That’s right!

You can now find Gori Rajkumari on Twitter!

I’ll be using that account to promote:                                                                             

1) Interesting Sites

2) New Books

3) Witticisms (not my own)

4) News Updates

5) Personal Updates

6) Updates when I’m too damn lazy to post a full blog.

So, won’t you join us over at Gori Rajkumari and join in the unadulterated fun!  😉

PS:  I’m also considering starting a Facebook page….thoughts?

© Gori Rajkumari



2 thoughts on “Twitter-fied

  1. Gonna follow you on twitter….

    About the Fb page, I have one, and I feel it is a good idea, as you can reach all the people who may not comment on the blog, but do wanna follow it, I have many people who have never commented on my blog that follow my FB page…so I’d say try it…not a bad idea…

    • YAY! I like it! I’m still contemplating the FB page and how it would work. We’ll see! But great idea’s though and exactly what I was thinking!

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