PIO Status



Still Waiting.






Yes, that’s right.  It’s been six months and I’m still waiting for my PIO card.  A friend of mine applied for her PIO card in the US and got it in three weeks!!!!!  THREE WEEKS people!  ::sigh::

The latest update is as follows.

1)       Bear and I are called by an assistant to the OIC of PIO Applications to come to the Pune FRO to give more copies before it is sent to Delhi.  Actual application is approved but apparently more copies are needed before being sent.  No, they will not make the copies for you.

2)      Bear and I arrive at FRO Pune to find from the OIC that all documents are correct and we didn’t need to come down (we get to listen while she dresses down her assistant for calling us there for no reason – by this time we no longer care who gets in trouble or not).  Application will be sent to Delhi.  It will take 20 days to arrive.

3)      Bear is given a contact number for someone in Delhi who is friends with the OIC in FRO Pune.  This person will help us keep track of my PIO application and let us know if (and I say WHEN) we need to get another bank draft done because they expire after 6 months and HELLO it’s been 6 months.

4)      Bear and I head home.

THAT was last Friday.  So, we still have to wait another 15 days before we can even check on my PIO status in Delhi.

Are we having fun yet?   Uh….GR says NO.  Meh.


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