The Elusive Indemnity Bond for Spouses in India

The Indemnity Bond…

If you’re applying for a PIO, you may have heard it mentioned.

If you’re anything like me, you shake your head and say “But I’m not an employee!!  I’m a SPOUSE!”

But here in India, the Indemnity Bond is exactly the same thing for every situation.  In this case, it’s also used as a Financial Support Responsibility Document much as you would have to file when applying for a Green Card to the US.

There are few things you need to know about the Indemnity Bond for Marriage.

1)       It needs to be on a certified 100 rupee note.

2)      It needs to be notarized.

3)      It needs VERY specific wording.

So, let’s start with the first.  Where to get an Indemnity Bond?

At your local Notarization Officer of course!  He also will provide (or tell you were to go to get it) the elusive 100 rupee Indemnity Bond stamp.

Then, where to get it done.  Again, with your local Notarizing Officer.  He will also type in all the proper verbiage and notarize it for you.  There is a charge for all three services depending on who you go to.  I can’t remember the exact amount for this as we were having all my PIO documents notarized that day, but I can remember it wasn’t a prohibitive amount.

Lastly, the wording.  It needs to be specific and MOST Notarizing Officers will know exactly what needs to be typed on to the two page document, but just to be safe I’m typing it here for you convenience.

Here goes:

Indemnity Bond

I, Mr. ____ (or Mrs. This is for the Indian Spouse), residing at ____ (Indian address if applying in India and the same one used for residence proof) holding Indian passport No. ____ (Indian Spouses ppn), hereby state on the solemn affirmation as under: –

I state that I am married to Mrs. _____ (non-Indian spouse name here) as on _____ (marriage date as per Indian Marriage certificate) at _____ (city location of marriage) who is ______(nationality for me it was United States of America) National/Citizen.  I state that my wife/husband applying for the PIO card with the Indian Authorities.  I further state that in an event of separation or divorce with _____(non-Indian spouses name) I will surrender his/her PIO card for cancellation within one month and the responsibility will be totally on me to surrender his/her PIO card.

Solemnly affirmed and declared

By the Within Named ______ (Indian Spouses name typed here) in the presence of ______(Notary name here). 

And then there are a bunch of stamps and signatures and such that goes with it.

And there you go, all done and notarized!  Hope this helps!

PS:  As I’m a visual creature, here is a picture of what the two pages will look like.

First page of Indemnity Bond sans the verbiage.


Second page sans the verbiage.


9 thoughts on “The Elusive Indemnity Bond for Spouses in India

    • What? What are you saying? Who are you? Speak English! 🙂 hehehehehe
      I dorked out and forgot to take pics of mine!

  1. Hi Vahini!

    Now you will be a Person of Indian ‘Origin,’ though you originally be from the USA!

    Indemnity? Indian ‘Origin?’

    Confusing! 😮

    Am happy I haven’t taken up law! 😛

    So…. let me get this straight….

    Bear Dada has to ‘pay’ indemnity (Rs. 100? :-o) to the Government of India (as compensation) for allowing Your Ladyship to become a Person of Indian Origin?


  2. I’ve been away from following blogs for a while, but seriously GR this is ridiculous. I feel like you’ve been going about this PIO thing for sooo long. You guys are married for God’s sake, it shouldn’t be that hard.

    I feel for you. Hope it’s all resolved soon : )

    • Ohhh no no Tulika! You see, FIRST it was the Indian Marriage Certificate thing…..THEN it was the Visa Extension thing…..NOW it’s the PIO thing. 😉 Always something new in India! LOL

  3. Hi-great post. I still need to get my PIO. It is weird that it is easier to get the PIO done from the US than from India-thanks for that tip.

  4. hmm, thanks for this~ Hubby and I thought about getting/starting my PIO application on our next visit. We were married in the US and had a ceremony in India (but there was no official paperwork filled out). So I’m assuming we’re going to be lacking official dates/paperwork? Yet another thing to look into! Glad I found this post~

    • Andrea, if you’re living in the US right now I HIGHLY recommend you apply for the PIO THERE. Applying here is such a huge mess and very time consuming. Also, you would have to show a permanent residence here and be there when they send the FRRO to do a home check. Applying in the states if faster, more efficient and just plain EASIER! 😉 Wish I could myself! Glad this helped you out though!

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