Flash Mob – Mumbai Style

Recently a friend shared a link to a video with me.

The link was for CST’s Official Video of a recent flash mob in the historic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station.  Three years ago, the station was witness to acts so horrific it shocked the world.

Now, dancing to the Bollywood hit ‘Rang de Basanti’, two hundred people ranging in age from 4 to 40 took to the floor to dance.  Showing their love, fidelity and happiness they brought peace to this place once more.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


© Gori Rajkumari


10 thoughts on “Flash Mob – Mumbai Style

      • It sure is, would also be interesting to meet other mixes too. Like vampires searching for other covens, me and Jenn look for blogs! 😛

      • LOL that you mention Vampires and Covens! Our next door neighbor and my husbands’ best friend low these past 9 years proclaims he is one! This is when I get to picking on his nocturnal habits. Excuses Excuses. 😉

        There are so many more blogs out there now for Intercultural Relationships that it’s just utterly amazing to me! When I first started this blog, I only knew of a few and some of them had long since closed down for any future posting. I started this because I wanted people to see that it really can work, even with the In-Laws battling away, trying to make sure it doesn’t! 😉

        Now I’ve even connected up with a lot of women (and some men) on Facebook Groups specifically for Intercultural Relationships. Some are even Desi specific. They have been a huge ‘real time’ help!

        I’m glad to have you and Jenn both!

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