Change of Address!

No, Bear and I are not physically moving.

© Rainbow Stamp Club

But Gori Rajkumari is!


Right now, the Username and Web Address of this blog is listed under Auroracoda.

While I like that name (hence the reason why I picked it when I was surfing the net for names), I find that it doesn’t connect with anything else here at Gori Rajkumari.  When I chose it, I was just looking for something interesting to use and since I hadn’t come up with the name of the blog yet, I used Auroracoda (sorry to the people who used it first).

So, now, I am going to be changing the username and web address for this blog to Gori Rajkumari

I’ll be doing this change right now.  I’m not sure if you will need to relink to my blog or re-up for the RSS feed.  None of that is mentioned in the change site.  Only that my Gravatar and Debate links will be affected.

It’s because of this that I am sending posting this before I make the change so I can be sure that at least the RSS feed will update for those people and for those getting my posts in Google reader.

Sorry for any confusion, but I felt that this would make things easier and cleaner.

SO….come and join me over at our new address of:!!!!!!!

© Gori Rajkumari


4 thoughts on “Change of Address!

    • I’m so glad to know you all will still get the updates and no one will have to worry too much on that. I guess it’s just links to the blog that will have to change! Bonus! 🙂

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