Happy Birthday America! ;)


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America! ;)

  1. I totally agree with Glenn. Though I am not a big fan of Star-spangled banner song[too tough to learn and sing] when I come across “Land of the free and home of the brave” cant escape or hide the feeling of pride and freedom anytime.
    Truly blessed to be in America 🙂 I think that is what any national anthem is supposed to do.
    I agree that in small towns it is easy to arrange and collect fund for the expense. I guess the main reason of cancelling the tradition was violence. For consective years there had been gunshots and last before year someone was shot during the celebration near Grant Park,Chicago. I wouldnt mind paying somebucks to carryon the tradition, this way you can avoid the gangsta crowd.

  2. We did the standard American thing with the grill, hotdogs and burgers here in beautiful Lancaster County. There were fireworks all over the place. I became a citizen years ago and this day takes me to when I took the pledge to what became my home country. A great American tradition and day that causes me to pause and ponder what it means to be American……….

    • Glenn,

      I know you made a couple of burnt hot dogs with toasted buns and relish and mustard and a little onion just for me. Right? All just for me? All the burnt hot dogs? OH MAN I MISS US BBQ!!!! 😉

      I do miss that, the feeling you get in your chest, the pride you feel for being who you think an American is and the standards we believe in. I’m proud to be an American even somewhere else….but I do miss that camaraderie. I get little snatches of it when we go to the movie theaters here and I stand for the National Anthem….it also makes me swell with pride for my husband and India.

      I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful day….I look forward to next year in the hopes that my husband and I will be there celebrating it too!

  3. I love the tradition, the entire town gathering in one place with food and snacks and enjoy fireworks.
    Due to budget cut and violence they have dropped that,and it was quite sad actually in many cities. 🙂
    They could charge a fee to weedout the gangsta who show their valor by bringing gun to the crowd and create chaos.

    • I think some towns still did it depending on the budget of course! I know my hometown still had it’s picnic and fire works display but I am from a medium sized town where it would be easy to get the funds together for that and not too costly for everyone. I also love the town gathering, everyone smiling, sitting around and talking and just enjoying the evening with friends and neighbors. Such a great time!

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