Henna for Your Hair’s Sake

Growing up with a Grandmother and Mother who were both beautician’s was sometimes difficult.  I had a head full of luxuriously wavy auburn hair that they just loved to cut, curl, perm and color.

I’ve had everything from a boy cut, bob, long and layered, beehive and a female version of the mullet and reverse mullet (as the step bob cut was called back then).

My hair has been all shades of auburn, copper, red, strawberry blonde, brown, black and one time even blue black when a self dye when terribly wrong.

I’ve had my hair shellacked, primped, pulled through holes in a plastic cap, frosted, streaked, teased and yanked.

Frosting Cap aka Torture Device aka Butt Clencher Cap

Basically, my hair has seen it all.

Before we moved to India and for our wedding, I colored my hair a reddish brown so dark it was basically black with some red highlights.  Moving to India stopped the box colors, but the water and pollution wreaked further havoc on my already weak hair.  Thus began my saga of trying to keep away the silvers and bring some luster back into my poor abused hair.

And then I found out what hair beauty was here.

Oil.  Massage.  Egg Mixtures.  And Henna.

Oh blessed Henna.  Destroyer of chemical processing.  Light bringer for the color anxious masses.  How I love thee.  😀

The beautician that I began going to here brought my hair back to life.  She worked on my hair as if it were her personal mission in life to give me back the hair of my youth.  My hair began to be full and soft and silky again.  But the color was still dull to my eyes.  A mixture of sun streaked browns and golds and reds and but none of them glistening.  The difference between matt finish and gloss.

My MIL has her hair treated with Henna about once a month.  Her hair is silky and soft and her colors are vibrant.  Since she has more grey hair, these turn a burning copper and her dark black hair changes to a vibrant yet deep shade of auburn.  I’m in love with her hair.  I wanted her hair.  But I was nervous to try Henna as my hair type is so different and my color lighter.  I didn’t want to be purple or maroon!!

Last month I decided to throw caution to the wind and I’m so glad I did!

Although I did not have it done at the salon like she did, I did buy essentially the same thing from the local Kirana shop and took it home.

Henna Powder ©Gori Rajkumari 2011

I mixed the powder with water and let it set.  After an hour, I mixed a little more water until the consistency was smooth and thick.  I then sectioned off my hair and began applying to my dry hair.

Afterwards, I wrapped my hair with plastic, covered it with a towel and sat out in the sun.  The first time, I only left it on for 30 minutes.  The second time (two days ago) I left it on for 2 hours.

THIS was the results the first time.  You can still see some frizzy hair here.

After First Henna ©Gori Rajkumari 2011

And THIS was my two hour result, the day after.  Frizzy hairs GOODBYE.

After Second Henna ©Gori Rajkumari 2011

My hair is silky and bouncy and feels healthy.  Since using the Henna my split ends have not returned (after having about an inch taken off from my middle back length hair).  My hair curls and waves but no longer frizzy.

For the first time in a LONG time, I’m in love with my hair again.

So is the hubby.  😉

Here are a few sites that will tell you more about Henna and how to find it, buy it and use it!

Henna For Hair

The Henna Page

Have you ever used Henna?  What were your results?  Send a picture of YOUR Henna hair in to me and I’ll make a post just for the Henna girls (or boys) out there!

© Gori Rajkumari 2011


13 thoughts on “Henna for Your Hair’s Sake

  1. Love henna have been using it since my trip to India 4 years ago , I have a lot of grey so it tends to be on the orange side but get complements on it all the time from men and women alike , Mixed with coffee darkens it . I had the most awful hair before henna and it was very thin and falling out .plus frizzy .Just love the improvement ! The kind I use is Khadi . I sell it but I am in Canada you can get it in Delhi and other places I am sure .I import from Delhi .Your hair looks wonderful GorI . i haven’t tried indigo mixed with it yet but am open to that ……any advice on that mixture ?

    • Hi Jenn! Thanks for the comment!

      On the website I provided, there were a lot of mixes for lighter hair. From what I understand there will always be a slight reddish tint (that may go with time) but I did see some light browns and blondes on there trying it out with before and after pictures.

      This one in particular was very nice….I loved the color and wished my own hair would do that! 😉 http://www.hennaforhair.com/mixes/megumi/

  2. WOW! Ok, so I think that you may have just changed my life. I have always been frustrated with my auburn hair; I gave up a few years ago when the silvers started coming in and just started having it dyed darker. It stays nice for all of about two weeks, and then it looks dull and not the best color again. My SIL swears by henna (she does the egg mixture too – husband told me a funny story about the first time he ever saw an egg when he was a little boy – they were banned in his house and his oldest sister sent him to bring one from a shop so she could treat her hair!) but I was afraid because I thought henna + white girl auburn hair = purple hair. But your hair is NOT purple! It looks amazing – basically how I would like for my hair to look. Sorry for the novella here, but I felt very excited after reading this. I even made my husband look at your hair pictures, and he agrees that it looks fantastic. 🙂

    • YAY Cora!!! I’m sooooo glad my experiences helped! I had the same concerns as you! My hair, no matter what color I go for, always has a red tint to it unless I do a blue rinse (see the blue black hair color comment above). So yeah…I was nervous about the orange effect or worse yet PURPLE!

      The Henna that I used here I think might only be available here, so if you buy anywhere else ALWAYS make sure to get the Indigo to balance it out a bit (the maroon/orange highlights). But go too far and the the indigo can make it purple or black! I would suggest the hair kits on the site….my Mom has used those on people before and they really help. I will say this….the henna is working wonders on making my hair healthy, silky and smooth. Also, the color doesn’t really fade and become dull like it did with chemical dye’s.

      I say go for it! Hope your hubby likes it as much as Bear likes mine! 🙂

      • Awesome advice GR! Like you, I had a parent who was a hairdresser (my dad actually – he owned a salon and was an amazing hairdresser. Back in the early 80s he did hair for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!). I had my first single-process back when I was about six. He thought it would be fun to mess with my hair and send me to school that way. Oh the 80s…also like you I have had just about every haircolor under the sun (and again in the 80s…perms!) so my poor hair has been through it all. I am thinking I will wait and try the henna during a visit to my SIL who is known for her legendary, amazingly gorgeous hair. Either that or I’ll go to an Indian hair salon and get them to help (I live in an area of the US where there are full-on Indian parts of town complete with salons and sari shops). I may even ask my regular hairdresser to try it out. She is fun and experimental so she might even like learning to use something new! Thanks again for sharing this experience. I will let you know how it goes once I try it out!

  3. Hi,
    You can add one table spoon each of Shikakai, Amla and Ritha powder too to your mehandi(henna).This will give amazing silky and shiny effect to your hair.These items are easily available in local kirana shops.

    • LIKE LIKE SUPER LIKE your comment! Wow! Thanks Sanhita1 for the excellent advice! I’m definitely going to try that on my next Henna and I’ll be sure to post pictures! I already have the Amla and I use Shikakai as shampoo (love that stuff…seriously) but I’ll have to find the Ritha Powder. Please come back again soon and give me loooooads more of advice like that!!

    • Thank you for the wonderful compliment! Considering what my poor hair has been through lately….I think I’ll give it a rest from a promotional tour! LOL 😉 You should try it!!! It works wonders!

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