster created by the CIA of USA to counter the Soviet presence in Afghanistan . Osama Bin Laden had a fall out with the US after the first gulf war ( 1991 ) and became America’s enemy number 1 in the years to come . Too bad , some 3000 innocent civilians lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks but one must also not forget the fact that some 15000 brave soviet soldiers lost their lives fighting in Afghanistan . Had the Soviet Union succeeded in its fight against the Taliban and other radical elements in Afghanistan ( back in the 1980s ) the world could have been saved from many ghastly attacks ( 9/11 included ) .

  8. Hi Vahini!
    Hmmmm…. May 1 or rather May 2, in India, was a day that brought various emotions home for me, not the least that Osama bin Laden was dead, but also that we Medical Interns began an indefinite hunger strike (fourth day and counting….) to demand fair wages.
    (Seriously, Rs. 2, 500 for an undergraduate doctor while my counterparts in other states earn Rs. 14, 000?)




    But, as I saw the newspaper and saw the TV news reports later, and after the initial shock had passed, I experienced various emotions, ranging from elation, curiosity, confusion, sadness and fear.

    You see, Your Ladyship, I saw Osama right at our doorstep with the all-powerful USA using its extremely capable and deadly force invade a neighbouring country and take out its arch-enemy while he might still be slumbering in his well-protected lair.
    Add to the fact that seemingly my neighbour did not know that such a man as Osama has been living a few hundred metres from their military training academy added to my worry.
    As a citizen of a country that has been facing deadly terrorist attacks over 20 years and seeing hardly any instances of the perpetrators of these attacks brought to book, I must confess that I agreed with Mr. Obama, when he said, “Justice has been done.”

    THAT was what I felt when I saw the news.

    And then I began collecting and contemplating my thoughts.
    So, Osama has been found and killed.
    Was it worth it?

    There was no doubt that he deserved it but was it right?

    Then, I thought about what an average American must have gone through the last ten years, what I have gone through since I was a kid and understood that my country has been bombed, attacked even went on a war in the name of terrorism….

    My thoughts were on these lines:-

    1.) Each country has its soverignity, its own right to rule itself and to live in peace by itself and among its fellow countries.

    2.) It also has a right to defend itself with deadly force, if necessary, in order to protect its people and property.

    3.) If we consider the simple cause and effect of Osama ordering 9/11, 9/11 occurring and the USA launching a manhunt and capturing/killing him, I find it acceptable.

    But, of course things are not that simple.

    Osama did not, in a fit of unprovoked, illogical (relatively) moment made the conscious decision to make the USA his enemy, nor is it a simple matter how Osama became so powerful and who introduced him to such power in the first place.

    Nor is the fact that the USA has hardly went through conventional channels to capture a criminal. A terrorist, yes, but a criminal, nevertheless.
    It has waged two wars against two countries to punish men that have attacked their soil.
    Have they been justified…. I am not entirely convinced.

    Did they have other choices…. I am not sure….

    It, however, has had profound effects and has begun a change in mindset about the USA, that is fast turning ugly, among those groups of people that is fast considering the USA as a threat to them….

    Compassion and logic, Your Ladyship? For Osama and Al Qaida hardcore and top-brass….
    I am not so sure. Not because that I consider revenge and bloodshed to be their only answer, but because I feel that compassion and love is something that they might not understand anymore….

    The central idealogists of these terrorist organisations and these mass-murder planners and executioners have brainwashed themselves to such an extent, that compassion, love, forgiveness and logic may not work against them….

    But those, in the vast majority of the muslim world that have not managed to go so far….
    For them, yes….

    And how to go about differentiating the brainwashed from those who can still change, convincing them not to fight us, controlling ourselves not to fight/overpower them, control our own greed is something that I have not yet figured out….

    However, as for Osama and his close friends, who have been so evil and have caused so much destruction, I feel that such an action of securing ‘justice’ may be justified, though a fair trial would have been a better way….

    The question does arise Vahini, that the dogs may not be completely (at least not ‘consciously’) at fault for stones thrown at them and getting beaten by sticks, but what action is to be taken against them when one fine day, they may become so mad as to chase and bite someone….

    Not only does the stone-thrower has got a huge responsibility to learn of the consequences of his actions, he must realise that he may be indirectly responsible for the dogs to be there in the first place….

  9. I understand how excited so many in the US are that we finally got the guy who caused so much damage and wounded us so deeply. But honestly, the back-patting we are doing over his death is a little off-putting to me. For one, it took us more than 10 years to get to him. And two, such is our arrogance that he was able to hide in plain sight. Most importanly, though, when I think of the thousands and thousands of soldiers and civilians who have lost their lives in the process, it seems like a hollow victory. So many people died or were maimed. Families torn apart. Osama Bin Laden killed many, but so did we in pursuit of him. I don’t feel like this is a win, and I don’t think I can celebrate. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Every time I turn to the news, all I can think about is all the death.

  10. Thanks for this post. A lot of these thoughts are running through my head as well.

    I just wonder who will be stepping up to take his place, and how much worse will they be?

  11. Thatz a pretty good post GR. I listened to Obama’s speech about Osama’s death. I hoped that he would be captured like Sadam Hussain but too bad that troop had to kill him.
    And Pakistan is still thanked and enjoys the fruits of US labor in capturing this guy after giving him asylum for almost a decade.
    as you said it wasnt like 9-11 wasnt without retaliation. The afghan was totally wiped out as response by Bush’s troops.
    CNN showed only coffin but not the innocent kids and civilans who lost their life for the act by a maniac who took over lifes of 3000k people but as resposne Bush’s army wiped millions in Afghan .
    Anyway I am glad that Osama’s death is pursue a victory against terrorism.

  12. I think this captures a lot of my feelings — there’s so much relief, a sense of increased safety and even justice, and a sense that the “good guys” (always subjective, of course) were finally able to succeed in what they’ve been trying to do for 10 years…but how do you separate that from joy at a human life’s violent end? How do you tamp down the violent themes, the retribution? And, in the US, how do you control the energy (especially energy with violent tones) so it isn’t directed toward Muslims (and anyone Brown or turbaned)?

    A friend posted this link on Facebook: http://www.salon.com/news/politics/war_room/2011/05/02/osama_and_chants_of_usa

    Thanks for this post…

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