FRO Debacle

Alright people, because there is only so much I can take of revisiting the FRO Office (even if it is just to recount), I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

First off, there is a $120 (US) fee for legal costs when you apply for a Visa Extension.  Bear and I have never heard of this before, nor can we find it on any of the websites that we normally find information about this on (MHA website, Pune FRO website, India Mike, etc).

So, because Bear argued with them about never having heard of it before, it not being printed on any of their official “What you need” lists or their website, this led them to ask if we paid it for my last extension.  Well…hello…the answer is NO.  So guess what.  They charged us for that one too.  $240 USD.

However, after my getting supremely pissed off and saying I refused to pay it, Bear finally talked me down and the fee was paid.

This time, instead of just stamping my residency permit, they also stamped my passport with the extension so in case I ever fly through the Netherlands again I won’t get told “No, vee are to be svending you bachk home!”

I know many of you are asking why I am paying to get my Visa extended again when I have already applied for the PIO.

Why?  Why.

Because…even though we were promised blue in the face that my PIO application would be sent to Delhi the next day…three weeks ago…low and behold it was still sitting in a pile of folders in the Pune FRO office.  Apparently the Inspector in charge of these cases got transferred the very next day to a different department and said “What the Hell” to transferring any of his case material to the next guy.

I actually cried when I heard this.  I’m serious.  My PIO should have been here by now.  And yet, there it still sits, in the Pune FRO.

So, I begged Bear to please go and talk to the guy who is in charge.  Bear went in and the OIC (Officer in Charge) recognized us and asked if we had gotten my PIO.  Then Bear explained everything to him and he immediately called both the old Inspector and the new one and told them this had better be done and sent by that day (Friday).  Then he gave Bear his phone number and said for us to call to confirm this had been done.

Bear called him today and learned that my PIO application was sent to the Joint Officer’s office and from there will be sent to Delhi.

Uh huh….we’ll see.

© Gori Rajkumari 2011


3 thoughts on “FRO Debacle

    • LOL Sorry to scare ya Cora! To be serious, every one that I’ve talked to who have gotten their PIO’s in the states, haven’t had the issues I have. AND they’ve gotten theirs in less than a month. Just don’t come to India to file for it! 😉

  1. wow, your PIO saga reminds of my green crd drama in the US, our papers sat in the chicago office for 3yrs doing nothing because there were building troubles in that office ( no i’m not making it up) yep it took them about 3 yr to clear our labor certificate and this was int he 90’s so god alone knows what torture they put people thru nowadays …
    every country visa officials are the same — lazy, lazier, laziest i guess.
    hang on it’ll happen sooner or later 🙂

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