How to keep an Expat Housewife Sane – Pictures

Ever wondered what is required to keep an Expat sane in India?  Especially an Expat Housewife with nothing on her hands but time?

Ever wanted to know what was required as a Spouse of an Expat Housewife in India to keep said Expat Housewife sane and happy and not ready to dance on your head the moment you get home from work?

Well look no further!  These pictures will explain it all!  ;P

Lots and Lots of Movies! © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  I really do have all the Harry Potter Movies.  Yes.  I bought them.  ::sigh::


Lots and Lots of Books!! © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  I brought my entire collection of Stephen King and Nero Wolfe books to India.  Yes.  It cost a fortune and more than the books all together were worth.  No.  I do not care.  Yes.  I am making my husband ship them all back.  😛


Lots and Lots of Salsa and Chips and Pepperidge Farm Cookies! © Gori Rajkumari


No.  I did not share with my husband.  Yes.  He did sneak chips when I wasn’t looking.  No.  He’s still alive.  For the moment….


And CHOCOLATE and COFFEE!!! © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  The Chocolate IS the reason why the Husband is still alive.  😉


And Lots of trips to Chili's which I hated in the US and now can't get enough of! © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  They have the Oldtimer Burger there.  No.  It’s made from Lentils, Potato and Other various mashed veggies.


Do NOT forget the Mosquito Bat! Hours of fun to be had! © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  That IS a dead mosquito you see in the top right hand corner of the racket.  Yes.  I did enjoy killing him.  VERY MUCH.


36" TV? OK. Cricket? YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! 😛 © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  The Husband still needs training.  No.  He does not realize that American Football and Baseball are the only acceptable forms of sports entertainment to be watched over long periods of time that do not extend beyond 3 hours.  Yes.  Cricket extends WAY beyond 3 hours.  No.  You may not ‘do him in’.  😛


© Gori Rajkumari


24 thoughts on “How to keep an Expat Housewife Sane – Pictures

  1. Ah! Cricket on a 36″ T. V. Good times. Especially, Tendulkar and Sehwag’s double tons and the World Cup….

    Ton load of Books…. check.

    Chocolates…. check.

    Mosquito zapper…. check.

    A cupboard full of movies…. check.

    Lady, you NEED to get out more! 😛

    P. S.:- What’s this ‘American Football’ and ‘Baseball’ and why would ANYONE watch them when there is Cricket? 😮

  2. Looks like we have the same sanity keeping secrets LOL I can’t watch the DVDs I like often thanks to my daughter though.
    Oh and the mosquito bat, I LOVE that thing, in our old flat in Navi Mumbai it was an absolute necessity and just shaking the towels would bring 6-7 mosquitoes out to fry in one hit, I got a sadistic pleasure out of that gizmo, I’m not using it these days, our new place is amazingly mosquito free.

    Oh and I love these granola bars!

  3. This is great. If I end up in India, I would be exactly in your shoes. I’ve worked straight from the age of 15 with maybe a month break when I moved to a different state. I do relish the idea of being able to stay at home and do what I want. I would probably end up burning myself out on an xbox first. Get bored, wander around the neighborhood for a while. Read, make things and figure out how to get into some trouble.
    The way Raghavan talks about India it I could end up cleaning the whole day. Wow, could you imagine living like a 50’s wife? I wonder how they did it?

    • If you end up in India, be sure to bring that XBOX!

      I’ll tell you a little story. My In-Laws were visiting and saw Bear and I playing one morning. They wanted to try it out so I taught them both how to play and how to use the controllers. Then I put in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

      Aai totally kicked my ass! They laughed and giggled and agreed it was a great time pass. Baba prefers the race car driving but he sure did enjoy killing Vamps!

      So the moral to the story is that the XBOX wasn’t the dreaded pulling family apart thing everyone thought it was! 😉 Awwwww. LOL

      • Chilis is known in the US for its large Martinis too, but when I tried the one in Hyderabad they said ” Sir, no liquor license yet”. Can you imagine an American franchise like Chilis getting stuck in Indian bureaucracy! lolz.

      • Oh the one we went to had the liquor license! We took our neighbor ‘S’ there to eat. They had a special running….buy one get one free. He wanted the drink but didn’t want to waste the free second so he asked me if I would drink some of it. I agreed since I have about 1 or 2 drinks a year, I figured this could count as my last one for 2011. Then he ordered a Long Island Ice Tea. I started remembering back to my 25th birthday and all the horrors that went with one of those things and got nervous. It was tasty with a good punch but not knock down drag out killer so I made it through OK (albeit a little buzzed and a much happier giggly girl than normal).

        HAHA! I can just imagine the US Big Shot when he heard that despite all the proper paperwork in triplicate that there was a snag and to clear it up it would only take such and such amount of rupees! Makes me snort! 😉

    • Don’t be messin’ with the 36 Inch TV now! 😉

      Actually, by the time we bought it we knew we would some day be moving back to the states so the compromise was that we would get a smaller TV here with less options (no USB plugin…can you believe that???) and then get the 62″ in the States.

      BTW…did I mention that when I met him I had a 62″ Samsung? Yeah. That’s right. I played Halo on my X-Box and watched Pride and Prejudice on 62 glorious big screen inches of Colin Firth in a wet white shirt! Hubba Hubba! That’s how I rolled. hahahahaha!

      Love that picture of your Wife and Dad! Is your Dad totally nailing them little buggers with a bamboo stick? 🙂

      We had a yellow racket but it died a sad death…the green is our third and I actually stole that from our neighbor and he keeps forgetting to ask for it back and I keep “forgetting” to give it back.

      • What I meant about the TV comment was, that 36′ (single quote) means feet and 36″ (double quote) means inches. I was in no way denigrating your 36″ (I’m sure you have a 36 inch TV and NOT a 36 feet TV), we have a 37″ one, but looking to go bigger, maybe, a 46″. A 62″ TV? Holy crap, that’s serious stuff, no kidding!

        My Dad was ‘gently prodding’ the little buggers from the ceiling, where then my wife was having a gala time zapping them.

      • Uhm….I knew that? Uh…it was 2 a.m. when I posted? Errr….I pretended on purpose to not know what you’re talking about? LOL

        I thought that’s what it was but figured I’d give you the opportunity to “learn me up”. My husband does enjoy doing it so much so I figured, why not share the wealth? 😉 hehe

        Yeah…I really miss that TV. I saved up for months to buy that TV and then 3 years later had to sell it to move to India with Bear (along with my surround sound and old XBox ….brought the 360 with me!). I was an electronics girl more than a clothes girl when it came to gifting myself stuff.

        I think, out of everything….HE regrets loosing that TV more than I do! 😉

  4. I totally understand as well….imagine my delight to find taco bell in Bangalore! and I was even more excited to see the sauce packets (mild, hot) were the same as in the US with the witty/corny sayings on them!!! Ah heaven! (especially because taco bell in Bangalore has vegetarian options which are so delicious and not available in the US)!

    • No way!!! There’s a Taco Bell in Bangalore??? I’m calling my SIL and asking her to run over there for pictures! LOL

      What kinds of vegan options? Dude…now I have to google this. 😉

      • yes there is a Taco Bell in Bangalore and I MISS it, I just don’t know why there are none in Mumbai, but apparently they launched the franchise in Bangalore, they have plans to open more in other cities, though I have no idea when. The chicken is so well cooked you can’t guess it is chicken instead of beef, and the vegetarian option is just as good with rajma beans…ugh now I’m craving a wrap and I can’t get one…grrr

    • Exactly Kay! A culinary delight! I never thought I would say that about Chili’s but you go long enough without a restaurant from back home (besides McD’s and KFC) and suddenly even a Taco Bell here would become the upscale restaurant that we saw in Demolition Man!!! 😉

  5. Hahaha. This was a total fun read! 🙂 Try your hand at embroidery, or arts and craft. That takes up time and keeps you engrossed as well and It can come handy anytime 🙂

    • Oh I do those as well! I just didn’t have any pictures I could post. I crochet scarves and blankets for the family whenever I get my hands on some yarn! I also do photography, training our ‘society’ dogs how to behave and learning to cook new things. Oh and prowling the internet, FB’ing and reading other blogs. 😉

      • Oh dear, now you sound like me. Freshly graduated and still jobless. These are the things I do to kill my time. I still haven’t been able to adapt myself to so much of free time, considering the 7 days a week preoccupation I had during university, *sigh* Hehe.

      • Move to India, I promise you will find lots to occupy your mind. 😉

        Being free from work responsibility after years and years of working my butt off (started work when I was 16 in a movie theater) is VERY refreshing but was super hard to get used to at first. Now I’m enjoying it. But two years ago and fresh off the plane in India? Yeah….I was going nuts! Feelin’ your pain!

  6. Hahaahah – The mosquito tennis racquet is a huge hit in my house…the best non aerosol way of killing the blood suckers. Electrocute them !

    • Oh I do so enjoy running around the house with that racket fully charged! The crack and pop! The smell of ozone! My husband caught me two nights ago in the bedroom chasing three mosquito’s yelling “DIE DIE You filthy blood suckers!!!! DIE!!!” 😉

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