Reading Suggestion: Topic – Hinduism

© Gori Rajkumari

I have written posts (here and here and here) about religion and given my own thoughts, theory and opinion on that same topic.

I thought that it would be far more interesting for other’s to know where and how I got my opinions on Hinduism.

Naturally, I received my understanding of Christianity and Judaism through my upbringing.  My own family was Christian and we attended a Brethren Church.  My Aunt, Uncle and two cousins were Orthodox Jews, so I learned from them the belief structure and traditions of Judaism.

However, I realized recently that many people feel I learned my understanding of Hinduism strictly from my husband Bear.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  While I did learn much from him, it was only after I had already begun to study it myself.

I was first introduced to it when I was learning about Buddhism from a friend of mine.  She had a friend who was Hindu.  It was from this person that I got my first introduction to the belief structure of Hinduism and it was this same person who led me to read some of the online English versions of the Veda’s and the Bhagwat Geeta.  That was ten years ago!

After meeting my husband, I decided to attend meetings and scripture study with the Arya Samaj in Southern California.

There I met the man whom I think of as my spiritual Guru.  His name is Dr. Sudhir Anand and he had the most profound and fascinating viewpoints on Hinduism and the Abrahamic faiths that I had ever heard.  The Arya Samaj in So Cal had many wise and spiritually profound leaders, but it was through Dr. Anand’s two books that I further fashioned my own beliefs and understanding.

So, I would like to share these two books with you in the hopes that they touch you as they have me.

Dr. Sudhir Anand's books. © Gori Rajkumari

The first is “Who Is GOD?  Does God Have Shape or Form”.  In this book Dr. Anand explains the intricacies of belief from the Veda’s and how it has evolved with Hinduism today.  He explains what he feels it is that God is asking from us.  He also explains the subtle influences of Hinduism on other beliefs as well as showing comparisons with the Abrahamic Religions.

In his second book “The Essence of the Hindu Religion: With an Introduction to the Vedas and Yoga” Dr. Anand goes into further and in-depth discussions on the Veda’s and how they can apply to today’s modern life.

I thoroughly enjoy both of his books; read them along my copies of the Holy Bible, the Bhagwat Geeta, the Idiots Guide to Hinduism and my condensed English version of the Torah.  They are complimentary to each and every one of those books and I highly recommend them to you as well.

What books have inspired you or shaped your beliefs?

© Gori Rajkumari


7 thoughts on “Reading Suggestion: Topic – Hinduism

  1. I have been reading parts of an interesting book on Hinduism. It talks about both Hindu religion and Hindu Society, in a somewhat sociology / history oriented treatment. I think it would be highly readable/accessible to a western person unfamiliar with the Sanskrit terminology of Hinduism (these words and terms are explained in the book). It introduces Rigveda, Vedic Religion, Bhagavad Gita etc among the scriptural texts and also Manusmriti (critical review included) in the societal aspect, along with Varna and Jati system (commonly known as Caste system). I would recommend it to anyone seeking an understanding of Hinduism (reasons of academic interest or faith included).
    Title: Hinduism in the context of Manusmriti, Vedas and Bhagavad Gita.
    Author: Prof R Ramachandran. ISBN 978-81-89766-49-8,

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  4. What ever these books are selling is just sugar coated mumbo-jumbo. God cannot be proven, so any spiritual methodology or structure is a whole bunch of crap which folks follow. I guess every one to their beliefs as long as it is benign to others. But, the danger is one might lose the church to state separation by bringing such personal private beliefs in the open.

    • Hi Ghati!

      First, don’t judge a book before reading it! You might miss out on something! 😉

      Seriously though, these books were really very good. Most books on this topic I find too preachy or too “this is the only viewpoint” but with these books that didn’t happen. They are an intelligent and thoughtful opinion on what Hinduism is, it’s philosophy and how it relates to other religions. And they weren’t preachy, which I find so many to be.

      And religion in politics? No thank you. I don’t want someone forcing their religion on me in any format. However, our religious beliefs do shape who and what we are even when we don’t realize it, so even if you don’t proclaim your religion you will live by it or make decisions based somewhat this.

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